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Super Pony Wars Sigma - Cosmic Mind

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Stage 1

Canterlot, Equestria 10XX New Celestial Calendar
Princess Luna is within her study, looking over requests and proposals along with Princess Celestia. “Celly?”

The elder princess looked at her sister. “Yes, Luna?”

Luna stares at her. “It seems we’ve been getting quite a few calls and letters involving the same topic. This brings me to this. Celly, you still haven't told me, officially what Praytell we are going to do about that contraption….”

The Princess of the Night tilts her head towards a window….which has a clear view of a large battleship like machine, designed similar to a Aircraft Carrier, crashed into one of the mountains near Canterlot, still smoking.

The elder princess sighs. “We can’t exactly make Twilight and her friends deal with it. They already have their hands full with the one that landed in the Everfree Forest. Least with the Macross Quarter, as it’s apparently called; the two of us, Cadence and Shining Armor will be on site to deal with whatever happens. ”

Everfree Forest, outside Legged Ship’s crash site, 4 hours later

.The Mane Six are in the metallic hallways of the downed legged ship, the Albion as the name on the side suggests.

“Whoa Nelly. Where dah ya’ll think this thing came down from?” Applejack said

“I’m more worried about what made this thing in the first place, AJ” The purple unicorn, Twilight Sparkle said examining one of the rooms of the ship. “And the other ones that fell two days ago. According to the Princesses, at least four others besides this and the Macross Quarter in Canterlot crashed just before dawn two days ago.”

Rainbow Dash comes zipping towards them. “Guys! I think I found something you need to see”

The group ventures further, into a large room, apparently the hanger of the ship.

“Wh-what are those?” asks Fluttershy

There they see several machines. The nearest, on their right is a massive white and blue humanoid machine

To their left, is a similar one, though it is bulkier, darker, all the more…sinister looking

“Oh, dear. Please tell those aren’t the…owners” Fluttershy said in a nervous tone

Rarity shakes her head, her horn glowing. “It’s safe, darling. Looks like these things are just machines of some sort. Twilight, what do you make of these things?”

Before Twilight can even answer , Pinkie Shakes All Over.

“Uh-oh. I feel a doozy coming!”

Before anyone can ask, the ship begins shaking and explosion can be heard.

“W-what’s going on!?” Fluttershy cries

As the ship shakes Pinkie’s tail starts twitching

“Ah horseapples, what now Pinkie!” Applejack said trying to get back up

At this point, a large black box hits her head, on the top of it seems to be some sort of crest

“Applejack…are you ok?” Fluttershy asks

“A'm ok, Fluttershy. Now what in tar’nation hit me?”

“It’s a box, silly!” Pinkie said grinning

“No, really?” Rarity says in a deadpan tone

The box begins shaking on its own

“Something’s inside it!” Twilight’s horn glows, breaking the lock

Suddenly Six Streams of Light shoot out of the box, one red, one blue, one pink, one green, one yellow, and one gold. Before the six could move away, each ray strikes one of them. The red one descends on Twilight Sparkle, the blue on Rainbow Dash, the Pink on Rarity, the Green on Applejack, the Yellow on Fluttershy, and the Gold on Pinkie Pie. In a bright flash they find themselves outside…

Stage 1: The Gallant Appearance of the Six Samurai!

Just outside of Ponyville

Seven large insect like machines rise out of the craters that were just formed. Each begin advancing on Ponyville

The machines begin targeting the buildings and prepare to open fire when suddenly….A large red lion like machine slams into one of them, while completely on fire. The flames go out as one of the insects explodes.

Inside it Twilight Sparkle is sitting behind of a pedestal with a sword like device infront of her. “What…what’s going on here!?”

“Twilight! Where Are you!? I can hear you but I can’t see.” A large yellow monkey like machine is hoping in the distance. Inside Fluttershy is crying.

At this point one of the beetles rushes in front of the machine Fluttershy is in, almost reflexively, the monkey machine raises one of it’s arms and bats it away.

“D-did I do that?” Fluttershy looks very surprised

“Hey! You guys alright!?” Rainbow Dash screams

“Rainbow! Where are you?” Twilight asks

“Look up! I’m in this big blue thing.”

At this point a large blue dragon like machine flies towards one of the beetles

“Take this!” With that her machine fires out massive stream of blue fire at the beetle Fluttershy knocked down, melting it after a few moments, letting out a massive roar afterwards.

“Twilight, I don’t care what you say, I’m so keeping this”

A large whirlwind strikes one of the other beetles

Rarity puts her right forehoof to her head. “Ok, this can make tornados.”

The winds dissipate, revealing a large silver, black and pink turtle

“Twilight, what on Equestria is going on!?”

“Ah don’t know, sugah cube.” Suddenly a large green and silver bear like machine comes crashing down on one of the beetles and begins ripping it into pieces

“But these bugs are makin’ a mess outta town” Applejack said panting

“Did ya’ll see where’d Pinkie get to?”

“He-re I am!” Pinkie yells in a sing song kind of voice

At the point a large purple and white squid grabs ups on of the remaining beetles and smashes it up against the ground multiple times till it stops moving.

“Good girl, Ika-chan!”

Twilight raises a eyebrow “Ika-chan?”

“Yeah, that’s what this paper here says it’s called.”

“Paper? What paper?” Rarity asks

“This big foldy paper that has all these pictures of what we’re in. Apparently Twilight’s is called Shishi Origami, Rainbow’s is Ryu Origami, Rarity’s is Kame Origami, AJ’s is Kuma Origami, and Fluttershy’s is Saru Origami.”

“Yeah, yeah, the names are important. Get to the point Pinkie, how do these things work”

At that point several large red beams of light appear, warping out about a dozen more of the beetles.

“Oh dear Celestia….where are they coming from?” Twilight said watching as they emerge and begin their attack

Suddenly a voice is heard over the com.

“Twily? Get out of the way!”

“Huh? Shining Armor? What do you mean…”


A large red beam is shot through one of the bugs. And slices through it before cutting through two more in half

At this point a red, yellow and blue robot falls down from the sky


“Cadence, how’s the TE Engine?”

“Doing Great, we’re still in the green. Got two boogies coming in at us, sweetie.”

She said targeting

“All yours, Shiny”

“FANG KNUCKLE!” The plating on both shoulders of the machines leap on to the hands of it making two jaw like devices that rocket off. Both of them latch on, biting the enemy machines and cutting them in apart before rocketing back onto the red machine's arms

Rainbow Dash looks mouth wide. “Whoa!”

“Shining Armor! What the hell is going on?”

“I’ll Explain later Twily, just pull back now!”

“Oh! Twilight! Draw this thingy here and Say Samurai Gattai!”

Pinkie shows up on a screen to Twilight a odd symbol in the scroll.

“Pinkie! We don’t have time for….”

“Come on Twilight just do it! And make sure to flip it over”

“Fine” She telekinetically makes the brush…phone…thing float and draws a symbol in the air before flipping the image over “Samurai Gattai. See? Nothing…”

Suddenly five of the Mane Six’s Origami fly into the air at full speed. Out of RD’s Ryu Origami flies out a giant samurai helmet. Twilight’s Shishi Origami transforms into a torso and head. Ryu Origami and AJ’s Kuma Origami shift and form the legs of the machine, while Fluttershy’s Saru Origami and Rarity’s Kame Origami transform into the arms and hands. The end result is a giant robotic samurai

“Shinken-Oh! United Under Providence!”

“What the fuck did we all just say? And how did all of you get in here!?” Twilight said looking seeing Rainbow Dash, AJ, Fluttershy and Rarity all are with her now.

Suddenly The paper vanishes from pinkie’s hooves and to Twilight

“Sorry Pinkie, but this really needs investigating.”

One of the bugs tries to jump onto the giant samurai robot

“Less talk Twi', more hittin’”

The robot punches it with it’s right hand

“Alright so what’s its weapons besides its fists……we’re missing all but two….And one of them Pinkie’s driving.”

The Red robot, the Garmraid stands back to back with Shinken-oh, slightly smaller than it.. Several dozen of the bugs surrounding the two machines and Pinkie’s Origami

“They’ve got us surrounded. Twilight. Me and Shining Armor will cut a path for you guys to escape.”

“What!? No! We’re not leaving you two.”

“We don’t have time…”

Suddenly there is a large screaming sound…..


“This situation got worse….”

Suddenly flash of blue, white and red cuts through the enemy, blowing them up with laser blasts before transforming into a robot.

“Scootaloo Rescue, at your Service! Sweetie Belle and Applebloom should be here in a second.”

Suddenly four shots are fired from a massive beam cannon

A large, hulking blue robot with massive guns on it's shoulders walks towards the rest of the group firing as it comes

” Sorry We’re late ya’ll! Sweetie Belle had ta figger out how ta move 'er darn thing.”

Behind it is a flying orange reddish mech with a few flight and weapon addons

“It’s weird. This thing almost acts as if it does what I think. Like this….”

Suddenly several missiles are fired off and shoot down half the remaining enemy mechs

“Sweetie Belle , get out of that giant robot this instant!”

“You mean out here. In the middle of a warzone….”

“On second thought Stay in there!”

While this is occurring Garmraid and Shinken-on punch and slash their way through the enemy towards the CMC’s Machines. Ika Origami blinding the enemy long enough for the other two to finish them off.

“Reinforcements are arriving!”

“What? The Royal Guard? The Wonderbolts?”

“Not Exactly” Cadence says smiling as a large shadow envelopes the area.

Above them is the giant form of the Macross Quarter. Shots are fired from it, and the remaining enemies are taken down.

“Seems Aunt Celestia and Luna managed to get it working”

“WHAT. Is that?”

“ Yup. This is a Crossover.”

“What are you talking about Pinkie?” Shining Armor said with a dumbstruck look

"It's best not to ask, Shining Armor."

“Know what what nevermind, let’s just board the ship.”

A few minutes later, the giant robots are in the Macross Quarter’s hanger. As Cadence and Shining Armor disembark from the Garmraid, Shinken-Oh and Ika Origami glow and shrink down, the Mane Six appearing next to them. From it 6 smaller versions of their Origami appear and fly around their respective owners.

“And they have a fun size? I repeat my previous statement, Twilight. I am so keeping this little guy!” Rainbow Dash said.

“Careful Rainbow Dash! We don’t know what they are or where they came from…”

“They came from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.” Pinkie Said Smiling

After a few minutes, the CMC are pulled from their respective cockpits by crews of technician ponies. Applejack and Rarity walk over to their respective sisters.

“What in tarnation were ya’ll thinking!”Applejack said looking angrily to her sister and her friends. “Ya’ll could have gotten yourselves killed!”

“It was Scootaloo’s idea!” Sweetie Belle said

“What!? Was not!”

“Oh! Let’s save Rainbow Dash and the others in the big robot thingys! That’s sure to get us our cutie marks!” Applebloom said mimicking Scootaloo’s voice as best she could

“It’s sad because it’s completely expected from you Scootaloo” Twilight said looking at her. “Where did you even find them!?”

“They were in that big metal ship you guys went into”

“Were you not paying attention when we told you not follow us!?”

*Flash back, several hours ago*

“…besides the monsters that include manitcores, hydras and Celestia knows what else, we have no idea what’s in that metal ship. And THAT is why you all are to stay put here in Ponyville and not follow us.”

“Alright, Twilight. We won’t go”


“Okay! They’ve been gone long enough” Sweetie Belle said smiling. “Let’s Go!”

Cut back to the present.

“You all really waited ten minutes to do this?” Rarity said narrowing her eyes at her sister.

“Well it was more like three, but you get the idea.”

“Speaking of giant robots, what’s the deal with yours and Cadence’s, Shining Armor?” Twilight said looking at Garmraid

“Well it’s a long story, Twilight....”

Roughly 30 minutes before the fight began

Shining Armor and Cadence are being briefed inside the Macross Quarter.

So this….thing still is working?”

“Ya. This things’ still got power goin’ through it. Only a couple places were damaged. Other than that, the place is fine save noone was drivin’” A Red Earth Pony Mare with a black mane and three wrenches crossed together as her cutie mark said explaining. To Shining Armor

“Thanks Bolts. So what can you tell me about the machines here?”

There were several on the wall along with the Garmraid.

Besides several Jet like machines there several notable machines.

A black, white and red machine stands across from it

And three Jet-like machines, one red, one blue and the last yellow, each stacked on shelf like mechanisms on top of each other.

“Far as I can tell, these bad boys are some kind of metal war machines. Makes you wonder what kind of things their old owners were.”

“Or what they made them to fight. Since these things seem less like conventional weapons, and more like what they’d use as a military trump card.” Shining Armor said looking over at the Garmraid.

“So what do you think we should about them, honey?” Cadence said looking at her husband

“Well we should try to get them fixed up. Call it a hunch, but these things had to have fallen here for a reason. And I want them ready to go if that reason comes knocking on our door.”

Alarms begin blaring through the ship

“What the hell is going on here?” Shining Armor said entering the Bridge

“Sir, we’ve managed to get the ships sensors back on line. Several large energy sources are opening up near Ponyville.”

Images of large robotic insects are shown on screen

“We have to get this thing airborne, now! That's where my sister lives!”

“That’s going to take a bit, Cap’” Bolts said through the intercom. “We’re still trying to power up this thing’s er…power source. From the looks of it’s stable, but it’s gonna take some time to charge.”

“Damn it…..Bolts. Which of those machines in the hanger was in the best shape?”

“The red and yellow one, why…”

Before she can ask Shining Armor is already running down to the hanger.

“Shining Armor, what are you doing?”

“Cadence. I know this is dangerous, but Ponyville’s under attack and my sister’s investigating the other ship down in the Everfree Forest.”

“No, I mean why are you planning on going to help Twilight, without me.”


“I’m coming with you. Besides this thing’s got two chairs anyways.”

Shining Armor smiles “Cadence, you’re the best, you know that?”

The two use their telekinesis to open the cockpit.

One of the other soldiers looks at this.

“Shouldn’t we stop them?”

“It’s the captain of the guard and a Princess. Pretty sure they can do what ever the hell they want with that thing”

After the cockpit closes the screens turn on. A name appears on the front. Garmraid.

“Garm-raid? Is that this things Name?” Cadence said reading it

Suddenly the Machine takes off and flies out of the hanger and towards ponyville

Present time

“For now we’re getting reports all over Equestria about the other ships. Appleloosa’s being taken care of as we speak.

“Wait, AJ’s cousin’s town?”

“Yeah, Rainbow Dash. Princess Celestia also mentioned their was one that crashed near Cloudsdale, another in Manehattan, The one we’re standing in, and the one back in the Everfree Forest. BB..I mean Shining Armor, mind telling me what you all have found out here”

“Well So far we’re getting some of the machines to work here. Some of them are easier, the ship has records for these Valkyrie machines as they are called.” He said pointing his horn towards several of the fighter jet like machines being repaired.

“The rest well…trial and error. And very little on the Great Mazinger here. Fortunately the Garmraid had a book inside of it. Anyway Twilight, we shouldn’t keep Princess Celestia and Princess Luna waiting any longer. The security teams can take these fillies to the Mess. This is between adults.”

A quick nod and a black, bat winged pegasi takes the CMC away as the Mane Six enter the bridge. They bow to the familiar forms of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna.

After a few minutes (sped up by Pinkie Providing Visual Aids)

“So Equestria is being invaded by giant mechanical Automatons?”

“Oh yes.”

“And you figured out how to work these things to fight them?”

“That’s about the size of it Princess.”

“Celestia. Are you sure Discord’s not free?”

“Not enough river dancing buffalo and cotton candy clouds”

“Sad thing is, it’s true, sister.”

“Okay. Twilight I have a new task for you and your friends”

“Yes, Princess Celestia”

“You, your friends, and Captain Shining Armor are to go track down the remaining fallen ships. If they attacked Ponyville to try to get the Albion, they may attack the cities and towns near the other ones as well. As for the machines we presently have, from what little we know of them, they were created by people with the intention of combating these things. My guess they were enemies and they must have decided to eliminate their weapons now that they have noone to control them. I’d also like you two find anyone you feel is capable of piloting them and recruit them. ”

“Princess Celestia? With all due respect…are you giving my sister and her friends their own army?”

“Why yes. She is, Sir Shining Armor. It’s part of a old royal protocol that allows the Princesses, me or Celestia to establish private armies to protect Equestria. Of course this does require a High Ranking member of the Royal Guard to precede over their actions…..”

Everyone in the Room looks at Shining Armor

“I just got volunteered didn’t I?”

“In th' words of mah brother: Eeeeeyup.” Applejack with a smirk


“Luna! No Royal Canterlot voice! We don’t do that anymore!”

“Sorry, Celestia. Point still stands”

“As for the Cutie Mark Crusaders as they are called, we’d like to run some tests. Seems that they are the only ones who can pilot the R-Machines as the records from the Albion have shown they are called. We need to figure out why or at least how to replicate the machines. That way they won’t have to pilot them again. We’ll ask their parents permission of course.”

“Well my Mother and Father are on vacation, so Sweetie Belle is my responsibility, Princess Celestia. You have my permission”

“Ma and Pa ain’t around all that often, but I think it’s safe tah say Granny Smith’ll say yes.”

Rainbow Dash Shrugs. “Don’t know about Scoots folks, you gotta ask her.”

“That settled, you all might as well make yourself home here. The Macross Quarter is assigned to you from this day forward. The nearest ship according to the reports landed outside Appleloosa. You might want to get your start there.”

“Yes Ma’am!”

“Okey dokey lokey.!”


A blue unicorn with a red mane walks down a hallway and into the control room. There seems to be several large machines building more of the robot insects as well as several other machines. Before her is a masked unicorn in a black and gold suit.

“My lady, the reports shows that the Megillot squads we sent down to the planet have been destroyed.”

“It does not matter Fond Illusion. Even if those Equestrians have by some miracle discovered a way to make their machines function, they do not possess enough power to oppose the Empire. At least, not yet. We must ensure they do not activate the remaining machines and their ships.”

A screen lights up in front of the masked mare

“Interesting….it seems another ship is about to appear on the planet. Right over a populated area. Send some squads to acquire what’s useful in. Then sanitize the area. After which, I want you to go down there and infiltrate them.”

“Yes, my lady.” She said leaving the room. On her way to her post, she spots several tubes filled with liquid. Inside them are several unicorn ponies. Oddly enough, they all look very similar to her. She looks at one of the ponies, a younger mare with a similar hair color to her. “I’m going to need to wake you soon…..”

Author's Note:

Series/Mecha Introduced

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Shishi Origami, Ryu Origami, Kuma Origami, Kame Origami, Saru Origami, Ika Origami

SUper Robot Wars Original Generation: R-1, R-2 Powered, R-3 Powered, Garmraid, Megalliots

Macross Frontier: Macross Quarter

Mobile Suit Gundam 0083 Stardust Memory: Albion


Origami: Samurai Sentai Shinkenger

Ika Origami: Ikkan Kenjo!

Shinken-Oh: Samurai Gattai Shinken-Oh

R-1: Everywhere you Go

R-2 Powered: Ice Man

R-3 Powered: Psychic Energy

Garmraid: Burning Red

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