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There's a reason why I'm TheExhaustedBrony. I should really invest in some sleep.


I'm trapped... I don't know if anyone knows where I am... there's a spring, so at least I'll never be thirsty. However, what am I supposed to do for food? I've eaten pretty much every mushroom in this cave. To anyone who finds this, please, let my family know of what I've been through.

Submitted for the 31shotober challenge

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 6 )

Man, this is dark! Yet, I really like it.

There are some grammatical mistakes, and the fanfiction is a bit short for several journal entries. Perhaps you can add some more in these chapters?

3244900 I suppose I could, however, with the 31shot challenge, I might have to get to this one at some other time.

That was dark indeed but good.

Saw it coming about halfway through. I can't say that ruined it, though... :pinkiecrazy:

The ending was a bit too abrupt to really hit home (he jumps from "horrified" to "I love eating ponies" in a single chapter? Come on...), but the overall tone and pacing is still pretty good. A fine example of the kind of dark story that I like. Good job! :duck:

Oh. That was simpler solution (but for cost of his soul... I wonder if that's how windigos are born).
I thought he would make clone so he wouldn't be lonely. Eventually he would starve and die. Clone would make his own clone so he also wouldn't be lonely, and die weeks later. Clone of the clone would make own clone, etc. for eternity, or until ceiling would collapse enough so 1M generation clone would get free. (Of course, it's assuming that Mirror Pool is rounding age every time. If it copies age perfectly, then chain of clones would eventually die from old age)

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