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Oh no, it looks like I left my bio in my other pelt. Whoops! You're gonna have to do some exploring to learn about this Brony.


Scootaloo is a filly of rambunctious awesomeness, but what happened when she was smaller? Who are her parents? And where does she live? I'll take you back to that time and answer all of your questions, and more, in the sad beginning of Scootaloo.

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This is a really good story. The pacing needs a bit of work, but this story has lots of potential. The thing with Celestia telling Scootaloo to pick a race was a stroke of pure genius. It makes Celestia look like God.

Upvote and fave

Oh my god! Thank you so much everybody! And I thought no one would like this story. I'm so happy right now!

YAY! I would love love love to read more!

Apart from the misspelled 'minute at the top, it's perfect. :raritywink:
'Scootaloo thought for a minuet' - 9th line


Thank you for the observation! I think it's fixed now. And I'm glad to hear you liked it!

That was very impressive. Great story telling. Grammar could use some work, but that honestly comes from trial and error. If you really want to nip that grammar bug in the bud, I recommend getting Grammar for Dummies at your local book store or online.

Not only is it a funny book, it is very well worth reading for those who want to speed themselves up down the road. I personally own and love the book.

Another way to help with grammar is to read high level fictions and learned by example. Notice and remember how they write each line, indent, column, punctuate, and present dialogue.

:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright: *Whispers* It is also really fun if you happen upon a great read.

Another thing you can try is keep your stories at a thousand word minimum with a five to six thousand maximum, but this was a rare exception.

Remember, stories are like pancakes. Too much syrup and you ruin it. Too much butter and you ruin it, but get the mix just right and you're in for a heck of a ride.


Being honest... I wasn't a big fan of this. The opening scene, by far the best thing in the fic, is intriguing -- I'd love to have seen that expanded on, as it could have made a whole fic. The rest? Much less so. Admittedly it's so old that the "giving Scoots up for adoption" thing wasn't as much of a cliché as it is now, but including a Friendship is Witchcraft song (much as I like FiW) just felt weird, and the ending was sappy. Also, Burt and Andy are really odd names for ponies. So I'm owning up to being the downvoter, but I thought you deserved an explanation for why I did that.

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