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I am a musician, one who gives her videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/djElectrOctavia I attempted to write some fan-fic and will stop until I cannot be bothered to finish it!


Letters from Twilight Sparkle to the Princess, involving What If questions. Twilight's mind is clouded with thinking what-ifs and only knows one pony to ask. Princess Celestia.

These letters will involve the letter Twilight sends to Princess Celestia, and also Celestia's replies.

If you have any ideas, it will probably be a good idea to ask in the comments!

Chapters (25)
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If you fuck up you'd better die or we'll be suspicious.

What if Trixie was actually a clone of Twilight sent back from the year 2028 to maintain the space-time continuum through the careful manipulation of Twilight's won mind, thereby causing her to make decisions in the exact order they should have appeared to ensure the fabric of the universe does not rip asunder, letting humans and fluffy ponies flood into the universe through means unknown to the Equestrians due to somepony's *'states at Celestia'* severe budget cuts to the entire sector of the High-Energy Experimental Magic and Physics Department of the Royal Canterlot University, the most prestigious university in Equestria, which will in turn cause massive holes in the development of the Equestrian economy, which in turn destroys civilised society in Equestria and forces the remnants of the Equestrian government to create a catalyst to force Twilight Sparkle to develop a method of saving the Equestrian economy without learning of the entire shenanigans that would ensue if she didn't come up with the solution?

Oh, and Twilight falls in love with her own clone.

1708430 My head canon now. Don't try and stop it.

Celestia is a twilight/fluttershy shipper!:trollestia:


At least if she fucks up but comes out totally unscathed. If she's not even magically exhausted or anything, was she even really trying? Maybe she made a deal with the bad guy, or she's been possessed...

I imagined the last part of Celestias letter as her awarding Twilight a gold star for asking a good question like my teacher used to do in kindergarten

I have a comment on the story (shocking I know). A good, funny story. Keep it up.

I think if Twilight were a pegasus she'd be the opposite of Rainbow Dash. Guess it's a good thing she's not because Rainbow Dash never can resist a challenge. :rainbowdetermined2:

Knowing you, you could probably take all of Equestria out quickly.

humbling words...

1708586 Sometimes you just get to wondering "What if things were different?", it's those questions that provide us with perhaps the greatest answers to life. :eeyup:

1708547 Like what if she failed to take down Discord but didn't even look like she tried, that would make it seem like Twilight struck a deal with him and betrayed Equestria. But let's hope Twilight is NEVER seduced by the dark side. :twilightsheepish:

What if Twilight Sparkle was a colt? I'm not talking like "On A Cross and Arrows" but something where only she was a different gender. :eeyup:

Or what if Twilight found a forbidden spell such as raising the dead and tried to use it? :trixieshiftright:


I think I've seen the raising the dead one. She saves Rainbow Dash from an accidental death, ripping her from deaths grasp and reviving her. This apparently breaks some ancient treaty, so Death shows up with an army of Valkyries in the Everfree Forest... I don't think anything ever came of it. Or if it did I wasn't tracking it for whatever reason.

1708988 Hm well what if Twilight decided to turn Princess Celestia into a little filly or maybe Princess Luna or Princess Cadence? :trixieshiftright:

1709006 or what if Celestia didn't intervene on the day of "Lesson Zero" and everyone in Equestria was under the Want-It-Need it spell?


What If: I had never made any friends when I arrived in ponyvile and had decided to go into the everfree forest alone? What would have happened? What if I had actually made it all the way to Nightmare Moon? What then? What if by some stroke of luck I had beaten her all on my own? What would have happened then?


Sounds like a good story prompt. The Life and Times of Archmage Twilight Sparkle, Godkiller.

1709271 that...is a bloody good question, I'm going to be thinking about that for days now

Um -- Celestia essentially just said that if she decided to swing that way, she would be interested.

That's one heck of a lot of improbable what-ifs. Although Celestia would no doubt be appalled and chagrined that her plan to save her sister had completely failed, she couldn't really blame Twilight for that. I mean, it's not like she gave Twilight any specific instructions and her student did go above and beyond the call of duty in taking on and defeating a tyrant bent on conquest. About all she could do would be to take Twilight back to Canterlot and train her to be a replacement Luna.

What if: Nightmare Moon turned to stone instead when the elements were used on her the second time.

1709084 Ooh that's a good one. :eeyup:

How about this one "What if I had been wrong about Cadence being an imposter? Would my friendships with my friends, my brother, my family, and you be over?" :twilightoops:

Or how about "What if I was an Earth Pony? Would I be a farmer like Applejack is and Pinkie Pie was?" :trixieshiftright:

"What if the Rainboom had never happened?"

May as well throw in my two cents.
What if: Pinkie hadn't been able to stop the parasprites?

Huh. That's quite an interesting story from Celestia.

Never would we kill another pony unless we have to.

That Celly for you.

Knowing you, you could probably take all of Equestria out quickly.

Not quite sure if serious... probably is.

Huh. Didn't see parts of that coming.

Mares all across Equestria envy you on a daily basis, so if the news became public, then you would have your house covered.

Now, i'm somehow imagining Twilight's house, literally covered in mares. Yeah, that's apparently a thing now.

What if: Flim and Flam won their contest with the Apples, and thereby, Sweet Apple Acres?

1708988 Please give me a link to this story, rite nao.

1710323 It's obvious! Through their economic power, being the only providers of decent cider, Flim and Flam can use the Mayor's greed to control the town's politics. Soon, their wonderful inventions (and I use the term loosely) begin popping up all over the town. Eventually, Ponyville is a smog-churning mechanical hellhole, the Brothers decide to overtake Canterlot in a similar manner.

Also, Lyra gets a human-shaped mech!

1709765 what if everypony in Canterlot Castle is a changeling and Celestia, Luna and Chrysalis are sisters and they had a big disagreement when they were younger and Celestia and Luna were on the same side and that's why the changelings need love since she couldn't get it from her sisters?

This is quite enjoyable


Unfortunately, I seem to have misplaced it. It might be buried in my favorites list somewhere, but I read it at minimum six months ago. I actually think it was one of the earlier pony fics I read, and was one of the defining influences in tilting my perspective on Twilight Sparkle towards the idea that she's basically a god.

I reeelly don't think Celestia would have that dark of humor :facehoof:

What if Celestia suddenly turned into a waffle? Or Twilight?

What if Twilight was really Trixie?

Oh god... this answer was just perfect!

Or alternatively you could just ask Time Turner, he knows all about such timey-wimey things. :trollestia:

More than likely if Twilight had made no friends she'd be dead since no one was there to stop her from falling into the ravine. :twilightoops:

1713275 And I bet Celestia purposely forgot to mention that Twilight might be in love with one of her friends, potentially Fluttershy. :rainbowlaugh:

1712041 Sounds like something Pinkie Pie would ask. :pinkiehappy:/:rainbowlaugh:

1712800 Cue "Inception" music. :twistnerd:

Naw -- what she isnt saying is that they might have had a relationship PRE-ponyville and that that was why she would be more distant and thinking about things more. Fluttershy would be too late...

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