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King negro(Spanish word for black so not racist) lord of the watermelon, duke of the chicken realm, high almoner of the grape cool aid of the Nile, has no tolerance for white people.

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Vengeance will be had I can feel it.


I'm somewhat confused... Who is this beige pegasus with the cerulean eyes and red mane?

I hope he becomes like an unstoppable force to be reckoned with i really do. :pinkiecrazy:

If your making this darker maybe make the other one a little more serious like this before you rewrote it

Lachlan's vengeance will be slow and painful. :pinkiecrazy:

“Where are you, you little illusive bastard?”

supposed to be 'elusive'

Alright chums lets do this! TWIIILIIIIGHT SPARKLEEEEE! "Hey look I did a meme!" :twilightsheepish:

That you did Twilight, that you did.

2889892>>2889892 Apart from the fact that this nearly identical to the old one but more detailed and far better grammar and punctuation how can it be any worse than my first attempt?

I hope this does not end up like the other Dark path

Touche. It just seems more evil and the opposite of what you usually write. I do have a question. Where did u get the picture of the guy? He kinda looks like a soccer player who got kicked in the face.

it seems to be darker than what you would normally write. The original had its flaws, quite a few to be honest, but it was tame. Although only one chapter has been completed so far, so I could be wrong.

2892385 Sadly this takes a far darker path. This is border line grim dark. in the other the only thing that changed were who he fucked? THis is going to be dark with several horrible and exiting parts. Characther deaths just treat this like you would the game of thrones where everyone is a pontial victim

Is this going to make 'Cupcakes' seems like some tame shit? Or is it gonna be even worse than anything I can imagine at the moment?

2893239 Wow dude I said border line it isn't going to be the guy having his spine torn though his noise. Trust me with magic the horrors that I could write about would put ever fucking fic out there to shame. Most likely wouldn't get the same popularity but hey.

But to answer your question No, it wont be rainbow factory or cupcakes

2893239 Hello Chaos, I'm Henry Anthony Courtler, the co-author of the re-write. I'm a friend of Distorted Flare and I offered to help him with not only his writing, but the crafting of a good story and this is the result. This "remaster" won't be a simple re-write with better writing, but an actual original story deviating entirely from the original scent. Yes, the story will be borderline grim dark, but it wont push past that limit. Darker Paths is more or less grounded in a more realistic setting with more dynamic characters without overwhelming the reader. A lot of topics that humanity discussed will be seen. What they are is for us to know and you to find out. :twilightsmile:

NOTE TO ALL OTHER READERS: Chapter 2 will be coming out in the next day or so hopefully; so stay tuned!

Umm... What's with the 'Jack shit' Applejack cover art? :rainbowderp:


Well......um.........I don't have a witty comment.......oh well here's an angle!:scootangel:

Dear Celestia
I didn't learn JACK SHIT
Sincerely, Applejack :ajsmug:

If it's darker than the original. Am I the only one who would like to see him kill Nightmare Moon? Because I would like to see some change and that right there would satisfy me. I may even do a little victory dance.

I take it you made the main character physically weaker this time around? Or did you just make Nightmare Moon stronger?

2919784 Neither just made it more realistic to what an actual rape would be like

2927858 He just seemed so much.... Stronger before.

2927858 If your making this darker maybe make the other one a little more serious like this before you rewrote it

why is it everyone in Ponyville but Flutters and Florenza love demonizing him? instead of thanking him for saving a women for getting raped they act like he was the rapist:ajbemused:.

2950360 because of how he handled it love and tolerance does not apply to griffins and humans and this scares them. Rarity is more of the oh so disgusting but so arousing. She is very dramatic

2950368 "Love and tolerate!...Unless there a guy, Griffon, Zebra, Dragon, Foal, Poor, Old, Ugly, Slave, Draconicus, Human, from a different state or all of the above...You know what? no tolerance for anyone" - said Celestia:trollestia:

Comment posted by Distorted Flare deleted Jul 28th, 2013

2950383Let me guess: She's gonna try to rape the unlucky bastard and say "it was for the best"?

Of course mental illnesses aren't well known. The majority of mental illnesses are suffered by stallions and that in itself means it doesn't matter period cause stallions are to be used and abused at a whim by mares.


This is...
My brain has crashed and is attempting to reboot and recover what little IQ it can. That hurt.

I hope it does not fall apart like the other dark path.

Comment posted by Distorted Flare deleted Jul 28th, 2013

2950398 Look mate you have made it clear that you do not like my style of writing but can you please please stop being such a cunt. My writing style has improved and I have taken more time to develop the plot.

if you don't like it then surely you can accept that I have at least tried to improve upon this fic as well as well as tried to space it out.

2950398 Dude, honestly shut up. We've been getting nonstop complaints from the people in the comments (via PM) who are annoyed with your constant bitching and complaining. This re-write is by far better than the original in every possible aspect while still retaining the same spirit. You don't have much room to talk about IQ if your tired and cliched "A [Fe]Male Perspectiv of Equestria" which honestly sounds like the most warped self-insert/wish fulfillment story yet. If you don't like a story, don't waste your time talking shit when you have nothing to back it up with. :twilightsmile:

im still baffle why you made humans a foot smaller and weird elf aging than the ponies why not just the same?

i know there's the whole "amazon" thing going but why though?

2950618 It is due to many facts

1 i have a taller women fetish XD

But seriously the reason for it was that in most of the HIE humans had the intimidation factor with height and size. In this the hero cant use size as a weapon so instead has to use cunningness and intelligence.

The aging is cannon. In winter rap up it is said that it was done by hoof for many hundreds of years. Granny smith was about 11/12 when her family founded the town so it means that she is at least 200- 400 years old.


the fetish thing is understandable :rainbowlaugh:

but the age this kinda weird still

children being 40 being the age of maturity!? maybe granny just aged gracefully? with you know... Magic

2950736 Love the new chapter dude the reboot of this is freaking sweet but I like the old version too, but can't wait to see what fate has in store for lachlan next and hopefully applejack gets what she deserves after that stunt. And nice touch with him being immune to magic now they'll definitely think twice about attacking him especially celestia never trusted her she's too old and knows too much that's what makes her dangerous in my opinion and if magic doesn't work on him that's a bonus to his safety.

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