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Rainbow Dash finally finds the courage to confess her love to Twilight. Unfortunately, Twilight does not feel the same way. But Rainbow Dash refuses to give up. She figures, rather than trying to steal Twilight's heart with romance and flowers, she'll take a different approach. One that is much more forward than the usual.

Note - this fic will have some sexual themes. There will be pervy Dash.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 184 )

I'm goin' to say sometin'

0......0 :moustache: I concur.

I thought it was funny, dood...

This is horribly funny.
Can't wait to see how this turns out.

Hmmm perverted rainbow dash

I sense LOL potential rising. Please go on.

A slightly pervy Dash and traditionally Clueless Twilight? Sign me up.


I just got quality whiplash. :facehoof:

Dash better be careful...Twilight just might go lesson zero on her.

Soooooooooo many TwiDashes lately! :rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

Hahaha, that gonna be good if you continue the pervy Dash and shy Twi way. :rainbowlaugh:

Wonder how their friends thinks about this aka Dash should leave Twi alone/accept she doesn´t like her or Twi should go for Dash/at least try it out for a while. Maybe Dash already talked to them the past three days and took them all over to her side? Though i doubt Dash that manipulative or far-thinking. :P

That ending just made me crack up. I found this story to be very funny. Good job.

P.S. ... Write more...

At first I was like :yay: a new story to read!

Then I was like :rainbowderp: at Dash's reaction.

Then I was like :facehoof:

And now I'm like :rainbowlaugh:

Never thought I'd write a comment like that but there ya go, I had to do it once I suppose :twilightsheepish: Please write more! This is seriously good!

Yeah, I wasn't sure how to feel about this...

Now I am laughing too hard not to like it! :trollestia:

Keep going! :yay:

Comment posted by Twidash19 deleted Dec 11th, 2012

Haha interresting :trixieshiftright: go on

Haha, ok. This looks like it's going to be a fun story to read. The pacing is a bit fast, but it's ok for a lighthearted story like this one.

Can't seem to get over how perfect a response this is.

i'm sure about this yet i think i have to read more.

... Go on.

I mean, damn. That's as forwards as you can get.


Hahaha!! That describes this fic perfectly!

I have nothing to say to this :moustache:

friggin yes! CONTINUE IF YOU MAY GOOD SIR/MA'AM! you have my UTMOST attention!:pinkiecrazy:


I will be working on the next chapter very soon. Sorry about the wait.

:Downloads and reads first chapter: :rainbowlaugh:

This story is fantastical.

Scumbag Applejack... sees her friend being chased, doesn't do anything about it.

Not sure what's going on with Fluttershy or AJ, but I'm loving what's been happening with RD and Twilight.

Aj wants herself some Sparkle too it seems!

Does Rainbow not realize she lacks the proper equipment to make a foal?

1941778 twis a unicorn,she can enpregnate mares and the such

lol that's all i can say poor Twilight

I wasn't disappointed, I was rolling around laughing :rainbowlaugh:

I cried with laughter

This was good but id be really greeat if it was done..just a little bit faster!:heart:

I said I don't want to make little foals with you right now.

Awwwwww, i wanna see a cute little Twidash kiddo. D:
What´s with AJ btw? Suspicious~ <_<

:rainbowlaugh: Funny as hell! Chapter 1 made me an instant fan and chapter 2 certainly didn't dissapoint. I am soooo looking forward to more! :twilightblush:

Glad to hear it!:twilightsmile: Chapter 3 will be coming soon, just needs to go through the proof reading process.

And Sweetie Belle has fallen :yay:
Also, I never really stopped to think about SS and DT's cutie marks. Well played.

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