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*Featured on Equestria Daily!* Ten years after the events of 'Over a Barrel', an unexpected death in the family lands Applejack and her friends in Appleloosa. However, the town has changed drastically since their first visit, and the ponies soon learn that Appleloosa is one hell of a place to start a new life.

Warnings: Minor character death. Some heavy swearing. OC ponies abound. Ships include RainbowPie and Appleshy.

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Only have time to read the first chapter so far, but it's looking good :pinkiehappy:

Hey now here's something that looks pretty good. I've actually been wanting to read a pony western for awhile and this just might be it.

Let me just say I love Rainbow's characterization as a grouch. Her dynamic with Pinkie is very, well...dynamic! they seem like a fun pair.

Oh and Coltorado? Yeah reading that pretty much made my day. Coltorado...wish I had thought of that :twilightsmile:.

Oh my God, I love Black Hill! He is the best OC Pony every created. Every word out of his mouth is gold :yay:. I'm faving this story for Black Hill alone.

Also excellent chapter. I feel like this going to be something a little different and very special. I look forward to more chapters in the future. :raritywink:

This one is great! A very funny story indeed.

Is it just me, or is Black Hill supposed to be like a pony version of Al Swearengen (played by Ian McShane) from Deadwood?

I'm so glad to see this story make such a glorious come back!!! :pinkiehappy:. I thought you weren't going to continue it. Nice to see an update, and I look forward to more from you in the future.

Also I think I should mention that you're writing seems to have improved greatly. It has a cleaner flow too it than was the chase in previous chapters. It seems you've found your stride: good for you :pinkiehappy:.

Oh and one more thing: Black Hill FTW! Seriously, just can't get enough of that guy.

I was worried you would put this on Hiatus, but you didn't. Keep 'em comin' /// Grimy

Rainbow Dash? Broken? That gives me a sad:fluttercry:....

Caught that rush reference.

So far I'm liking this story more than most I read with a "dark" tag, maybe because it's not a world ending scenario.

However I'm going to hold off on reading past chapter 3 until the story is completed, mostly because I have a bunch of other finished stories Ir eally should read, not to mention the writing I can only attempt to do.

443119It had better be the band your talking about...


Judging by his Avatar, I'd say he was talking about the band.

It's back! I thought that you had relegated this story to the dustbin of unfinished stories

That Black Hill guy is a total arse-face (and reminds me a bit of Maven Blackbriar from Skyrim, come to think of it ). Ten Bucks - er bits - says he had Braeburn offed so he could take over the acres, and now that AJ won't sell, he'll be after her next. Or Fluttershy - he'll get to AJ faster that way. Also, Rainbow should go kick his butt. Seriously.

Really liking this so far, even if broken wing non-Wonderbolt Dash always makes me sad. I like the dynamic her and Pinkie have. I have to say I don't ship AJ with anyone other than Dash, but her and Fluttershy aren't bad. Keep up the lovely work :pinkiehappy:

I've added your story to a new group I've created, Appleloosa, because there wasn't an actual Appleloosa group.

I know, right?

Keep up the good work!

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