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Travelling all over Equestria, Lulamoon's stage act was a smash hit! She arrived in Ponyville one day, and decided to start the show as "The Great and Powerful Trixie"

But why are all the ponies taking everything so seriously?

My interpretation of Boast Busters. Super quick fic, just wanted it out before the new episode.

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That's... interesting.

So, Trixie is just somepony else? Eh. I found this to be a bit boring.
Sorry bro. That's just me.

I found this to be a rather original subversion of the classic Trixie fic, some parts where a little hard to get behind either due to writing or perspective, but I have a hard time with first person, so don't trust everything I say, I do think the paragraphs could have been smaller or split into smaller chunks.
But still it was a rather clean and crisp read with an original idea and was executed quite well, have a thumbs up! :pinkiehappy:

This was definitely different. Trixie actually being a character somepony created for a comedy act. I like how you pulled it off.

Aww... You broke the illusion. :trixieshiftleft:

It's written pretty well, no mistakes as far as I could read. Overall, a nice take on Trixie.

Any suggestions for what I could do better?

Hmm, big paragraphs are a pet peeve of mine too, I'll look into that. Thanks!

Thank you! I've always thought it was weird how an obviously over the top mare ON STAGE was immediately thought to be a real pony :rainbowhuh:, so I just wanted to get that idea out there.

Well, you mostly just followed what everybody already saw in the episode. Everyone already knows what happened.

Try expanding on what happened when we didn't see Trixie. Is her real identity nicer? What did she do when she left town?

Stuff like that. Introduce some more new things.

Headcanon: Accepted!

I rather like this interpretation of what happened. And I agree with Trixie. It was honestly like they've never seen a magic show before... or any other kind of show, for that matter.

Ironically, this is the problem most people have with the reception Trixie received. Actor or not, she was a stage performer. And every performer has a stage persona. She was supposed to be big and flamboyant and over the top... yet the main cast acted like a bunch of corn pones who'd never seen a stage show before!

Very interesting interpretation. Yeah, I'm with the "Can't they see it's just a performance act?" school of thought. Lula made the right choice bailing from that place. Hope her wagon was insured.

And if she'd gone on stage as Rockwing, RD probably would have missed the point of that act too. "Who'd want to see a pegasus who can't fly?"

Okay, it took me this long to read this one from my 'read later' list.
It's actually good, congratulations. Have a Trixie: :trixieshiftright:

Decent take.

I enjoy Trixie as a character because Boast Busters gave her no real background and her role as an actual antagonist is incredibly small, really just trashing RD, AJ and Rarity, giving the fandom a lot of room to work with her and make her anywhere from super evilz to redeemed protagonist to just general all-around chill mare who had a bad run of luck in Ponyville. Magic Duel limits those options a bit but also gives a lot of new material to work with.

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