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When a magician is stripped of clothes, status and pride, she is forced to wander a path of uncertainty, blindly searching for answers and purpose. Trapped in the dirty and tattered maze of her own exile, when can one no longer call herself Great and Powerful?

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reading this makes me sad :fluttercry:

It's okay, Trixie... I forgive you. You can sleep in my bed if that's okay with you...:fluttercry:

Wait.. is it leather pants or not leather pants?

Would've said this on deviantart but, I hope this gets featured. If it doesn't I'll probably table flip. :flutterrage:

putting on Read Later. will read after I finish writing this Vinyltavia story.

Hooray for collective responses
All according to plan
Even Great and Powerful ponies need a hug sometimes
I'm not sure that I understand the question
If it does get featured then I will probably... I don't know what I'd do, but what every it is, it would be something along the lines of a manly squee
That looks interesting, I'll have to give it a read whenever it's completed.

Take all my bits and my bed Trixie! :fluttercry:

I hope Twilight runs after her...

>> SlightlySerious google leather pants, it's a figure of speech

I'll get around to it eventually man, I promise. :twilightsheepish:

More like the Evil and Powerful Trixie
or Darth Trixie if you prefer
1699268 TrixieShy
Kindness is it's own Reward is one of my favorite fanfics :yay:

Amazing, someone who knows how to use a semicolon. It's like I slipped into an alternate dimension where people understand punctuation usage. On a side note, don't capitalize after ellipses. Unless of course you're starting a new sentence, in which case you'd technically need a period after it as well. I won't nitpick on the spacing for them though; no one does that part right.

For now, back to reading. Trixie is best pony. It's only because I like it thus far that I'll voice things that bother me as I read on.

"Cold, broken and alone, the pony meandered across what was a desolate wasteland ..."

- nothing wrong here, but the sentence doesn't seem to read as smoothly as it could. "What was" just seems to throw the flow off. Hmm, doesn't sound as off reading the line a few more times, first glance was odd though.

"Her stomach twisted in knots at the thought of move more humiliation, but finds her options to be painfully limited."

- Not sure what you're going for with "move" here. Typo perhaps, but I know not what it's meant to be. Also, rest of the paragraph is consistently past tense, might want to change finds to found.

"Looking upon her own face in a nearby puddle, the distraught unicorn examined her features, dirt and mess covering her face."

- I'd say either put 'were' before covering, or make it a new sentence as, 'Dirt and mess covered her face.' as just changing covering to covered doesn't seem quite right by itself.

Other than that, nice piece of work here. Interesting choice to maintain her feelings of uncertainty throughout and for her to leave the entire issue with Twilight unresolved. May lead some to want more added on, but is a nice way to end it nonetheless.

OH TRIXIE!!!!! :raritycry:

Again, wonderfully done!!!

Dang. Well done! The ending really made this piece work well. Sure, it would have been nice to see the Great and Apologetic Trixie actually confront Twilight and redeem herself, but leaving her still torn as to what to do and finally deciding not to come face-to-face with her problems makes her and the entire situation more realistic/believable. That said, I'm not at all opposed to a continuation of this where Trixie actually does face Twilight, but it would probably be better as its own one-shot. Anyway, great writing and great story!

Gods, this has to be the most honest form of an old enemy I have ever seen, you did a really cool job, seriously. You done perfect, I was very much impressed by how Trixie acted, very mature, I'm amazed and I really enjoyed this fic:yay:

From my personal experience, other stories sharing a similar premise as this one usually end up having romance involved in one way or another. Now, I'm not explicitly against such a thing, but the fact that you decided to focus on Trixie's inner conflicts and struggle for redemption in a shortish one-shot as opposed to developing relationships (both romantic and platonic) in a full-blown multi-chaptered story makes A Lonely Performance probably my favorite Great and Apologetic Trixie fic. :trixieshiftright: Hmm... come to think of it, stories with the theme of redemption in general are rarely done well in my opinion, but you sir have gone beyond my expectations. Your writing is superb, easily being able to convey Trixie's struggles to the reader, and there aren't even any glaring grammatical or spelling errors :pinkiegasp:! The ending, though, is a little unexpected; I was fully anticipating Trixie to confront Twilight, but the fact that she cowered at the very end... well, I think I actually like this more! It goes to show that Trixie has yet to overcome all obstacles on her path to redemption; I always think a bit of grey makes for the the best endings. All in all, I loved this story; it really does deserve more views. :twilightsmile:

Took me long enough after saying I'd get to this however long ago but I've made it through and am pleased at what you have here. I also stayed true to my words and have begun following you (no not as a stalker :rainbowlaugh:)

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