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Steel Apples - Silentpegasus

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Chapter 7

Authors note: Wow, three chapters in one day, didn't know I had it in me. Enjoy!

Chapter 7

The next day was like any othe,r Steel went to work until around noon and spent his lunch with Applejack at Sweet Apple Acres. After her colt-friend left Applejack went back to work in the south field until she was interrupted by a certain cyan pegasus.

“Hey AJ.” Rainbow dash said as she landed next to her best friend.

“Howdy Rainbow, what brings you to the farm?”

“Just in the neighborhood.” Rainbow said as she put on a sheepish grin.

“Okay...well I gotta get back to work.” AJ said as she returned to bucking the trees.

“Well I was wondering if I could ask you something.” Dash said as she flew in front of the farm pony.

“What is it Dash?”

“Well....I was kinda wondering.” she started to giggle as she drew her orange friend close. “Was it good?”

“Was what good?”

“C’mon AJ, you know what I’m talking about, and don’t lie to me.” Rainbow said with a flat tone. Applejack still had a confused look on her face. “Tell me how well Steel ‘used his hammer.’” Rainbow said with a giggle. Applejack’s face then turned scarlet with embarrassment and anger.

“THAT”S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS, WHO TOLD YOU!” Applejack said as the cyan mare rolled on the ground in hysterical laughter.

“No-pony told me I swear, half the town heard you guys the other night. I never knew you were a screamer AJ.” Dash was now finding it hard to breathe due to the amount of laughter. Applejack’s rage was now replaced by pure embarrassment.

“Oh dear Celestia, how can ah show my face in town again?”

“Maybe invest in a sound proof room?” Rainbow said between the laughter.


“I’m just kidding AJ. Relax, it’s nothing to be ashamed about. So you had sex with a Stallion you really like. I mean you guys have been dating for like what? A year now? Big deal.” Rainbow said as she put a hoof over her friends shoulder."When was the last time some-pony gave you grief for having a good time?”

“True, thanks RD. I needed that.”

“Any time.” the cyan mare said as she gave applejack a high hoof. “So tell me how was he?” Rainbow said now getting a little impatient. Applejack took a quick second to look around to see if any-pony else was listening. She motioned for her friend to come closer.

“He was fantastic.” Applejack said with a giggle. “He’s so kind and generous. He made me feel things I never knew existed. I love him Rainbow, with all my heart.”

“AJ, don’t you lose him. And if he does break your heart Mac and I will put him in his place.” she said with a wink. Soon, Applebloom came running up the dirt path way towards the two mares with a worried look on her face.

“Applejack! Rainbow Dash! Steel needs help!” said the small filly out of breath.

“Where is he kiddo?” Rainbow said.

“At Sugar Cube Corner! You gotta come quick!” Without a moment to spare Rainbow Dash took off towards Sugar Cube corner with Applejack in hot pursuit. As Rainbow reached Sugar Cube corner where a crowd of ponies had gathered. In the center were three badly beaten pegasus stallions and a barely concise grey unicorn in the center breathing heavily. As he saw the cyan mare make her way through the crowd he collapsed.


As Steel trotted back into town from Sweet Apple Acres he was catching glances from both mares and stallions, he decided to stop at Sugar Cube Corner to see Pinkie, who was behind the register.

“Hey Pinkie.”

“Hey! What’s up?”

“Not much just decided to pop in and say hi.” he said as he eyed a group of pegasi that were giving him a less than pleasing look. “Hey Pinks, you ever get the feeling that you’re being judged?”

“I can kinda see why you’d feel that way, considering what you and AJ did the other night.” she said with a giggle. Steels face turned bright red.

“What! How did you hear about that?” he said in a hushed tone.

“Well no offense, but half of Ponyville heard it.” Pinkie whispered to the grey stallion. Steel face hoofed and realized that’s why every-pony would awkwardly smile at him as he passed by.

“Yeah, no kidding we had to plug our ears just to get some sleep.” said the ring leader of the pegasi. Steel knew him, Thunderlane, Typical hot shot flyer. Still always came in second due to Rainbow Dash. He had been pestering Steel for months now.

“Shut up Thunderlane.” Steel said as he returned his attention back to Pinkie.

“Well now that I heard what little hick sounds like in bed maybe I’ll take swing at her.” he said with a smug grin on his face.

Pinkie and some of the customers let out a gasp as Steel whirled around and punched Thunderlane in the face, sending him out of Sugar Cube Corner and into the street. The other two pegasi grabbed Steel by the mane and smashed him against the wall, head first. As Thunderlane went back inside one of his cronies noticed that Steel’s hammer had come out of it’s holster and began to beat him with it. Steel began to wail in pain as the hammer came in contact with his front right hoof. Pinkie then jumped on the back of the pegasus with the hammer and pulled him off of Steel.

"Hey! Let him go Mr. Meanie." Pinkie bellowed.

The pegasus pulled Pinkie off of his back and hit her in the stomach with the hammer, making her slump to the ground in pain. Steel then pushed off the wall and pushed the pegasus into the opposite wall knocking him out. Steel then turned his attention to the hammer wielding pegasus. Steel rushed forward and caught the hammer with his magic and ripped it out of the pegasus’s grasp and threw it away from the fight. Steel then proceeded to slam the pegasus up against the bar and beat him until he was unconscious. Steel then rushed over to Pinkie that was sobbing on the ground in the corner.

“Pinkie-” Steel saw a look of horror on the pink mares face. Steel turned around to see a black and blue Thunderlane holding his hammer in his right hoof that was fast approaching his face. Steel could feel bones break from the force of the hammer. Steel fell to the ground without a sound. Thunderlane then proceeded to walk over to Pinkie with a menacing look in his eye. Thunderlane then felt a force holding him back he turned to see a bloodied grey unicorn, who’s black mane now resembled flames and eyes glowed whit with magic and rage. Thunderlane began to swing at Steel but was stopped by his magic, Steel then encased the pegasus in a magical aura and proceeded to pull on his wings until he heard a snap come from both appendages. Steel then sent the trio flying through the door and out into the street which was now filled with curious ponies who had heard the commotion. As Steel made his way outside his magic started to vanish and his pain soon returned to him, but not before he saw a familiar cyan pegasus speeding towards him, he fell to the ground and everything faded to black.

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