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You're alive. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY:fluttercry::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

It was only a matter of time.

TwilightPsycho returns after a year of hiatus. DUN DUN

You returned! Just not the way I expected...:twilightoops:

“Not bad for a first timer.” Babs said. “Although you’re still no match for my dad or cousin Mac.” she added.

..... I want that part of the story.:pinkiecrazy:

I liked it, and first

Welcome back TwiPsy. It's been too long old friend. :ajsmug:
Good to see a new story, as well as hopefully an update on the old ones.

i start like :pinkiegasp: then i was like :facehoof: but by the end i was like :trollestia: good

Of course I'm alive.

What was?

I never strictly speaking went anywhere. I just haven't really had the inspiration or motivation to write erotic pony fiction in recent times.
I just suddenly got this idea for a fic yesterday, and decided to write it.
As you can no doubt tell, it is rather rushed and lacking in detail (and quality).
I suppose I ought to finish my Twilight x Shining Armor incest fic...

Please, do elaborate. I'm well aware that the fic isn't very good in general, but I'd love to know exactly what it was you particularly disliked about it.

I wasn't planning on expanding on that. I just like throwing in funny suggestive things like that. But who knows...

Thanks. :D
I won't promise anything, since I don't know if I will be able to keep it, but we'll see.

I take it that was a good thing?
I don't recall anything overly shocking at the beginning of the story though...

I guess it's funny in the cheesy-over-the-top-fetishy-clopfic sense, which was the intention.
But Strange? How so?

ohhh...... sorry, it's just been so long since i last saw you.:twistnerd:


I read this not as clop, but as a story of a sexually abused filly doing exactly what she was doing when she sided with the bullies; taking out her frustrations on others in the same way they were taken out on her. Not sure if that was intentional, but it definitely has those sorts of undertones.

As porn, this isn't really worth a mention. As a veiled psychological sadfic, it's brilliant. Kudos.

That's an interesting interpretation.
I never thought of her being sexually abused, but I guess it's a possibility that her father could have been abusing her.

No need to promise anything bud! And you're welcome :D
I don't mind waiting longer; I have good patience. Anywhore the new story is excellent, I'm glad I actually read it instead of skimming through it xD :pinkiehappy:

Can you continue "Spike's Sexual Misadventures"? That was the first clopfic and first pony fan fic I read. It holds sentimental value.:fluttercry::fluttercry:

TwilightPsycho, so good to see you back online! Good to see you posted a new story too! When I saw the alert that you posted a new fic, I was like: :pinkiehappy:! I saw the vote ups and vote downs and was like :rainbowhuh:. Then I read the comments and was like :rainbowlaugh: This I must check out. So I read it just now! While the farting and bullying wasn't quite my cup of tea, I found the rest rather enjoyable, just like your other stories, though as you mentioned it does seem a little rushed. Still it was worth a vote up from me! Keep up the good work my friend! Oh and if you get bored and want a good read, I have a Rainbow Dash fic that should be ready sometime in December, featuring the kind of fun kink Spike's Urine Lust Delivered to us! There's even a mild form of it in my Redheart fic as well. :raritywink:

:pinkiecrazy: You are back... good... time to read your new story and I swear if is a trollfic I am gona.

*after read*
:pinkiehappy: Awesome gusta

:moustache: I love it (except the fart) Still... keep up the good work mate.

Yours truly... Necromancerx69 (fan of yours)

Ps. :pinkiecrazy: You better finish Spike Watersport story or I will swallow your face and chew your soul!

1699815 I'm not precisely sure how, but I guess it's because I've never read this kind of clopfic before. Well, never read this kind with those kind of fetishes in it anyway :twilightsheepish:

I can assure you there are far stranger "clopfics" on this site, featuring considerably more obscure and unusual fetishes.
Aside from possibly facesitting and farting, those in this fic are relatively mainstream as far as fetishes go.

I don't get off on foalcon, and not enough bdsm.

You get 8 spikes out of ten


Sweet Celestia there needs to be a rating above Mature.

This one would be labelled Beware All the Fetishes.

What are you talking about?
This is pretty tame compared to many other clopfics on this site, including my previous fics. :rainbowhuh:


As I am aware. And I must give you kudos on your warning in the description. But there's a diffference between "Mature for violence and sex" and "Mature for everything else"

What exactly else than these two would it be that would go under the mature category?
This fic is labeled Mature (sex) as it should be.

Oh don't mind me, I'm just a bit vanilla.

Hee twipsy, just a question, what happend to equestriaclopdaily( i think its called)? The cite seems to be gone

I'm not familiar with any site called that.

Are you referring to the forum Cloppers of Equestria?
If so, it was shut down by Zetaboards because their rules do not allow porn.
I have not heard from FlutterRaeg (the guy who ran the forum), so I assume he was not interested in setting up a new one.

If anyone knows of any decent alternative forums/imageboards, do let me know.


www.redlightponyville.com, of course ;D

I love how you appropriately tag everything yet still the downvotes. Silly ponies.

Thanks for the fap buddy.

This fic is pretty fantastic. Hits like all my fetishes :D

1755923 dtto

1700009 or or instead of being abused she actually enjoyed it and thought it was a good way to satisfy her crush on him without looking soft :pinkiecrazy:

OMG first i was like :rainbowhuh: then i was like :rainbowkiss: then i was like :rainbowlaugh:

you get 10 out of 10 Celestias


Good story :)


120 Days Of Blueblood

'Nuff said.

Always keep ur towel with u

That's not what I ment,lol. But you knew that, ya' troll. :pinkiehappy:

Eleven Derpys out of ten

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