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i herd u liek mudkips


Raindrops has been a blank-flank for longer than anypony she's known. She moved to Ponyville and got a job at the post office in hope that she would meet somepony who might help her discover her special talent. But when her new co-worker Derpy crashes into her, they go on a journey of self-discovery, friendship, and muffins.

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Not a bad story. Though, it might have helped to add a bit more narrative and/or descriptions. It just seems a little dialogue-heavy. Otherwise, good job!

This was surprisingly good! I would love to see more of Raindrops/Derpy

That was a fun little story. I look forward to more of their adventures!

I fun little read indeed! Great job

Amusing and somewhat interesting. Unfortunately the characters felt on the weak side. I've seen a lot more done with these characters and while nothing here felt derivative, there wasn't really enough put into them to feel unique. If anything Derpy's muffin obsession was the most outstanding feature between them, and obvious fanon staple.

I don't really understand why flying/not flying was made into such a big deal. For awhile I got the feeling that perhaps Raindrops was another chicken, and incapable of flight. Towards the end it seems like she was just afraid of Derpy crashing into her again? Making terrain into a conflict for pegasi seems odd, as well as arbitrarily adding time to the package delivery time by walking when the boss is expecting flight... just overall seems kind of poorly planned out.

Lastly, I don't actually get what Dropsy got her cutie mark for.

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