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Very good! Touching story

Cute and clever with solid writing. Very good! :scootangel:

really cute and well written

Grammar mistake in the first paragraph? :P
Regardless, this was a very nice story, and a warm reprise from the regular shit I am forced to read. ಠ_ಠ

D'aww! :twilightsmile:

I've always thought that the brother-sister dynamic prevalent in fanon was almost, but not quite the proper way to portray Spike and Twilight's relationship.
It's closer to mother and son, if you ask me, and I'm glad to have found a story that illustrates this. Keep it up, brony! :pinkiesmile:

>Mom, dad, this is Pinkie Pie.
>Mom, dad, Fluttershy.
Shouldn't that be capitalized as "Dad", since Twilight is using it as a name?

>Trottership Down
:rainbowhuh: :rainbowhuh: :rainbowlaugh:

>I didn't really see any harm in opening up to Pinkie..
This ellipsis has the wrong number of periods.

>Twilight smiled.“I think it's time for baby dragons to go to bed,” she said.
Separate these two sentences with a space.

Very good work!

I did see one mistake though. When it's explained that Twilight's mother would go away for work sometimes, you call her Starlight rather than Twilight.

Manly tears! :fluttercry:

Congrats on the EQD feature! Ya lucky (and by that I mean talented) bugger :twilightsmile:
A wonderfully written, thoughtful and sweet story.

This was incredible. I'm surprised I haven't seen this sooner.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Twilight's parents' canon names : Twilight Velvet and Night Light?

thats really well written i love it!!!!!!!

Twilight's mother is grey not white.

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