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"Words - so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become in the hands of one who knows how to combine them."

~Nathaniel Hawthorne

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I wonder how many ponies will realize this is a self-insert fic.

It's intriguing stuff. But you already know my opinion. So, here's an irreverent image macro (two can play at that game, Dagg!):



Automatic 10 points for having a cover image that parodies my favorite M.C. Escher painting. Now, let's see about this story...

1691878 ...and now another 90 points for writing a story with a human character that is almost identical to myself. By the way, would you happen to also be a Myst fan?

1692125 ..."not directly"? What's that supposed to mean? Either you are a Myst fan, or you aren't. It certainly wouldn't surprise me to hear that it somehow influenced this story, since it's a story-heavy game series about an ancient civilization that could create portals to other worlds by writing about them in books.

1692326 I played the game when very young, and never understood it.

1692330 Ah, I see. In that case, I recommend you give the Myst novels a try. They're much more straightforward than the games in explaining the backstory, and are an excellent example of the right way to write a book based in a video game's universe.

My head asplode.

I thought you said it took you more than a few days to write a one-shot :p

Horrible jokes aside, hope this one got your mind off of Wings of Change :)

IT IS PUBLISHED~! You knew it was coming, of course, but take my green thumb, Stromo. :P

Not bad. Still expecting another chapter of OWoC, because I remember you wanted to make a 300k or so trilogy with arcs and the whole shebang, but it won't ever be done at this rate, you get me?

Great story by the way, I wouldn't have read it If it wasnt written by you.

Indeed, I agree that sometimes things can become a little boring and tiring that you need some change to make it colorful again. I've done this before, mostly in my gaming habits but also in my everyday life sometimes.

Good luck writing though, maybe someday I could write something too.

When I loaded this page, the views were at 111. Do I win anything?

This story is excellent. It also made me understand character development a lot more.
Thank you, sir. :moustache:


Finally something truly amazing in the feature box.

Cool story bro.

That was amazing.

I almost cried.


This was absolutely fantastic. I loved how you wrapped the two characters and worlds around each other while investigating deeper philosophical questions like the nature of writing and the perception of reality without compromising the emotional integrity of the story. I am very glad I took the time to read it.

1696349 story was largely written as an exercise to maintain two different personalities in the same scene. Since, yanno, OWoC is going to have a LOT of that. But it also came about as I thought about what allows me to allows me to put my characters through trauma and pain, and I realized it is the fictional aspect that protects us, the writers.

So of course the "what if" led to "if this was not the case?" Think about being approached by someone who was rendered blind in a car crash from a story you wrote, could you ever pick up the pen again?

I honestly don't know if I could.

1696473 Actually, I'd feel that I'd have a duty to pick up my pen again. I may not have known about the repercussions of my actions before, but now that I do, I ought to set things right the only way I safely could: by writing a sequel where the person in question is able to regain their eyesight.

1696593 and that's what makes this story so odd to me... There are any number of reactions a writer will have based off of their own experience. =\


1696678 And that is exactly what I love about this story. It leave a lot of room for thought and personal interpretation without forcing the philosophy or compromising the story.

1697236 Let's hope Eqd feels the same way.


1697341 Knowing EQD, it will probably get rejected by some grammar nazi who could not grasp meaning if it bit him in the ass.:derpytongue2:

:fluttercry: You're a genius. As a writer, this carries all sorts of heavy philosophical questions that I'll probably never stop thinking about it, but I'm glad about that. I've always thought of my characters being 'alive' in some abstract way, but this... Really makes you think. Amazing work ^^

Hmmm. Think you have a bit of a grammar semantic problem. Plain text version; you got way too many commas boy! Some places don't even warrant any punctuation - much less a comma. That being said, it's a minor problem at its worst. Schooling and even more schooling will hammer out a better and more efficient writer out of you. College works wonders. Trust me.

1698509 Yea, sorry bout that. :twilightblush:

An author having a heart-to-heart with a character that is also an author...

falls across across his face;

the "across" has been doubled!

but was verry good story,

A excellent story! What impresses me the most is how you can tell Lyra's POV from Jacob's. It's just so wonderfully written! :yay:

:twilightsmile: thanks!

but was verry good story,

The R has been doubled! =P

1701265 entire fic was written as practice for just such a dynamic. Even if it never makes it big, I can say that Author was a success.

1701274 I am a fully asosiated Pirrrate, I am allowed to rrroll thems Arrr´s. Harrr Harrr

1701330 :facehoof: Haha, fair enough. =]

1701334 you want a cookie?

That was amazingdl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_TwilightWut.png A total mindfuck of a What If? but totally amazing. I hope this helped with your issues with oWoC, and I look forward to any one-shots you do in the future!

I also wish that you would do more Silent Lyra. But if wishes were horses, we'd have OCs up to our ears.

1706052 I'm glad you liked it! It was a large part of thinking about why I write, and what that could mean. It makes you wonder what could be if such a scenario were reality.

Also wish granted.

I shall now proceed to cry and question my existence then cry some more.

wow what a mix of feeling ! great story !

...Holy mother of God. Did you just do what I thought you did?

You have placed us in the hands of a Creator that has been created by one of us, who has been created by the Creator, who herself lives in a world that another creator has created...


But hey, props on the entire story in general. And please, more Silent Lyra! I wanted to see Songs of the Silent.

I've always wondered if we were someone's fiction. I never thought I'd see it put it into words. Props to you!

I'm surprised how much I enjoyed this. For the first thousand words or so I struggled getting through some of the purpleish prose that seemed to slow it down, but it soon becomes quite a wonderful fic. It's an amazing concept delivered well, and ends on a great note. I had never given thought before to the kind of effects an author has on the world they create and now wonder how many characters I've written would love or hate the creative decisions I made.
I felt slightly confused by how the conversation between Lyra and Jacob begins. Jacob's rage felt a bit out of left field. Aside from that and some mundane parts in the intro, it's really great work. Good job.

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