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(Written and set before the events of the season three episode: One Bad Apple)

Sweetie Belle is a Unicorn. So, naturally, it stands that she should be able to use magic like other Unicorns.

But Sweetie Belle has never even performed a spell before, something that she aims to change.

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Sweetie Belle is a Unicorn

Surely you jest.

This does sound interesting :duck:

Now the roles seem to have been switched between Rarity and Sweetie Belle. Rarity is now bothering Sweetie Belle! :rainbowlaugh: Great chapter. Can't wait for more. :raritywink:

when i saw the name of the chapter, i immediately thought of the album art for Alex S's Ultimate Sweetie Belle.

First Applejack now Twilight. Jeez Rarity. You're really having some sister problems. :raritydespair: But this time, it's Rarity wanting to spend time with Sweetie while Sweetie is too busy to spend time with her. :fluttershysad: Another good chapter. Waiting patiently for more. :pinkiesmile:

Solid story so far. Looking forward to see where this goes, keep it coming!

Um. Realized has a z in it, not s. :rainbowderp:


The English spelling of realised has an S in it instead of a Z.

Rarity should have listened to Sweetie's side of the story. :ajbemused: Although I can understand why she is angry at Twilight.

ahhh, the the terrible things that happen when efforts of communication are ineffective

You and me both, man.

Also, looking forward to more Twilight/Sweetie Belle interaction. We all know it'll happen eventually, heh.

Any idea whether or not you'll be doing a sequel?


I did want to do a sequel which would focus more on the actual magical training and aspects of magic than Sweetie Belle and Rarity's relationship, but it was dependant on the feedback from this story.

well, i thoroughly enjoy reading this story. more continuation would be nice, or a sequel, if you make a notice of it here. ADVENTURE

1738067 Well, I you'd like feedback, just ask your readers. As for me, I'd say go for the sequel; I really like the idea of SB being able to do more in the field of magic.

1748380 Thanks for the comment, as well as everyone else's. I have already written the first part of the sequel now, but I think it'll end up being longer than this one.


That's good to hear. Who knows? Maybe you'll get featured during the course of the sequel.

I just read this story. I enjoyed it well enough, and would like to see your concepts of magic explored further. One thing to note is that a fair amount of your dialogue has improper punctuation, not enough to dissuade me from reading though. Overall, I enjoyed the story. Thanks for writing it.

I'll fish out a few of 'em:

“Can I help?” The little filly said with a newfound excitement.
This should read:
"Can I help?" the little filly said...

“Well, I suppose I could always find something for my special little helper to do.” She said, giving Sweetie Belle a pat on the head.
Same thing for this one
...helper to do," she said,...

Basically if it continues the sentence past the quotation marks, you treat the puncuation within the quotations as a mere comma, even if it's an exclamation mark or a question mark. If it's period, change it to a comma.

As I said it was a small thing, not enough to stop me from reading, but enough to catch my attention. :twilightsmile:

2303277 Oh, I didn't know that. Thanks for your help!

Still waiting on that sequel...

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