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All of my sandwich.

What the hell, Regidar? How many sets of hands and eyes do you have?

1698863 1698856
he makes a beholder's eyes to shame and an octopus reach to shreds :pinkiecrazy:

1698880 Dungeons and Dragons. :rainbowkiss:

1698863 :rainbowkiss:

That's right you silly foal :trollestia:

1698903 G 3.5 is best.

i got it, also got D20 modern, mah collection is evergrowing :ajsmug:

1698918 Never played D20 modern. :moustache:

oh shame on you, D20 post apocalyptic scenarios are fun, you never know when you run into toxic waste or something equally fun :rainbowkiss:

1698938 Like fallout, only for nerds. :moustache:

I say for next heart warmings eve someone buys luna one of those "billy the bass" things,
:pinkiesad2: a' don't worry,
:pinkiehappy: be happy!

One can never read to many crack-fics.:rainbowkiss:


Do you SLEEP!? I swear, you're like a 'thing' here in FiMfiction. At this rate you'll probably become a MEME yourself.

1699217 That's my goal. :moustache:


Well... as the saying goes: "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right!":eeyup:

1699238 And I better get my own memebase article.

Ah....a wonder way to end the night, I'm very glad I read this story, it caused me to laugh my ass off...I really enjoyed it:pinkiehappy: Poor Fluttershy, alsways be the butt of someones jokes, that got to be harsh :rainbowlaugh: Ahh.....a great story, I loved it:yay:

1699242 ill try to make you one

Noticed an error,

"Because after our little... incident... there was nopoy left to take care of him." Celestia finished with a sigh, not looking up from the mountain of paperwork that sat in front of her.

1704642 Oh, you. :rainbowkiss:
I'd love that a lot.

:twilightsheepish: Because it's a fish. I absolutely died at that part!

Thank you tf2 and beer


What the Carp?

Get it? Because a Carp is a kind of fish?

I'll leave now.

I reviewed your story tonight you can find it here

Plot twist: The tuna is living inside Philomena's stomach and the feather was because it eviscerated the bird's intestines, which naturally causes conditions such as feather loss, mild discomfort, and organ failiure.

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