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The Grimm Reaper

The Grimm Reaper is the writer of the 'Darkness Duology', 'Immortal', 'They Come at Night... Mostly!' and 'Only Bone Deep'. Among others.


Freed once again from his stone prison, Discord takes on a different approach to getting his revenge; by recanting his past with Celestia and Luna both to the Elements of Harmony.

As Discord tries his best to corrupt the ponies' faith in their seemingly flawless princess and her damaged sister by telling them the whole truth, Discord finds himself second-guessing his position in the rivalry. But what is it that caused Discord to flip the lid in the first place?

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OOOooohhh sound promising, will commence read in a few -:3
-first- ... lol :yay:

Needs more Cthulhu.

Dis' gonna be good.


I like where this going, quite interesting so far.


What's the pronunciation of Mareia? Mare-ia? Ma-rei-a? Mar-mo-set?

Oh crap STORY TIME can't wait to hear it:twilightsmile:

Draco is an awsome name for discord keep up the good work

1686362 It's a play on 'Maria', so it's pronounced 'Mare-ia'

Man nit eyes is a DICK but its getting better and better with each chapter:twilightsmile:

Man night eyes is a DICK but its getting better and better with each chapter:twilightsmile:

HAHAHAHA:rainbowlaugh: oh dear god that was funny and I like the story so far :twilightsmile: keep up the good work and can't wait for the next chapter

*facehooves* Oh dear lord, not another Tyrantlestia fic. And so far it makes EXACTLY AS MUCH SENSE as the rest of them: maintaining current canon without considering how this altered past would ripple down throughout the ages and change everything.

It makes massive changes without considering the implications.

And Celestia never even tries to challenge Discord. Were she truly covering up a dark past, would she so easily cave in? Her feeble attemtps to silence him do nothing but confirm his accusations. It was not what I'd expect from someone who managed to completely cover up multiple lies for over 1,000 years. You'd think she'd come up with something a little bit cleverer than, "Durrrr, you no tell them or I is gets mad at you!"

I personally could come up with far better, and I'm only 36! For instance, why didn't Celestia go with the already accepted notion that Discord is a manipulator and SELF-PROCLAIMED SPIRIT OF CHAOS AND DISHARMONY? All she would have had to say is that it was nothing more than another ploy by Discord to slip into their minds. The Mane 6's experiences with him previously and their long-standing trust in the Princesses (who've never given them a reason to distrust her. Unlike Discord.) would naturally yield to her favor. Discord would have to pull out some VERY convincing evidence. Far more than just his word and some 'images' which he could quite easily falsify with his powers.

Mr reaper you never cease to entertain me. Between this and darkness I'm on the metaphorical edge of my seat. Keep it up!:twilightsmile:

Live long, write fast


1687587 That's not neccessary. Discord is telling them his side of the story. Whether or not they believe it is up to them, but the nagging possibility that it's all true will remain in their minds forever and their trust in Celestia and Luna both will be damaged to a varying degree.


Why are you everywhere? Your on my story, and your on everyone elses. Is there a story you're not one:twilightangry2:


what does that mean?

1689180 He is not on my story. Is that bad?:fluttercry:


It means you are lucky to not have the biggest trolol on fimfiction comment on your story. Congradulations actually:pinkiehappy:

1691091Except he isn't that much of a troll. ILovePortalzor is more of a troll than Regidar. It doesn't help Regi's case though when he still is a bit of a troll. He actually can be helpful from time to time though.

1690408It depends. If your story is about Kurt Cobain(the lead singer of a 90's band called Nirvana if you didn't know), then yes. That is very bad. Otherwise, no. He's just another reader of Fanfiction, with his own tastes. Either that or he hasn't seen your story before. Of course, having posted this, there is a chance he will go to your story just to see it.

Will read later, curse you need for sleep! :fluttershbad:

I love it so far, more please! :pinkiehappy:

Bah! silly Celestia:trollestia:

Celestia's dad is a dick

That was a funny chapter sire!:rainbowlaugh:

This is so very entertaining!!!:rainbowkiss:

When will this be continued?

2058628 when i get some other stories out of the way.

I'm sorry to ask but will this story be updated or is this story on the semi-permanent back-burner?

2479269 I'll update it eventually.

>> The Grim Reaper When are you going to update this story?

Will this story update any any time soon? Just wondering.

4407578 probably not any time soon.

Huh, discord always seemed like more of a weasley to me

Why is this on hiatus?

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