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Rarity can't get anything done when an old question comes back from her days as a blank flank filly, so she searches for her answer.

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Oh hey, I remember this from somewhere. EQD, maybe? Anyway, nice read.


I just finished it today. I may have had you look at in the IRC a while back.

Oh, you know, you're right. That's where it was. Anyway, like I said, great job.

Having had several questions of my own go unanswered for many years, I rather easily identified with poor Rarity. Unfortunately, it's true: if you really want to get to the bottom of something, you're likely to get more than just your hooves dirty.

Gotta say, I've never seen a better use for RainyMood than this. Have a moustache for that :moustache:
And now, have another moustache for writing a great story^^:moustache:


Well, thanks! I do like moustaches.
And I really only put the rain because it was on while I was writing. :scootangel:


A right mess for her, that's for sure.

1891757 Maybe but it still fits really good in there^^ I wonder why I didnt have the idea of turning it on while reading this? Usually my brain is random like that... Oh well^^:twilightsmile:

*Grins and applauds* Very lovely piece, Nice and simple but an excellent narrative thread running through it. Have you considered submitting it to EQD?


Thanks very much. I already did, in fact. I think it was the 1st or 2nd.

Hm. I'm not 100% sold on your Rarity voice.

That being said, I really enjoyed this! It's good! Bravo.

AMAZING. beautiful writing

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Thanks! Also, I really worked to make sure it fit her as well as possible, so I'm not surprised that it didn't mesh all the way.

2006165 It wasn't bad! I write her way too rarified (ha!) and yours was a bit too vernacular. She's kind of somewhere between us, I think. But as narrative voices go it wasn't a bad one at all. I rather enjoyed it.

Congrats on the EqD post. Glad to see this go up, and Pre-reader 63.546 sends his regards.
I actually rather liked Rarity's voice here. It may be a tad below aristocratic, but consider:
-She doesn't speak quite that highbrow in canon, which is obviously an allowance for the target audience, but still...
-The narration does have a fancier feel to it, and since the story is in Rarity's perspective, that reflects on her.
-The interactions are with herself or her closest friends, both scenarios in which she's not trying to impress anyone.
-She's chasing down a childhood quest, which may well have the effect of simplifying her language a bit.


I can accept that.

I get quite an odd, but nice feeling reading this. Remind me of these:
Time off 1
Time off 2
Time off 3
I don't know why though. I think they give me similar feelings.

Congrats on the EqD post, Limey!

A great story hoofs down, simply loved it! :pinkiehappy:

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Well, thanks!

Those comics look awesome, especially the one about Rarity. I may or may not be biased. Still, thanks for sharing that.

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Yeah, I totally, definitely had all of that in mind while writing it. :twilightsheepish:
Well, not consciously. It's one of those great things about being an author: people see things in your work that you didn't even fully realize were there. I know for a fact that I didn't go out thinking about that kind of analysis of her voice in the situation, but I did get the feeling that less uppity narration would feel more natural.

My Teleological Pony?
As always, the simplest-seeming questions are often the most difficult to tackle.

I really enjoyed this; it was nice to see the philosophical side of Rarity for once. You did a good job at keeping her in character :) :raritywink:

This was a great fic. I hate when Rarity is portrayed as vacuous, when she actually seems to be just very particular about her tastes. This perfectionism would actually translate very well into this manner of obsession. I also like how you make her be very "ladylike" in how she goes about doing her things - even while getting soaked.

For being such a short fic, you certainly accomplished a lot here. Congratulations and thanks for the read!

People will always read more into your writing than you intended. One of my favorite instances is Robert Frost's poem "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening." He repeats the last line: "And miles to go before I sleep." People have been extracting meaning from that repetition for a long time. When someone asked him, he said that he couldn't think of anything else.

I quite enjoyed this! The only downside for me was that it ended a bit ubruptly – It was like, Suddenly answer, and /end. Other than that, this was absolutely lovely! I particularly love, love, love your portrayal of Applejack. I think many writers forget that she is indeed a very sensible and loving mare.

hoh, it seems like you're gonna make it up to 1000 views, good for you!:pinkiehappy:

What a sweet story, and a well-drawn Rarity. Thank you for sharing it.

And thank you for the comment.

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