The day started of as a normal day for the Williams family that is until a group of Gods decided to send them to Equestria to be apart of some games. They are separated from each other and they must face many hardships if they want to find each other again.

Part of the Chess Game of the Gods crossover.

(I know I really late to the game)
You don't have to have read any of the other chessverse stories for this to make sense but it wouldn't hurt.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 17 )

Is there ponification?

No none of the characters will turn into ponies

I always did like this universe. I look forward to seeing what you try to add to it with this.

7531124 so do I, but most of the stories I find of this verse are dead :ajsleepy: so this new one gives me some hope :pinkiesad2:

7531222 it is an oldish universe, it's been around awhile. And it was fun!
No matter what the story even if I personally didn't enjoy it, I could see how much fun the author was having writing it.

I'm guessing this takes place in the year 2016.

No this happening during season 3

During Season 3? Well, at least I know it's knew. But that Rhinotuar looks like something out of a Dr.Who show.

It is based on the Judoon from Doctor Who but he doesn't look exactly the same as them

I have a perfect theme for Thor


I made my own Chessverse Story but it's non-canon.


Hey, I'm doing my own Chessverse story.


When is the next chapter gonna be out?

This give me a evil thought.


It's been over a year and I'm wonder when you are making more chapters? Not that I'm impatient.


Do you change the picture on your story?

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