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I like stuff. I dislike other stuff. I frequently dislike stuff other people like, and vice-versa. I'm not a troll; I'm a contrarian. I also write stuff, sometimes. It's not very good.

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Welp, it happened. I wrote some clop. :facehoof: This story was by far the most frustrating thing I have ever written (and I'm including all the junk I had to do in university). I abandoned it twice, but for some reason I couldn't leave it alone.

More chapters are coming soon. I have almost the entire story completed. There are just a few blanks to fill in, and some editing and polishing to be done. Expect the whole thing to be posted by end of Monday.

Comments, corrections, and vitriolic hatred are most welcome.


Instant thumbs up!

Unsure whether to favorite or not... But I really like Shining Armor x Twilight... Hmmm :unsuresweetie:

Intriguing. Have a fave.

>1 view
>11 thumbs up
>Incest concept that has been done many times

:ajbemused: Well at least this incest pairing isn't as overdone as Celestia/Luna.

me gusta
i haven't even read this yet
but wincest
it's so hot in here
imma take off all my clothes
and go expose myself in the streets

1680711 1680729 1680745 1680790 Wincest YEAH! :rainbowwild:

1680759 1680791 Thanks!

1680781 I think the view counter's broke. Yep, this pairing has been done, but I particularly like it. I never claimed to be original.

1680833 It would seem so since it's showing up as over 80 views now. Anyway, I'll now take my leave. Clop ain't exactly my department :rainbowwild:

Thumb up & fav.
And yeah, wincest!

Aaaaand, it took 45 minutes for this story to get more faves, and twice as many dislikes, as all my other stories put together did in all the weeks they've been up.

Oh, FIMFiction, don't ever change... :eeyup:

Wait... is this fucking story in the fucking feature fucking box??? This story??? :twilightoops: You know I wrote other stuff.

Oh, hey, there's a trope for that.

Those eyes... I seriously got scared when cadence saw them... AWESOME JOB!:rainbowkiss:

INB4 FEAT-- oh... um... yea, go you. :pinkiesmile:

Okay, have another chapter. No sex in this one. "Confessions" was actually written first, months ago. I think my writing style was bit different then... I dunno.

I can see that people are downvoting this just because they don't like the subject.

God... As much as I usually want clop, I like the story for this... GOOOOD JOB


Whee! Funny chapter.
Comedy tag?:duck:

Little scared going into this fic, but Im feeling less brain bleach will be needed in this ShiningSparkle fic than was needed in the last one I read.
In THAT one Cadence got the incest ball rolling!:raritydespair: She started it by getting herself dyed to look like Twi and then...:facehoof:

It's sad people downrated this just because of the subject. Probably never even bothered to read it.

How do I know? This is written way too well to be downvoted for anything else. It's entertaining, unique, pulls various small but believable twists and turns, everypony feels real when I read them (that's something that you just don't see often), and the lovey emotional parts are all beautiful but avoid being overly sappy. Hell, even the clop did not feel gratuitously stuffed in.

FFS.... :facehoof:

Congrats on the Featured box, but now I'll never watch A Canterlot Wedding the same way... :fluttershysad:.

1680903 1681212 1681301 Thanks! I aim to please. I'm just usually a very poor shot. I still can't believe that this is the story that got featured.
1681210 I love surprising my readers... too much. It's actually a problem and I need to cut back.
1681265 Totally expected. Also, some people might be genuinely turned off by my writing style. I'm never sure about how well I'm getting my ideas across.
1681313 Well, she is the Princess of Love. Love turns her on, no matter who it involves.
1681488. You mean Vindicated Depravity? I loved that one.

1681504 Thanks for the compliments! But you don't like overly sappy stuff, huh? Fair warning: you might be in for a disappointment when the remaining chapters are up... :unsuresweetie:
1681537 Thanks. BTW, in case it's not clear to anyone, this story is meant to take place shortly after "A Canterlot Wedding". There used to be more stuff in the prologue that explained Twilight's reason for going to visit her brother, but I cut it because it was unmitigated crap.

I sense an incoming threesome.

Honestly that sounds more like a Prrincess of Lust.:trollestia:


There's a trope for anything and everything. I'm gonna say that right here.

What is it with me and my wincest fetish?


What. The. Buck :rainbowhuh: this is a strange story but somehow I'm ok with it

1680770 Kurt is back. Tell a friend...

This is one freaky family. But the writing and the emotions riding this story is wonderfully crafted. FAV'd! :pinkiehappy:

1680952 Sometimes I think this site is full of pony-obsessed perverts.

The rest of the time I know it. :trixieshiftright:

I like this chapter even more than the others. :twilightsmile:

Exactly that story. Judging by this chapter, you lifted a page from it.
The page where Cadence is turned on by it. :raritydespair::twilightoops:

Not gonna lie:ajbemused:... I like this fic:ajsleepy:...but I feel bad for likeing it:applejackconfused::facehoof:
Its taking a.... calmer, less outrageous approach to it than Vindicated Depravity.

too bad that'll never happen in real life.

Edit: Is this seriously your headcanon?

Urm... Yea, when I first commented I was a little over enthusiastic and didn't even compliment you properly.
Clop isn't usually something I read but the stuff I have is very good stuff. That makes me feel strange because I'm 17 and I really didn't expect to enjoy this stuff so much.
But thank you for writing this story. I started off my love of romance stuff (Nothing above teen) with a cracking story and I've kicked off my love of mature rated stuff with another great story.
Well done. You do indeed deserve the thumbs up.

1681591 Really? I mean, really? What kind of a hack do you take me for? Seriously, poor Twilight in a threesome with her own brother and her sister-in-law? That comment is so ridiculous that I won't even dignify it by answering.
1681612 Tom-ay-to, Tom-ah-to. :trollestia:
1681634 Incest is hot. Just sweep the Westermarck Effect under the rug and let the Genetic Sexual Attraction do the job.
1681764 This. Just this.
1681888 A "calmer, less outrageous approach"? Uhh, yeah, about that... you know what, never mind. You'll find out when I get the rest of the story up. You're still stocked up on brain-bleach, right?
1681901 You, um, do realise that the show itself is not "real life", right? It's not like I expect to see an episode with Shining and Twi fucking. And "headcanon" doesn't really apply. This is more of a "what if" that doesn't blatantly go against show canon, and therefore doesn't deserve an AU tag.
1681651 1681722 1681763 1681840 1681899 1681933 Thank you! It's always great to see people enjoy something I wrote. :pinkiehappy:

At least it's not your head canon. If it was, that's messed up.
Also, I was actually meaning Real Life.

I certainly did NOT expect her to be that... cool. Though now, I don't think I'll ever be able to look at any of these three just the same way again.
But still, this was definitely a very good story!

I blame my fondness for incest on my parents' pseudo-incestual relationship. Yup, that seems reasonable and totally doesn't make me look even creepier than I already am. :pinkiecrazy:

Pretty good,loved the conflict Shining's going through,and the ACTUAL love they show for each other. I don't care if a person has incest or fetishes,as long as its in private and consensual, in cool with it.Keep it up

Hey, to each their own, but that was one of the less squicky ones I've seen.

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