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Symmetry is Key. That's what Death the Kid thinks. He'll do anything to make anything in his path aesthetically pleasing. Well. What happens when he wakes up in Equestria, Possibly one of the most asymmetrical lands ever? Not to mention, Kid is usually mellow, How will he react to all of these talking candy colored ponies? Some bound with energy? We''ll just have to read and find out in this hilarious tale of Death The Kid's adventures in Equestria. *Focused on Ponyville*

// Small Language

//Death the Kid is from an Anime/Manga series named "Soul Eater"

****PLEASE READ**** This story is officially cancelled, as I am working on My ZoSan pony story right now. Do not fear though. My writing has gotten LOADS better since I began this story, And I do plan to reboot it in the future. Thank you

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Chapters are shorter than an Australian midget.

Hmm could be interesting, going to read this. I wonder how the universe will be able to handle both Twilights and Kids ocd.

PS:For an example of Twilights ocd at its finest watch lesson zero, and for Kids watch pretty much any episode of soul eater that features him.

1680753 Ha! I know right? Thanks for reading! I'm really going to have a lot of fun writing this. Two of my favorite shows tied together? Yeah. That's how I roll :yay:

1680687 Very Observant. They're meant to be short. I prefer stories with shorter chapters. I believe it makes life easier for the reader. It makes it easier to keep track of which chapter you're on, and where you are. Thanks for reading! :pinkiehappy:

Hrm... It was okay. It's hard for me to judge, though, seeing I have a work-in-progress Soul Eater story already.

1680953 Awesome! I knew there'd be other Soul Eater crossovers. I will be sure to read what you've written so far some time! Thanks for reading :twilightsmile:

Ok, I can deal with the "beginner" level writing, that's something that improves with time, practise, and feedback.
However you are doing 2 things that you really have no good excuse for.
1: Logic. Some aspects of this story make no logical sense. The biggest one is how do the ponies know Kid is a human, or what humans are like, if they keep saying they've never seen one before?
2: Characterization. With Pinkie you got the overall concept right, but are ignoring a lot of her canon historical characterization.
With AJ I have no idea who that is, but it's not her. She's fluctuates between angry redneck and Fluttershy.

Chapters need to be longer.

1680687 while it is an odd comparison he has a point

I've got a good hunch about how they know: LYRA

Kid is not even human. he is the son of death who is not human.

again. kid is not human. he is the son of death

1. who cares?
2. Kid never said he was a human, the ponies are just assuming!

So you're saying that you have to have seen something before to be able to identify it?
So you can't simply have read about them, or seen pictures of them?

The way they are saying "I've never seen a human before" in the context implies they do not know what he is yet somehow know what species he it. They didn't say "are you a human?" Or "you're a human". If they do know what humans are that is not implied by the dialogue.

Actually Pinkie said that MET a human; which implies that she knows what they are, but has not met one.
And Applejack said that she has never laid eyes on one; which just means that she has never seen one, not that she doesn't know what they are.

If that's the case it was presented rather poorly. Oh well.

Um, where are Liz and Patty? I thought they would be with Kid?

This story is very interesting... I like this crossover; good job! :derpytongue2:

Comment posted by Ocelot the Devil deleted Nov 18th, 2015

1837129 Pinkie doesn't know that. He is humaniod, and thus seems human. He didn't tell her anythig, so how would she know he is the son of death. And honestly, he doesn't seem like it at times.

So why isn't Kid travelling with Liz and Patty? Spitting up blood due to the lack of symmetry? And how did he get here? Please answer all these questions and more.

1680753 Best example of Kid OCD? Episode six, in wich the son of deah is defeated by a bad haircut. Now I cannot wait for this story to be back up again, so I can see Kid meet Twi. The symmetry! THE SYMMETRY!!

1680753 Best example of Kid OCD? Episode six, in wich the son of deah is defeated by a bad haircut. Now I cannot wait for this story to be back up again, so I can see Kid meet Twi. The symmetry! THE SYMMETRY!!
4535602 So Kid, enjoying equestria?

When I saw this fic, my first thought was
"I'm gonna love Kid's encounter with Discord."
And then I saw that the fic is cancelled.

Wait, how the fudge does everyone know what a human is?? (sure Kid isn't human but thats beside the point)
I can get Pinkie Pie knowing what humans are, but not Applejack so how does she know what humans are and what they look like?

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