• Published 24th Nov 2012
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Eternal Sunshine of the Spikeless Mind - UtterlyLudicrous

It's easy enough to erase somepony from your mind. Getting them out of your heart is another story.

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Chapter 3

The weather was much nicer in Ponyville than it was in Cloudsdale. Thank Celestia Twilight didn't decide to live up there. Spike wasn't made for cold weather like that. He didn't even know exactly why he had gone. After all, he had ditched his duties as Twilight's assistant that day, and he hadn't done anything really productive. Meeting that Rainbow Dash mare? That wouldn't go anywhere. It didn't matter if he fell in love with her; he fell in love with every mare he saw who graced his presence with a simple hello. After all, Spike was a dragon. Even if he did wind up admitting his love for any mare besides Rarity, they wouldn't want to be with him anyway. Hearts and Hooves Days were just tough days, that's all.. Even if he did feel the same way for most of the year.

From the train depot, Spike developed a sweet tooth and stopped by for a few slices at Sugarcube Corner. He didn't normally go to Sugarcube Corner, but he decided he wanted something sweet. He wasn't sure why, but either way, that cake was delicious. Pinkie Pie really knew her baked goods. Spike wound up staying later than he should've, and found darkness waiting for him when he walked outside Pinkie's house of goodies. He felt a stab of regret; he'd left his own cart at the library today. He called a stallion-cab, and they approached him sleepily.

On his way home, Spike looked up from his writing and noticed a familiar Rainboom Red. It couldn't be... Rainbow Dash? Where could she be going? And why did Spike care? He told himself to keep driving. He didn't want to inconvenience the stallions taking him home any more than he already had by having them pick him up so late at night. He couldn't offer her a ride... He wouldn't. Under no circumstances. He wouldn't let himself say those words..

"Hi. I could, uh.. Give you a ride if you need."

Rainbow Dash looked through the darkness and thought for a second. "Mmm... Yeah! Okay, yeah," she decided as she scurried into the cart and the cab trotted away into the darkness.

As they rode together, Rainbow Dash said curiously, "You're not a stalker, right?"
"No, I'm uh, I'm not a stalker. You're the one that talked to me, remember?"
"That is the oldest trick in the stalker book!"
"Really? There's a stalker book? Where can I get a copy?"

The two shared an unlikely laugh and silence prevailed for awhile, broken only by the sound of the stallions' footsteps against the cobblestone road.

"Look, I'm, uh.. I'm sorry if I came off as kind of a freak," Rainbow Dash said. "I'm really not that crazy. Well, I mean, I'm kinda crazy, but not like, hospital crazy."
"It's okay.. I didn't think you were."

Rainbow Dash smiled thankfully at Spike, and silence resumed.

As they pulled up to Rainbow Dash's house, she said suddenly, "Do you wanna come in? Maybe have some Everfree?" Spike thought about this for awhile. It had been awhile since anypony had offered him a drink. "I have lots of Everfree stocked up from Celestia knows when.. It'd be a shame to let it go to waste."

Spike thought about it for awhile, looking past Rainbow Dash into the darkness. Rainbow Dash said after awhile, "You know, never mind. I'm sorry I asked, you know I'm embarrassed now. Good night, Spike."
"No, no, no, don't be. I'll, uh... Sure, I'll come in for awhile." Spike paid the stallions a few bits and they rode off.

How had Spike gotten into something like this? Here he was, in a strange mare's living space, with whom he was instinctively in love with, sitting on her couch, waiting for her to bring him his first Everfree drink in months. His notebook and pencil were tucked firmly away as Rainbow Dash poured the drinks. He looked around at all of the fancy knick-knacks Rainbow Dash had. He saw a shelf lined with peculiar figurines of Daring Do, obviously made by Rainbow Dash out of little apples. He fixed up his hair for Celestia knows what reason and resumed his spot on the couch as Rainbow Dash brought out the drinks. "Two Blue Ruins," she said with pride. "Drink up, you. There's a loong night ahead of you. Everfree makes the whole seduction part less difficult."

Spike stood stock-still for a few seconds, and Rainbow Dash burst out laughing, saying, "I'm just kidding! Don't even worry. Come on. It's just a little prank. You know me, I'm a prankster!" Spike didn't say anything as she pushed him back onto the couch playfully.

"You know, you don't talk very much, do you?"
"I'm sorry.. I just.. My life can't be that interesting. You know, I wake up, I go to work, I come home. Not really much else to say.. I mean, you should take a look at my journal, it's just... blank. Lots of pages ripped out."
"Really? Why did you rip out your memories? Does that make you sad? Or anxious? I mean, I always like knowing I'm living my life in the moment and making sure I take advantage of every opportunity for competition and always striving to be my best. Right?"

Spike looked at her, a curious look on his face. "I think about that."
"Do you?"
"I do, yeah."

The two shared a laugh as the drinks began to set in. "You know, you're really nice., Celestia, I have to stop saying that!" Rainbow Dash said through her laughs.
"It's okay, you can... You can say that."
"I'm gonna marry you. I know it. It's going to happen."
"Um... Okay."

Rainbow Dash leaned her head on Spike's hard, scaly shoulder. How could any pegasus do that? Not even Rarity would be able to do that. Then again, Rarity wasn't the kind who liked to get dirty.

"Spike, you should come up with me to the Ponyville River sometime. All the pegasi freeze it this time of year."
"That sounds scary."
"Exactly. That's the point. I'll pack a picnic." Rainbow Dash began to run her hoof along Spike's scaly hand, cuddling in closer to him. Spike could feel her body heat warming him up against the cold winter outside. Was this really happening? And was it really all flowing so smoothly? He would have to wake up soon. He was sleeping. There was no other explanation. "Night picnics are different than day picnics, especially if they're on ice. And, we could--"
"Sounds good."

There was a short silence, a blissful silence. Spike's emotions were all over the place. He had just ended it with Rarity, he wasn't prepared for anything like this. Flustered, Spike readjusted himself and said, "I should, uh.. I should go.. Now." He began to get up, but Rainbow Dash grabbed his hand and said definitively, "you should stay."
"No, I.. Really, I.. I have to get up so early and... Lots to do and.. You know..." Rainbow Dash didn't say anything.

Rainbow Dash said as she handed Spike his coat, "Spike, I would like for us to meet again. Would you make that happen? I would like it." "Yes," Spike responded, still flustered from the activities of the day. "Rainbow Dash conjured a pen from her pocket and wrote her name and information on one of Spike's scales.

The two didn't say anything as Spike walked out the door, but as he was calling another stallion-cab, Rainbow Dash poked her head out the window and said, "Hey, Spike! Wish me a happy Hearts and Hooves day when you call! I think that'd be.. Nice."

Spike didn't say anything, but he smiled in spite of himself as he walked towards the stallion-cab. He had no idea how this had happened, but he didn't entirely dislike it.

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