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This is a story about a journey across time, space, and some other strange dimensions that I don't have time to go into right now. It is a story of six... no, wait, eleven... no, it's... it's a story about quite a lot of ponies, let's put it that way. It is a story about those ponies, and the trials they face, the friendships they form, the pumpkins they ignore for no discernible reason. It is a story of betrayal, of hope, and all the cliché things that really good stories are made of. But for now, it is none of that. As far as we are concerned, this is a story about a young filly and her friends, and a game they play together...

Author's Note: Hey everypony! This is my first fic (or at least, the first fic I've ever submitted) so please rate and comment telling me what I could do better!

Just to clarify, this is a MLP / Homestuck crossover. There will be OCs, there will be lazily imported Homestuck mechanics, but hopefully there will also be entertainment to be had.

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hmm, a homestuck crossover. definitely will read, im afraid im tied down at the moment.

Poor RB, wonder if she'll find a way to deal with this new development before the meteor comes.

EVERY time I think this fandom can't make me happier... You can hear my cheers of joy halfway across the country.

Just... just... YES!

First server player and approaching forest fire. Thus further solidifying Fluttershy's role as the Rose of the Mane Six. Minus anything that could tie significantly into Rose's personality.

If 'Shy goes grimdark, I so called it.

#5 · Jan 15th, 2012 · · · Chapter 2 ·

132600 If you call that I call Ranbow knee deep in smuppet ass

So much fucking win I'm a huge homestuck and mlp fan make more flipping chapters now

I'd just like to say thanks, to anyone who's read and/or enjoyed the story so far, anyone who will continue to do so, and anyone who will begin to do so after this message. :heart:

Oh boy. Outside help, like the beta kids got with the trolls and the alpha kids are getting with at least uranianUmbra.

I can only assume that something in the ponies' session goes horribly, catastrophically wrong. Something that directly affects this fractalAbomination in some way. And I'm WAY TOO GODDAMN EXCITED TO SEE IT.

Yay, keep it up!

All I can say after the end of this chapter is...
Well, buck.

Well, bucking hell.

Okay, so I can basically confirm that Twilight and Pinkie are Prospit dreamers. Until proven otherwise, my headcanon is that the other one is Applejack; with Fluttershy, Dash, and Rarity having their dreamselves on Derse. If you WANT to confirm or deny any of what I just said, feel free; otherwise, I'm keeping to my fun little delusions.

Also, I'm gonna assume we just met the pony equivalent of Karkat. Which gets a resounding "YES. FUCK YES. HELL FUCKING YES."

Well, we'll just have to wait and see, won't we?
Which basically means: "you're right, but I don't want to admit to being predictable". :derpytongue2:

Also, to everypony in general, I'm just going to mention this now: while I plan to follow the mechanics of Sburb as closely as possible, the recent comments by UU make it seem like the title system may be getting some more detailed explanation. If so, it may well turn out that some of the titles I may or may not have used go against what is 'legal' in terms of Homestuck canon. I already have titles and such in mind for all the ponies involved. Which means that, while I'll change it to fit if I'm able, there might be some discrepancies between this fic and future information from Homestuck.

I wouldn't normally bother saying that, since it's kind of obvious, but there's already a kind of problem for one of the planned OCs (although it's not a huge issue). So yeah, just thought I'd point that out.


Well, it depends. While the +/- orientation of every non-Thief (-), non-Rogue (+) class is an unknown, whether there are an equal number of + and - classes in each session is also an unknown. As long as you don't have any polysyllabic class or aspect names, I think it'll be fine.

oh dear, the weird time shit commences.

169811 I wouldn't call it being predictable. I think I may just be looking into it to an unholy degree. When your circle of friends dedicates about 20% of its normal conversation to Homestuck (we will find some arbitrary way to link ANYTHING to Homestuck), it stops being a thing that can be helped.

Just a note to point out that I've changed the rating to Teen, because of the language. It shouldn't get much worse than this, probably.
Thanks again for reading!

So. I shall now pick apart what we've learned in Homestuck terms. As always. And if anyone actually READS these, and gives enough of a shit about Homestuck to not want to hear spoilery details from Act 5, back away. Though Act 5's dead and buried now, so that was more formality than concern.

First of all, of COURSE Twi's the Mage. And since it seems Fluttershy's the Hero of Space, her planet's the Land of something and Frogs. I'm gonna guess that Pinkie's the Bard, Rainbow's the Knight, and Rarity, being the other unicorn of the cast, is the Witch. I guess I'd also call AJ the Rogue and Fluttershy the Seer. I have no clue who I'd tack Mind onto, though since Twilight's reading the book, I'm tempted to give that over to her until proven otherwise.

Huh. Mage of Mind and Seer of Space. Got an alliterative ring to it. And it links 'Shy further to Rose if I end up being right again. This ALSO means I think I have a general mental image of what Fluttershy's hypothetical god tier outfit will look like as a Seer, not being human aside. Though I don't WANT to think about that because the thought of Fluttershy having to die saddens me.

I'm going way out on a limb connecting DD to Terezi and MA to... fuck it, maybe Gamzee? But then, I don't even know if the other-session players are fully related on a personal level to the trolls.

And ONCE AGAIN, I reserve the right to be completely wrong about all this shit I've been saying. If I get any of it right, go me, but it's just the Homestuck fanboy in me picking the story completely the hell apart to try and make something of the few pieces I can squeeze out of the puzzle box. You know, the exact same thing Hussie tries to make us do. By the by, you're doing an epic job in that regard.

I'm too big a fan of this story. Can you tell?

If anything, I'm flattered that you enjoy it enough to keep commenting. So thanks for that! :pinkiesmile:
Now, let's see how much of your post I feel like confirming/denying...
Not much, to be honest, since it's fun to read your thoughts on this as you figure parts out.

I will say one thing though, which may or may help to clarify my position on such matters...
Rose and Vriska, the heroes of Light, both have Cetus as their denizen.

That is all.

190212 Oh yeeeeeeeeah! The denizens! They've had such little impact on the course of events in Homestuck that I could notice - thus far, at least - that I barely gave it any thought. But looking at that makes even MORE click together.

Funny. My friend liked to give herself the title of Mage of Time. Strange minds think alike, I guess. That's all I can chalk it up to, because god forbid there are any points of consistent opinion in the Homestuck fandom.

Congrats on making me hope for time shenanigans in the very near future. I could offer you partnership and form a deciphering team, but I think you being the author of the story is an unfair advantage.

*Reads latest Homestuck updates*
"UU: it is very far on the active side of the scale. its more passive coUnterpart woUld be the bard class. both of these are exclUsively designated for male players."
Lousy stupid canon. :fluttershysad:

202925 I was gonna say something, but... yeah, of course you'd pick up on it too.

...Blissfully ignoring it due to the fic saying it before canon fucked it up sounds wonderful to me. Or, the holy power of retcon: the session's SO shot to shit that gender-specific roles are meaningless. I'm not sure you ever truly said or implied the Elements' session was screwed up, but it's a foregone conclusion due to the helping hooves from another session and the fact that it can't be a proper Homestuck crossover if everything goes swimmingly.

Though canon DOES support the ever-enticing idea of Pinkie (because who else is gonna be the freakin' BARD?) being the ultimate deus ex machina, based on the class's description. For every blow Hussie unknowingly delivers to Ponystuck, he's finding ways to nurse it back to health and support it too. UU seems to be a fountain of information about the aspects and classes; if every detail can get wrenched out of her, it can only help this fic.

Speaking of UU: Half the sign of the Signless on her sleeve, and it's candy red. I'm jumping to conclusions here, but... looks like nubby horns don't run in the blood. (ohgodI'minstigatingadiscussionaboutHomestuckcanonwithintheMLPfandomSTOPBEINGSOINCONSOLABLYHAPPY)

I'm too wordy. Am I too wordy?

First thing I saw when looking at the title was: HOMESTUCK?!? Now i'm derp.:pinkiecrazy:have some happy music :3

Hm. I'm a little light on revelatory epiphanies after this chapter. Scares me a little, but I will survive. You made up for it by getting some laughs out of me during Rarity's war with the waking world, though.

Speaking of Rarity... Heart. Has to be, if that's what let Dirk maintain two bodies at once. Oh my god, my friend was on the right track there... she thought it'd either be Heart or Void. So, if I'm right with the class... Witch of Heart. Interesting.

By the way, yes, that does explicitly state that I roped in a pal as another precious reader. And she's part of my little (by little I mean just the two of us) analysis team. You are welcome.

So, NOW I'm thinking... Twilight is the Mage of Time (that's been stated outright, basically), Fluttershy's the Seer of Space, Rarity's the Witch of Heart, Pinkie's the Bard of Doom, Rainbow's the Knight of Breath (she thinks Life), and AJ's the Rogue of Light. This speculation thing is way too fun, and you're way too awesome for enabling it.

213006 Is that a good thing? I'm going to assume it's a good thing, because the song was good. :pinkiesmile:

213028 Now I feel bad for not making a bigger deal out of the class/aspects. Hopefully by the time they all get revealed there'll be something else for you to find interest in. :twilightsmile:
Interestingly, when I was coming up with their titles, Rarity was flipped between being a hero of Heart and a hero of Void many times. But ultimately, PLOT REASONS. So that's interesting (btw, thanks for getting someone else to read).
As for your other predictions, well, we'll just have to wait and see... :derpytongue2:

213184 many times is an understatement! how many times did we go through these darn things, finally agreeing on something only to change it the next day because you'd found some new reason to change it?

Holy shit. I just looked, and according to my screen, you now have 1025 total views. Arc numbers FTW!

Twilight = Mage of Time
Pinkie = ???? (Bard?) of Space
Fluttershy = ????(Maid?) of ???? (Rage?)
Applejack = ????(Page?) of ???? (Life?)
Rainbow Dash = ????(Knight?) of ???? (Breath?)
Rarity = ????(Thief?) of ????(Heart?)

214348 Okay, I can see your logic for some of these. BUT... it's confirmed that the hero of Space is now in the medium, and since Twilight's the hero of TIME, that can't be anyone but Fluttershy. Plus, they flat-out said it with the conversation with MA.

Also, the set classes were Mage, Seer, Bard, Knight, Rogue, and Witch. Three of those already can't work. But hey, we're on the same page with Rainbow, so that's at least something.

Oh god, I'm ripping into factual errors too. I'm way too into both these series.

Well... you certainly know how to make things interesting, I will give you that.

p00r rainb0w dash
i think i might kn0w where this is g0ing 0_0

If the color thing worked, it'll be Aradia's red. And I'll be happy.

EDIT: It didn't. So just the red they provided for me.

Oh god, though. I knew from the start that bad shit would go down and screw with the session - because what's Homestuck without SBURB going completely wrong? - but bad enough that Pinkie has to warn/apologize to everypony else from the future for everything that's happened, and everything yet to come? Something tells me I should expect an absolutely preposterous amount of bodies.

235729 All of the bodies, my friend.
All of them.

In other news, now that the act is over, the focus will shift away from Twilight's session for a little bit.
On the bright side, at least I didn't end the act with a cliff hanger. That would have been mean. :twilightblush:

OK, so I finally managed to get this up.
Shenanigans of all shapes and sizes have made this chapter very stressful.
Hopefully it was worth it. :unsuresweetie:

>The name homelessChicken
>has a horn
... but... but... but... huh?!

263551 :derpyderp1: I don't understand the confusion here.
One of the ponies in this new session that hasn't yet been introduced is a unicorn. Her username is homelessChicken.
Her real name? Well, you'll just have to wait.

I can tell that this is going to be keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. So tense.

263688 No, there's no confusion.
It's just... Until you said she had a horn, I thought it was Scootaloo. That name, is so perfect for her.

So. DD/Destiny and FA/Comet have been named now. SWEET. But we have MA, and now PD and HC, to worry about. PLUS learning what the deal with AW is. This is gonna be as agonizing as waiting for Roxy and Dirk to be named, isn't it? The answer is yes.

One of these other-session ponies is a Thief, I assume? Ooh boy, more title speculation...

That must be so hard on the princesses. I mean, outliving their subjects is already a given, but ALL of them, taken away in unison, leaving them with nothing to rule and nopony to govern... I doubt I'd be able to bear it if I were them.

264231 There's probably going to be about 2 new ponies introduced per chapter, more or less. As for the deal with AW...
Well, not even my beta readers know what the deal with that is. :twilightsheepish:

And yeah, I have a soft spot for immortality related sadfics, so some of the ideas related to those may or may not be present during Princess segments. I will try to keep any actual sads to a minimum, though.

I KNEW god tier would mean conversion into an alicorn. Somehow it just seemed like the obvious conclusion.

So... we've formally met four, seen six, and named seven of these other-session ponies. How many are there? And who are these two other douchebags AW and ES?

Let me guess. the narrator is Equestria's First Guardian? I never questioned it before, but then again, I haven't had First Guardians on the mind lately.

And my plus-one drew god-tier Fluttershy based on our shared assumption that she's the Seer. Though I think now she needs a horn. The only thing keeping her from drawing Twilight like that is us not knowing what canon Mage designs look like, and the only thing keeping her from Pinkie is A. us only THINKING she's a Hero of Doom and B. that FUCKING CODPIECE on the god-tier Bard. Though she said she'd omit the shit out of it...

GOD I love this story. I don't know if you can tell, but I really, really do. Speculating about it is as awesome as reading it. Just like Homestuck itself.

287656 Yeah, the thinking behind god tiers being "alicorns" was related to the logic behind why trolls get wings (quoted from the wiki page): "The physical result of ascension to the God Tiers has ties to the cultural image of perfection and the perception of what godhood should be like for the species in question." Therefore ponies, viewing the princesses as the perfect beings, would become like them upon ascension. Just a point of interest, it was thinking about this that originally got me started on writing Ponystuck in the first place.

I'll tell you that there are exactly 7(+1) ponies in this other session. As for those other douchebags, well, like I said, not even my beta readers know. Only myself, and the narrator, know who they are.

I have two ideas for who the narrator is. One of them makes sense, and one of them is amusing. I'm still not sure which to go for. On the subject of the first guardian, though, it was incredibly tempting to make it Angel.

You're right in your thinking that a god tier Fluttershy would have a horn, at least in the context of this story. I think that outside of the hoods/capes, the outfits will only slightly mimic the human designs. Maybe only covering the front half of the body or something? Either way, I would love to see that god tier drawing in case it's on the internet anywhere.

MD is probably a Bard, since if I'm reading this right, he's about to play havoc with the session's narrative...

Huzzah for being one of the betas, hazzuh for not knowing what's going on!

Also, on an unrelated note, in the next chapter, we are introduced into definitely the most awesome and amazing and bestest and radicalist and super-duperly cooliest pony of them all. It is certainly an unbiased opinion, I do promise you. :scootangel:

Also, on another unrelated note, why is there so many cliffhangers in this story!? It's quite frustrating, and yet also awesome. The story, not the writer. The writer is a bit of dick. :3

Also, on YET another unrelated note, I have to keep my comments on a single note that is all related.

288833 I think you'll find that we've already seen the most awesome and amazing and bestest and radicalist and super-duperly cooliest pony of them all. That was back in chapter 1, remember?

Also, if you have a reply to this, say it on Skype so I don't have to keep deleting your comments.

287721 Guess who read your comment. She's kinda in a BLUH state of mind about tweaking what she's got, but she's given her blessing to let me display THIS.
Congratulations, CTP. Ponystuck has its first fanart. When I told her I did it, her exact words were "All I can feel is keymashings."


Ok... I have to say. That is freaking awesome! *Picks up all the internetz* I do believe these belong to you and your friend, sir! :moustache:

288944 Thanks for that. Now she's actually keymashing me on Skype.

288909 Yes. Hell yes.
That is really awesome. Even if I wasn't just happy about Ponystuck fanart actually being a thing, it looks great, and plus it's God Tier Fluttershy and is therefore the best thing ever.

Now I have to resist the urge to do my own drawings of the ponies at god tier. Got to stay focused!
Well, maybe just a few...

Anyway, before I forget, THANK YOU @ both you and your friend.:heart:

The shit has officially hit the whirling device.

In more exciting news, we have met the most awesome, most radical, most cool OC pony in this fic. The bad news is that her friend's life is in danger. She is also a winged pegasus.

Also, this story currently has a rating of 4 yays.

"gray winged pegasus"

...winged pegasus? What an oxymoron!

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