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Twilight and her friends wake up from a sleepover to find themselves in a strange, unknown place. It's dangerous, with creatures lurking about and attempting to hunt them every chance they get. The ponies' attempts to get home fail, for the only pony that came get them home is the pony who brought them here. Unfortunately, that particular pony appears to be out to kill them with their worst nightmares. How are they going to survive?

This story completely ignores the episode 'Magic Duel'.

Chapters (2)
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Did you write this before the episode aired?! Wasn't Trixie in the first season?! :trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright: :trixieshiftleft:
I choose to be baffled.

EDIT: I was high when I wrote this comment, and forgot there was a new Trixie episode coming up... I thought rosebudthefoal was talking about the first one -_-


I wrote this before her appearance in season 3, which, if I remember correctly, will be this Saturday. I mentioned that in case that episode causes any plotholes in my story.

'Now I will brake you'

So Trixie will have them stop really fast or what? :pinkiehappy:

In the cover image it says 'I will brake you'... Otherwise, interested to read :twilightsmile:

Trixie will brake all the Mane 6.
Except for Rarity, she cannot be stopped.

1693997 I thought that the Trixie EP would be the season finale. But I was mistaken; it indeed will air this saturday.

And then: Scootepisode

1694429 1694645

Of course, silly me, I would do that when I forgot to save a layered version of the coverart :rainbowlaugh: :derpytongue2:


And yes, I can't wait for the Scoots episode!

Why does the cover photo show Trixie as an alicorn? I thought she was only a unicorn.:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

Keep reading, Starbrony, and maybe you'll find out. :pinkiesmile:

1720707 for reasons that shall be explained when I actually get around to continuing this, Trixie is an alicorn in this story.

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