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Give me an eternity, I'll give you an update!


The nefarious supervillain Lex Luthor has escaped to Equestria, and has even found a way to combine Kryptonite and magic to build the ultimate Superman-killing weapon. Before Superman can arrive to meet his maker, however, he realizes he hasn't had anything to eat in a while. And those cakes look awfully delicious...

Little does he know that Equestria has its own solar-powered protector, and she doesn't like it when you steal her dessert...

Chapters (4)
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Well, time to come clean on this one. This really isn't one of my best works, obviously, but it's not really intended to be. This is just me having fun.

Next time, the real battle begins. Will Celestia's magic triumph, or will Luthor bring her low with his scientific genius? Stay tuned to find out!

When no one was looking, Lex Luthor took forty cakes. He took 40 cakes. That's as many as four tens, and represents an NK-class end of the world scenario in which the entire planet, and then the universe, is overrun by cake. And that's terrible.
He took this cake

Hmmm I expected a crackfick, but this is actually pretty good. Totally silly, but good.

Hm... go on. May not be your best, but it shall be hilarious.

Going to read this fairly soon :D should be interesting. Oh, but before I do....

The cake is a lie.
The cake is a lie.
The cake is a lie.
The cake is a lie.
The cake is a lie.


LOL. No, it was all of them. How do you think he got 40 cakes in one fell swoop? Also, that SCP should totally be used to fight world hunger.

HA, and here I was thinking that it would be a good excuse to have Princess Celestia to have the same similarities as Superman in this story, but your one step ahead of me and beat to it. Funny story to have Lex Luthor to steal the cakes as to have Celestia with her cravings for cakes as well. Sort of reminds of King Dedede from Kirby's Dreamland where he stolen all the food that the hero has to find (the fiend:flutterrage:).

Anyhow, can't wait to see more as I can see this potentially as an awesome adventure/comedy for a crossover fanfic. Keep up the good work man:yay:. By the way, funny image for your story

1654795 I did not think you would go through with this, buy thank you! :pinkiehappy:


There's currently 237 of the cakes. 40 is significantly less than all of them.

1657036 I meant all of the 40 cakes. Think about it, he takes 1, according to the rule of doubles in just a couple of hours he's got 4, and a couple hours after that he's got 16. I imagine upon his realization that there are so many he would attempt to eat a few (assuming they're small). Six small cakes later, he has a stomachache, and the rest of them, ten, doubles into 20. He gives up and an hour later he's got 40 cakes.

[edit] Hmm upon rereading your original comment I figured out where I went wrong. I assumed when you wrote "he took this cake" for some reason you meant one of them was that cake.



Seriously, crack fics are fun.


It doesn't take a couple of hours. It's every 24 hours that they double. Basically, once a day.

Still an end of the world scenario if you don't have somebody eat them once a day to stop them from increasing in number.

I normally don't do crossovers but you have captured my sights just by that picture... I will have to read this later.

Destroy my armies -- sure, attack my ponies -- okay, STEAL THE ROYAL CAKE -- This looks like a job for super-celestia....

This is bloody awesome. :rainbowlaugh: I can't wait for the next chapter!

1657789 I knew there was a reference that I was missing. Where's that from?

A bit too loose for me for a non-crackfic. Would've liked to see some more explanations and setup then this. Overall though seems like it'll be fun.

Love the story :)
Why is there a random ad for swords here? lol logic:derpytongue2:

You magnificent bastard, you really did it! :rainbowlaugh:

I can't wait to see what happens next!

I fear that this is just another story that belittles the glorious human species. Sounds interesting so far...


Found something though.

Any word now, news of this attack will spread throughout Canterlot, and our ponies will need guidance.


Yes, I am nitpicking on the crack fic. :rainbowdetermined2:

Luthor should have waited until no one was looking.

He's so boned.

Wow that was hilarious :D
no matter what you write it's simply a masterpiece.
Keep up the awesome work and never forget that your awesome. :heart::raritystarry:

This is the greatest fan fiction to grace the planet. You deserve at least forty cakes.

That profile pic....

And aside from that... the story is very well written with a rip-roaring flow akin to reading a comic book (which is good). Lex Luthor is... well... Lex Luthor as far as I remember him as. Celestia.... is... well... I don't know how you did it, but even with the cake joke, she's still the God Alicorn Superhero (basically) of Equestria. Can't wait for update!

... not all of the desserts were cake there were 40 bakers second place had pudding pops... there are at most 39 cakes.

Also villainous self monologue works to an extent but I'm not so sure...

Hmm... not sure how cracky this is meant to be. You openly admit that this is just you being a bit silly and having fun, but there's no comedy tag and despite the rather ridiculous underlying premise events are being handled rather seriously. I can't quite say I enjoyed this -- yet -- but that's mostly to do with what's here being little more than a prelude of more to come (although the way you describe Celestia's cake fetish was quite entertaining and nearly justifies everything else all by itself). Still, I'll be looking forward to the rest.

Also, I noticed a couple of what appear to be errors...

Somethings the victories were clear-cut, while on occasion the nation had survived by the skin of its teeth.


Very well then...Mr. Luthor, you have assaulted by guards and stolen the hard work of forty bakers.


I still rerember the last time Supes lost his shit...

This story is silly, and needs to continue, if for no other reason than lines such as "Wait...this was about the cake?".

Oh man Luthor is gonna get his butt kicked again.

Oh goodie, an update! I have been so patient! Anyhow nice work on this chapter, I practically lolled with nearly every paragraph, for each one of them have interesting choice of words to describe the situation. Like one of my favorite quotes so far

Fortunately, the combination of her powerful magic and centuries of eating fattening foods had finally paid off, and the sudden jolt was enough to redirect the weapon's path, sending it hurtling off towards the stars

And the scene with Celestia guiding the missile while civilians keeps getting in the way really reminds me of that one scene from the Adam West Batman movie

Anyhow, great update man! Keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

Superman + Celestia? The Sun plus the invincible hero who literally lives off the sun's rays.... WELP You're dead Luthor. It's the rock or the hoof and their both hard places.

Did Celestia manage to escape?


Will Luthor get away with regicide and grand theft pastry?

Now that Supes is here? Eh...50% chance he escapes.

Man, I am bouncing left and right between what kind of Luthor I'm imagining. Mostly I'm thinking of the one from All Star Superman, though Kevin Spacy's take is fun.

A LOT of minor spelling and word choice errors. Really could've used another once over before publishing as it detracts a bit. Other then that though this is wonderfully fun. Love the story you're telling here. Striking all the right dramatic, funny, and bad ass chords repeatedly so nicely. Overall very good work and quite anxious to read more! Thanks for sharing.

Also if you want someone to help you look over stuff before publishing I would volunteer my services. Have done that a lot for other non-MLP fics.

Luthor... that was a really bad idea. I imagine Luna's gonna want some words with you. :pinkiecrazy:

Use the new 52 version of Supes. Please :D

The beam finally struck at its target...the glass mirror Celestia happened to have been levitating directly in front of her


shaking everything within fifty years with a massive tremor

That's a LONG earthquake. :trollestia:

Guess what Lex, there is another one out there.
Superman is in da house. Obligatory dis gun b gud. :moustache:
EDIT: This site needs more stories where Celestia is a total badass.

She paused and turned about fifteen feet away from the monstrosity's body as it tumbled to the ground, shaking everything within fifty years with a massive tremor and spreading all manner of debris about the battlefield.

I'm guessing you meant "yards", but the idea that it could strike the ground so hard as to cause a tremor that lasted for 5 decades is rather amusing. :rainbowlaugh:

Then we find out (rather tragically) that Celetia's mane's green ethereal-ness is diluted kryptonite floating in the air...

2006567 Wouldn't it be a century? Now +/- 50?

A lot of fun so far. I like the way that you're portraying Celestia's poor understading of advan-cedtechnology withot making her seem stuid or helpless. Though I must admit that I think that Celestia may have originally been more willing to negotiate with Luthor. She didn't know how bad he was at the time and she may have gotten something of benefit to her citizens.

Celestia is a badass in this fic, and I love it. :pinkiehappy:

She'd better not be dead, else Luthor's gonna have a legion of BattleMechs storming his door.


Brilliant! Not only is this hilarious, but is actually one of the few times in a pony fanfic Celestia has actually gotten to go and kick arse! And more than that, you're actually making it even fight, which is itself a rarity in fanfiction (and most other fiction, these days!)

Keep up the good work, looking forward to the next chapter!

When I was reading this, Celestia stole my cake. And that is terrible

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