• Published 22nd Nov 2012
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The Ponyteers - RainbowWarrior

The Planeteers find themselves in Equestria and must battle a powerful foe with the Mane 6.

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Return to Canterlot

"But you were gone all day yesterday, Twilight!" Spike complained.

"I'm sorry, but Princess Celestia needs to be informed of this. And she's expecting for the eleven of us to come back today." Spike just pouted.

"Tell you what. I'll tell Rarity that you are going spend all day tomorrow with her in her Boutique. Happy?"

"Definitely!" said Spike, who couldn't resist being around his crush.

"Good. We will be back before this evening." Gi said.

"Alright, bye Twilight." said Spike as she and Gi walked out the door.

"So you like books, don't you?" Twilight asked the hydrokinetic.

"Of course, Twilight. Education is something I hold in high regard."

"I also noticed you picked up basic levitation pretty fast, too."

"Yes. I am also what you may call a "fast learner"".

"I guess it's also your mind is focused and developed enough to learn it overnight. It took me days to do that."

"But you are the Element of Magic. Did you not say you were skilled in all kinds of it?"

"First of all, i was just a filly when I started. Other ponies of my age would've taken months to learn telekinesis. And I thought I didn't have it in me."

"What do you mean?" asked Gi.

"I applied to be in Princess Celestia's school when I was very young. My entrance exam was to hatch a dragon egg. I was about to fail until a distant explosion somehow unlocked all my magic potential. The egg not only hatched, but I magically aged it into a full grown dragon. Princess Celestia was so impressed she made me her protege. That's also how I got my cutie mark." as she pointed to the six-pointed star on her rear leg. "And that dragon I hatched was Spike."

"That's quite a story."

"It gets better." Twilight continued. "My friends only met eachother about two years ago, but we all got our cutie marks at the same time."

"How is that possible?" Gi asked.

"That distant explosion? That was the ultimate aerial move performed by Rainbow Dash. It's called the Sonic Rainboom. The consequences led to my best friends getting their cutie marks as well."

"That is quite something." she said. "What are the odds?"

"INCOMING!" yelled a voice above her. It was a familiar turquoise pegasus that was careening through the air, right at the two unicorns. He tried flapping his wings to control his reckless flight, but couldn't slow down. It seemed he would crash right into the two unicorns as he closed his eyes, braced for impact. That was until he felt his body freeze in midair. When Wheeler opened his eyes, he saw Twilight and Gi with their horns aglow, Twilight's in a maroon color and Gi's in a fuchsia.

"Nice one, Gi." whispered Twilight.

"Having fun up there?" Gi asked Wheeler.

"Da." said Linka, who came up behind him with Rainbow Dash. "Ve are liking zees bodies. Ze are quite agile."

"Keep listening to me and they'll be flying like me. Well, not as good as me, but alright." added Rainbow Dash.

"Look who showed up. It's 'bout time y'all got here." said Applejack who appeared from walking around the platform.

"Oh there you are, Applejack." said Twilight. "Have you seen Rarity or Fluttershy or Kwame around anywhere?"

"We are right here." said Ma-Ti as he popped around the corner. "And Kwame's got something to show you and the Princess when we get there."

"Oh yeah? What is it?" asked Rainbow.

The young Planeteer frowned "Just what we're afraid of."

"Yeah, Kwame borrowed one of my large jam jars and filled it with that black goop from yesterday." Applejack followed up. As she said so, Kwame pulled a a clear glass jar, but filled with the onyx-hued, near gelatinous sludge.

"Ewwwwwwww!" said Rarity, disgusted at its oozy texture and structure. "That must be the very essence of dirtiness!"

Kwame chuckled. "Just be glad that you didn't have to smell it."


One train ride and a stroll through Canterlot later, The eleven elements were in Celestia's throne room, ornate with a tall golden chair and stained-glass windows of Twilight's previous adventures and triumphs. The Princess of the Sun was already seated, and Twilight reiterated about the attack.

"Are you alright, Twilight? You ended up unharmed after the battle?" Celestia asked.

"I'm perfectly fine. And none of my friends, or the Planeteers suffered any damage either."

"That's good to hear. And Kwame," Celestia mentioned to the midnight blue earth pony: "You had something to show me?"

"Yes, Princess." he replied as he pulled out the mason jar filled with crude oil. "I think I can safely assume you ponies have mined for minerals, like gold, diamonds, or even coal."

"Don't get me started." said Rarity, now thinking about gems, and how Kwame would look with an emerald-studded morning-coat. Fortunately, her comment didn't break is resolute concentration. Celestia just nodded.

"But have you ever come across this substance before?" he asked the Princess, holding out the jar in front of her.

Celestia looked at it for a moment and swirled its contents with her magic. "No, Kwame, I haven't. I have never seen this material, or heard a description of it by the mining guilds. What is it?"

"Oil. Crude Oil." he said with dejection.

The Princess was confused. "You mean what you put on a salad to flavor it? Or to prepare a pan for cooking?"

"Not so. On Earth, this is an abundant yet harmful fuel source. We already mentioned this to Twilight and her friends about our duty to planet Earth, but I think you see first hand its effects. Wheeler? Care to demonstrate?"

"You mean it?" He asked in a skeptical look. "Is it really safe for me to ignite a combustible, possibly explosive compound known to kill hundreds of species of fauna within 8 feet of the very autocrat of a nation of equines?"

Everyone, especially Wheeler's friends just looked at him. "Who are you, and what have you done with Wheeler?" asked Gi.

Wheeler sighed irritably. "One of you just put a hole in the ceiling and some magic barrier or something please?" being careful not to raise his voice.

Celestia's horn glowed as she made the ceiling of the throne room transparent and intangible. Meanwhile, Twilight and every pony else stood back as she conjured a lavender magic shield. She also made a hole in the center that would been wide enough for the fire pegasus to cast his power on.

"Here goes nothing. FIRE!" he yelled as a scarlet ray of concentrated elemental fire shot out of his silver bracelet. The instant it struck the jar, the oil inside it burst into flames as a massive fireball shot out of the top. It stretched for nearly 40 feet up and out, grazing the walls of Twilight's shield. Then it wafted into a thick black smoke that seemed to blot out the sun as it went up and phased through the now-intangible ceiling. After the smoke cleared back on the ground, there was only small bits of broken, hot glass that surrounded a large scorch mark on the throne room floor. All the ponies started coughing from the bits of smoke that got over the shield as it dissipated.

"And that's just the beginning what oil can do." said Kwame.

"And you fought this?" asked Celestia, caring for her subjects' safety. "It's a miracle of Faust that you didn't suffer medical burns."

"Except zat conflagration did not happen." Linka said. Twilight and Wheeler handled the actual counter-attacks of zese.......blastings, but zey just gibbed into more of ze oil you saw. Zere vas no combustion."

"I have no explanation for this." Celestia said solemnly. "I have been around for centuries and know quite a bit of the Everfree Forest, but I have never seen creatures like you fought, or this oil material. But I'm glad all of you managed to defeat it without getting yourselves or anypony in Ponyville hurt."

Wheeler looked down at his ring. For years, he and his friends regarded his fire powers were the most offensive and weaponized, rather than a supportive tool. He could summon fire, waves of heat, lightning, and block nuclear radiation, but it was never this useful until he arrived in Equestria. "Rev up that mirror, Princess. We're gonna need to talk to Gaia again."


20 minutes later, thirteen ponies had gathered inside Celestia's scrying chamber.

"HEART!" exclaimed Ma-Ti as his ring absorbed the the Princess' magic and re-directed it into the glass messaging portal.

"Planeteers?" asked the calming human voice that emanated from the mirror as the image of the tanned, silk-robed woman appeared.

"Yes, Gaia. It is us." said Kwame. "I know we just spoke a day ago, but we got attacked."

"By whom?" asked Gaia, alarmed that someone would try to harm her protectors within 3 days of their arrival.

"I would not say whom, but what." said Gi. "They came by the dozens. They were black and shaped like giant lizards. They were these constructs made of petroleum oil."

"How can this be?" Gaia asked. "Where did they come from?"

"I am not sure." Gi continued. "But not even Princess Celestia knew of these creatures."

"There's more." Wheeler spoke up. "We managed to beat them. Us, and Dash and Twi and AJ, and Captain Planet, too."

"Captain Planet? But you're not on Earth anymore; and he can form?"

"Yeah! He's a pony like us, but he got summoned and all his powers work an' everything!"

"Ahhh." Gaia sighed in relief. "Your great ally can be summoned for emergencies like these. And I trust that you cleaned up the damage like you do on Earth?"

"Not just cleaned up, but cleaned out!" Wheeler boasted. Gaia was puzzled.

"I think what Wheeler means...." Ma-Ti said this time "....is that our powers are stronger here. We are actually able to hold out oil-enemies off for a while with our powers. We only summoned Captain Planet after things got very bad."

Wheeler remembered the fight "Yeah, Gaia? Can I please use my powers here fo' once? You never let me burn or explode anything, and now we actually get to fight!"

"Hmmmmmmmm......" Gaia thought. She knew the American's powers of fire were the most destructive of the five, and they tended to cause damage to her forests and wildlife. She also knew that fire would be the least useful in healing the Earth.

"Did you say they were made of oil?" Gaia asked. She had to be sure.

"Da." Linka said. "Eet ees just like ze like oil from Earth that you drill for, and the same that hurts the planet.But vithout Wheeler's powers, ze monsters may have reached a civilian settlement."

"I'm starting to lose sync!" Luna exclaimed as her horn's aura started to flash out.

"Then.........yes. Planeteers, I have a new mission for you. If anything comes to hurt the ponies or the nature of Equestria, then I give you carte blanche to fight it."

"Carte Blanche?" Wheeler asked.

"Ughhhh. Americans." Gi sighed. "It means she's letting us use our powers however we want to beat any new monsters if they strike again."

"Kickass!" Wheeler exclaimed.

"I can't hold it!" Luna said in desparation.

"Good-bye, Planeteers. Goodbye, Celestia. And good luck to you all." said Gaia as she waved. At that moment, Luna released her hold, and her horn faded. Ma-Ti's ring stopped glowing as Celestia rushed to her dear sister, and Gaia faded away.

"Luna, return to your chambers. You need your rest." Celestia told her. Luna, tired from the advanced scrying magics walked out of the room to go upstairs.

"Hey...." said Twilight. "How come Luna peters out in such a short time?"

"Well, scrying takes up a lot of magical energy; and even more when you're trying to observe across dimensions. I even planned for you to start next year. But I've been practicing it for millenia. Luna, being trapped on the moon for a thousand years, has not."

"I suppose that makes sense." Twilight said.

Celestia turned to the five elementalists. "I also have several questions for you Planeteers. You mentioned some Captain as your leader?"

Kwame spoke "Celestia, we explained most of this already to Twilight and her friends. But you have the right to know as well. Essentially, humans were a clever species. They built technologies that made living easier as the population exploded. But their means of production cut down a lot of our natural resources and left nothing but trash and wastes in its path. Gaia awoke from this pollution and summoned us to save the world with her powers and Captain Planet. "

"And who is this Captain Planet?" asked Celestia.

"Our ace in the hole." said Wheeler. "When a job gets too tough for us, or when the time is right, we combine our ring powers to summon a powerful superhero: Captain Planet. He always ends up finishing off the polluters in our missions. He also has a horn and wings in the world. Like you!"

"Can I see him?" Celestia asked.

"I don't think he can fit in this room, never mind summoning him." said Gi. "And I think he is bigger than you are, Princess." Celestia just looked up. The scrying chamber was small, and her horn was less than a foot away from touching the ceiling.

"Good point. And you told me he can be combined here despite not being on his home planet?"

"We do not know why that is." Ma-Ti added. "Once me and Wheeler were trapped in a rocket in space over Earth, but when the five of us attempted a summon, he combined all wrong and messed up his abilities."

"A rocket?" asked Pinkie Pie?

"It's a long story." Ma-Ti answered.

"I was just wondering something." said Rarity. "You try to make your cause sound noble but you destroy places of business and demand humans revert to a more primitive state?" Rarity shuddered at the thought of a sentient species living in dirt and without class.

"We're not eco-terrorists, Rare. We're Planeteers!" said Wheeler.

"What's the difference?" she replied.

"The difference bein' one's a job and the other's mental sickness!" the pyromancer said in disgust.

"Anyway, " Kwame restarted the conversation before Wheeler and Rarity could derail. ".....Not everyone is in favor of letting the factories and automobiles pollute while the owners got rich. We did gain allies and contacts from our adventures that helped us in our missions and led to beneficial developments. But we also gained enemies. We fought the same ones at least once a week for several years now. They all either wanted to ruin or beautiful planet in the pursuit of wealth, or worse: just because they felt like it."

"Felt like it?" asked Twilight.

"Some humans aren't looking for anything logical like money. They can't be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with. Some people just want to watch the world burn. Granted, money does play a big role in it all, but eventually, we got foes that just want to wreck our environment for their amusement."

"And by humans we really mean a mutant rat and a chick with a nasty facial scar; but that's another story." Wheeler mentioned.

"Another thing......" Ma-Ti said. "We got lucky that we got sent here in between missions. Our enemies, the Eco-villians could be scheming a plot to burn down rain forests as we speak!"


Meanwhile, on Earth......................

On the penthouse of a tall building in New York City, 4 men gathered around a circular green velvet table. On one curve stood a thin man in a green suit and long, brown hair tied back in a ponytail. Next to his elbows were stacks and stacks of small plastic chips, a folded-up Hawaiian shirt, and a golden watch. To his left was an obese man with a olive green shirt and tie, a crew cut, and his face looked like a pig's. He had a few stacks of chips, but not as much as the first man. To his left was a small man-that really looked like a giant, mutated rat. He wore black robes and a scarlet red veil that barely covered his snout-like nose. He had a couple of short-stacked chips. Finally there was a hulking man that was at least seven feet tall and seemed to weigh at least 350 pounds. He was bald and was covered in some sort of skin that resembled yellow cake Uranium all over his body.

"Isn't this nice?" asked the green-suited man. "we should forget those dumb kids and get together more often."

"Hrm." muffled the rat-man as he held up his cards. "And I thought the scarf would give me an edge. I fold." he said putting them down.

"Speaking of the scarf", said the thin green man across from him. "Might I recommend a new wardrobe? You look like an Arab terrorist with that garb."

"I AM a terrorist, Looten." said the small man. "But I'm no Arab. Hell, I'm Jewish!"

"That explains the nose." whispered the giant to Looten.

"What was that?" asked the small robed man.


"Let's continue." said Looten. Three cards were placed down: a two of hearts, a seven of spades and a two of clubs.

The other three men each placed a handful chips in the pot.

The next card was flipped over: a jack of clubs.

"Fold." said the fat man. "I knew we should've invited Babs."

"Aw, Greedly. You're just sore 'cause I'm about to win back my earnings." said the yellow giant.

The two remaining men each put a few more chips in the pot.

The river card was now flipped over: a four of clubs.

"All in." said the big yellow man as he pushed all his chips into the center of the table.

"Are you sure you want to do that? You can fold right now." replied the green-suited man.

The yellow hulk turned over his cards for his opponents to see: A queen of clubs and a six of clubs

"A flush! Beat that, Looten!" he cheered proudly. But as he leaned forward to grab the chips in the pot, his smile faded. His jaw suddenly dropped as he glanced at Looten Plunder's cards: A seven of diamonds and a seven of hearts!

"Full house, Dukey." Looten then took all his chips with a smug grin on his face.

"GOD DAMMIT! I HATE YOU!" He yelled as he repeatedly banged his head against the table. Looten, Greedly, and Skumm just laughed at his misery.


"The point ees is zat ve must return to Earth. Ve are needed zere." said Linka.

"And all of us will do our part do send you home." said Twilight.

"We'll be there for ya. And we'll stick together." said the loyal Rainbow Dash.

"And if those butt-ugly oil creeps come back, you know who to call." added Wheeler.

"Ghostbusters?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"Good luck My Little Ponies." said Celestia as the eleven elements walked out the door, back to Ponyville. For tomorrow, they would officially get used to life in Equestria. They could be here a while.

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why does no one comment? (not being an attention whore)

I dunno. This story is good though.

That part where you have the eco-villains just hanging out playing cards was funny.

I had to do something.
If the Planeteers end up being gone for weeks, you'd think they'd do something like recreate Chernobyl for the fun of it in their absence.

1967959 I love this chapter a lot and the planetters can't wait for u to upload more chapters to this story I'll b waiting my friend

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