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I have no clue why I wrote this. Was it because I was stressed? Was it because of some liquid influence? Or was it because I longed to write another troll fic after months of working on serious stories and some real comedies.

Probably the latter one.

Don't worry, this isn't a running theme. these stories must exist every once in a while. Especially when I write 3/4 of a story in 45 minutes. Then I gotta sit through and finish it. Maybe get a laugh or two out of it.

I've seen way too many stories with this premise already. And the new episode came out like 2 days ago. It's scary.
Have fun.:moustache:

EDITED BY THE TOTALLY AWESOME RainbowBob. Thanks a ton man!

Thanks for letting me pre-read this. Again. Now leave me alone and take my thumb.

I see you've unleashed the hounds on another one of your stories. Great as always! :yay:

1639948 Not your best. I like Tugging at Her Heartstrings much much better. But it's a troll fic like your old stuff. So it fits.

Thanks you for the honor of prereading this story! Surprisingly enough I'm pretty sure this is the first Pinkie clone story, although I may be wrong there.

1640117 I gotta say, thanks a ton for fixing this story up AND for giving me the better title. Can't wait to see how much people hated this thing in the morning :derpytongue2: But you did a great job editing and helped me quite a bit here. And you like my stories. WHOA. If I ever have any stories in need of fixing up, could I ask you in the future? :moustache:

Sure thing boss! Always glad to help fix a story of yours! :pinkiehappy:

1640807 go have sex with your crowbar

Well I've seen lots of people touch on the idea that the Pinkie Pie left may not have been the real one, but this is just pathetic it's what G1 Galvatron would call "Bad Comedy" :facehoof:

Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing when that episode wrapped up. A part of me always wondered why they chose to do it that way, honestly, it's a really disturbing thought because that Pinkie is around for the rest of time... kinda scary.

1640873 For once I agree with him, so do us all a favor Galvatron and blast this fanfic into oblivion so we can forget this ever existed. :eeyup:

Maximum derp has been achieved.. :derpyderp2:

Actually, I was being sarcastic, but whatever. I liked it! :pinkiehappy:

1640905 Sadly I didn't. And Celestia will no doubt be happy to send Twilight back to magic kindergarten for making such an obvious mistake. :trollestia:

As soon as i saw the new episode i was like:

The fictions saying the wrong pinkie was chosen, I can hear the typing now. :facehoof:

1640931 Well it's an obvious troll fic. I don't like it either. I just had to see if I could write a full length story in an hour and a half based on this shitty premise I've been seeing popping up on the front page every few minutes. Needless to say I did it. :moustache:

But God am I not proud of the incoherent sack of crap that sits on my user page as my "latest story." :facehoof:

It says that we have exactly 2 hours from when the spell is cast to undue it!


People often confuse me for an enormous talking ass, so I can definitely sympathize with Dash.


1644089 Well, the ORIGINAL ending had them all screwing. For America. But I never wrote a story rated "Everyone" so I had to keep with the nothing sexual at all thing. LAME. :moustache:
1643874 "enormous talking ass." I laughed when i noticed the picture. And thanks for pointing that out, mate

why is this on hiatus?, shouldnt it be completed?

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