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I like this. I really like this. You answered one of the questions that popped up to me in the show -
"Is that really Pinkie Pie?"
Well done. Have a moustache, a favourite and a like.:moustache:

I liked it, but was confused by the ending.:rainbowhuh:

:pinkiegasp: Soo... My mind was blown after the episode. Now it's even more confusing.

I think you may have forgotten to mark this completed.

Also, I'm starting to think that the Pinkie clones were based off of Season 1 Pinkie...


Okay then.

The mirror pond raises all sorts of conundrums about mortality, like did Twilight just commit mass murder,? Why didn't Twilight just ask them something only Pinkie Prime would know, and instead played a game with a dangerously high margin of error? Did Twilight actually zap Pinkie Prime, leaving an impostor the victor of her deadly game? Is the reason Twilight suggested such a game because of the corruption the dark magic had on her?

But yeah, good story, although the Mirrored Pinkies were extremely weird. And that ending pretty much sums up the second half of the episode.

1637306 That gif is so funny, looks like someone's been a bad kitty. :rainbowlaugh:

1637354 Explain what you mean by Season 1 Pinkie. :trixieshiftright:

I myself thought that the Pinkie Pie that was so glum while all the other Pinkie Pie's who pretty much were like "Buck you! I do what I want!" had to be the real one. I mean think about it when did you last see Pinkie Pie so upset, when she thought her friends didn't like her anymore. I mean come on it's not rocket science, it pretty much boils down to "One of these things is not like the other." :facehoof:

Yeah, there's that obvious logic, but as my English teacher sometimes says about stupid plot incidents, "we wouldn't have much of a story without it."

As for the Season 1 Pinkies, she was really hyper compared to S2 and 3. Seriously, Pinkie really toned down her hopping around (I think) for example.


I don't think any of the others heard the Pinkie Clones make a mistake in their names so they didn't realize that the Pinkie clones didn't have all of Pinkie's knowledge.

1637637 Still they could have tried to think of something only the REAL Pinkie Pie would know instead of pulling a Batman Gambit which boils down to "The real Pinkie Pie will keep watching no matter what because she won't want to be sent back." Oh well I guess sometimes the mane six don't always think that the first answer to a problem isn't always the best way. :eeyup:

*This is just my opinion is might not be true I think all the clone Pinkies are so hyper and want to have fun because when Pinkie Pie made the first clone she wanted to have fun, so that makes the clone mirror her emotions and also want to have fun. OK, so then when the clone and Pinkie Pie made two more clones they still mirrored the want to have fun. Then the clones went and made a bunch more clones who keep the need to have fun because the clones who made those clones wanted to have fun. Get what I'm saying here? :pinkiehappy:

1637637 Fluttershy did, but whether or not she would put two and two together is another thing entirely.

The right answer to the "how do we find the real Pinkie" conundrum is based on statistics, something Twilight should be adept at. Form a list of several questions and interrogate each Pinkie separately. The real Pinkie will be able to answer them, and even if some of the other Pinkies get a few right, it's a simple task to compute the exact confidence of each Pinkie being real or not. Let's say that a given clone has a 10% chance of answering each question correctly, and that the real Pinkie has a 90% chance (which is actually pretty low, but we're being extra safe here). Assume that an initial "pass" is answering at least 4 out of 10 questions correctly.

Then, the fake Pinkies will fail the test 98.7% of the time, while the real Pinkie would only fail 0.0009%. The failure rate is even lower when you consider that the only way they could make the mistake if the real Pinkie fails is if at least one of the fakes passes. Let's assume since there was 1+1+2+3+6 = 13 Pinkies (according to the Mirror Pool scene, that was the maximum number based on how many times the clones used the pool). The probability of at least one fake passing is about 14%, so the likelihood that the real Pinkie could have any chance of being sent back is, literally, one in a million.

If any fakes do pass, repeat the whole thing with 10 additional questions. And voilà, you have the real Pinkie.


That's actually really clever. I never thought of it like that. The only problem I can even think to come up is that to Twilight and the others, all the Pinkies were the same. And they would probably assume that anything that Pinkie knew, the clones also knew. Of course, this wasn't true. The Pinkie clones had fun on their minds all the time because they all were cloned from Pinkies who were thinking of fun at the time (at least according to my headcanon).

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