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I wrote some stories for you. I hope you enjoy them.


Act 1: All Scootaloo wanted was to fly. She imagined herself as a stunt flyer, powerful and daring.

This is the story of how she chased that dream, and of how her friends and mentors helped her along the way.

| Note: This is a "tragedy" in the classical sense--it starts nice, then steadily builds conflict, and the climax is at the very end. Each act will be released as a chapter.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 7 )

Oh Scootaloo, why do you always seem to get the tragic/sad stories?

This is very well written, I can really place myself in Scoot's hooves. The only think that threw me out of it was you actually writing [Break]. It's not something you have to change, it just threw me off kilter for a second. I will be waiting for more. :scootangel:

keep going keep going id like to see where this goes :rainbowdetermined2:

You have captured my interest, and I look forward to the second act.

Dang. That said...

DISCIPLINE, Tactical- jes' because you are writin' for the hot-fic sidebar and gettin' shoutouts from Seattle's Angels doesn't mean you shouldn't have discipline. :ajbemused:

Her name's Cheerilee. If you wanna write fics about her cherri-lee you wouldn't be the first (and I'd prob'ly read them with great interest) but just as I went through my own fics once and changed a mess of 'BonBon's and 'Bon-Bon's to Bon Bons, you have some revising to do...


whoa for real?

Wow, I've never had it right this whole time. Though I feel like Apple Bloom has pronounced it that way at least once.

And you're lucky I settled on Apple Bloom instead of being tempted to write Applebloom.


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