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A moment shared between you and Nightmare moon in the bedroom.

Originally i planned for this to be much longer and more enticing, but i just seem to lose all will on every writing project.

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Comments ( 12 )

Sounds pretty promising. will read later.
and ha first comment XD

And you didn't even tell me?

For shame.

It was supposed to be around 2.5 to 3k long one shot, but i just lost the will to finish it. So i wrapped it up neatly and left it at that.

1802331 your such an evil pony... just leaving us drooling in an never going on cliffhanger... so so evil...

bummer its cancelled.........the start was interesting enough to warrant more chapters but oh well....
lol the mental image of nightmare in the pony equivalent of a nightgown has given me the most devious grin right now

please:fluttercry:MOAR!!:flutterrage:this is to good to be left unfinished:pinkiesad2:please and its very very good:twilightsmile::eeyup::yay::raritywink:

I just read this and cried when i saw it was cancelled, u monster, leaving us loving it then canceling it the next...u make fluttershy cry :fluttercry:

I will eat thy soul :twilightangry2::pinkiecrazy:

I feel like it is "I will eat thine soul"

5405507 oh really well shit um huh i....uh right.

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