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Just your average writer. 14, freshman, and about two months being a brony. I absolutely HATE shipping, excluding the occasional Fluttermac or OC.


Vinyl Scratch, or DJ PON-3 as she's known on stage, likes to sit back and enjoy her music through her Epod. Time always seems to flow during her little relaxation moments.

A little one-shot I did half-assed while bored.

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Alright, five Internet points to the first person who can correctly name the first song and its artist. (Regidar, I swear to f:yay:ing God I will delete your comment if you give it away. You have an unfair advantage, bro, so you automatically get five Internet points anyway).

I would rather subtract a hundred million internet points to anyone who doesn't know what that's from. :pinkiecrazy:

Very cute story. I liked the flow of it. My only (constructive) criticism would be an occasional mismatch of past and present tense. "Now was a time for relaxing." past tense. "I kick back in the old recliner ..." present tense, "I closed my eyes behind my shades and allowed my music to overcome me." past. I do this a lot when I try to write present tense because I'm not used to it. :rainbowkiss:

1650848 Ah, thanks! I'll go fix that now! And yes, minus 100 IP to anyone who doesn't know it.

1651489 Here we are now, entertain us.:rainbowdetermined2::coolphoto:

1651553 Oh, Regidar. This site loves you and your Nirvana fanboyism:rainbowlaugh:

1651742 I've inspired many. :rainbowkiss:

1651750 True. Honestly, you were 90% of the reason I wanted to put Nirvana in. The other 10 was my own fanism.

1651784 It's what you get for being one of the largest commenters.

I do the exact same thing with Piano man that Viynl does....

I dunno what's the story with all the downvotes I think this is a perfect little piece. *shrugs* no accounting for taste.

2418070 Long story; all of my stories have 18 down-votes because of some parasprite who I got into a huge argument with. I told Poultron but he didn't do anything about them.

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