• Published 19th Nov 2012
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If Only They Knew - StormHoof32

Dash is crushing on spitfire, and spitfire is crushing on dash, but do either of them know it?

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A Perfect Night

Chapter 3: A Perfect Night

Author’s Note: Hello, everypony!! My name is Schizoid Nightfall (obviously not my real name), and StormHoof32 gave me the honor of composing this chapter ☺ Needless to say, I’m a huge SpitDash fan (along with just about anything involving Rainbow Dash), so I jumped on the opportunity to help out a fellow writer. Definitely a different writing style from Storm's, so I hope you enjoy this little nugget of me!!!

I love you.

So simple are the words, yet the effect they can have when finally spoken has none. Suddenly, the world is not holding one down: this feeling is. Hearing them for the first time from somepony you are in love with carries the feeling of breaking the surface of an ocean and breathing deeply for the first time in years. In short, it is indescribable.

It was this feeling that dominated Rainbow Dash’s mind as Spitfire stood in front of her. There were no words to adequately describe how she felt, although it could possibly be condensed into a novel. All the cyan mare wanted to do was stare into those beautiful eyes—those perfect orange eyes—forever. She felt a smile growing in her heart.

She loves me. She really loves me!! The thought alone was enough to make Rainbow Dash want to jump into the air, and might have done so if Spitfire’s voice hadn’t snapped her back to reality.

“Uh, Rainbow? Are you going to—” The Wonderbolt was interrupted by a blue hoof covering her mouth. The two exchanged silent words for a few seconds before Rainbow Dash replaced her raised hoof with a kiss.

It seemed to last for several minutes instead of only a few seconds. Spitfire found the answer she was seeking in the passion of the moment, and leaned in to return that emotion. Too soon, the kiss ended and they once again stared into each other’s eyes.

“I love you too, Spitfire,” Rainbow Dash said, her voice cracking on the last word.

That is too adorable. Spitfire had always loved when the cyan pegasus’ voice did that. She let out a chuckle, which put a smirk on Rainbow’s face.

“Oh, so my voice is funny, huh?”

“It’s adorable, actually. I love how it cracks sometimes. Makes you seem younger, I guess. By the way, Dash: that’s a lovely shade of red on you!”

Alright, now she was starting to look annoyed. Maybe the teasing was a bit much. Spitfire decided to try calming the daredevil down.

“Hey, relax. I’m complimenting you.”

“He-heh. Thanks.” If red could get any redder…

“So,” said Spitfire awkwardly. “Where do we go from here?”

That seemed to catch Rainbow Dash off-guard.

“Um, I don’t know. I mean, we’ve kissed, so doesn’t that make us, like, marefriends now?”

Marefriend. That word made Spitfire’s heart leap into overdrive. She hadn’t had one in years; the prospect of holding a relationship as an active Wonderbolt was daunting, but doing so with not only another mare, but a prospective future Wonderbolt, seemed impossible.

Still, the way Dash looked at her was intoxicating. Those gorgeous eyes, that perfect laugh…everything about the blue mare was beautiful in every way. Spitfire wanted nothing more than for all of that to be hers forever.

“I…I guess it does. If that’s cool with you, that is.”

Rainbow Dash did a backflip. “YES!!!!!”

As the cyan mare came down to the ground, her new marefriend grabbed her, pulling hard. The kiss was even more perfect than the last, with sparks and everything. As Rainbow leaned in, she realized something.

So this is what a kiss is supposed to feel like. Cool.

Well, there are only a few ways love can go.

As the lake grew dark, the mares sitting by its edge released their embrace. Not until now did they realize that it was even approaching dusk. The pink glow of the clouds captured them briefly with their beauty, and the air’s crisp scent made their mouths water.

Soon, Spitfire looked sideways to her lover, and couldn’t help but be enamored by the wonder on the mare’s face. Every detail of it was devoted to the sight of the gorgeous sunset before them, and those magenta eyes—the same eyes that had, long ago, captured Spitfire herself—were wide open, taking in everything they saw.

After a few minutes, Rainbow Dash looked over at the yellow pony next to her.

“Enjoying the view?”

“Hmm,” mused Spitfire, leaning into her lover’s shoulder. “It’s perfect.”

The Wonderbolt looked up at the sky and saw something rather odd: a familiar shape was sitting on a cloud, staring at the lake…or them.

What’s he doing here? This question was quickly answered as another shape flew out from the trees behind them and joined the first on the cloud. Both turned to face the same sunset she was enjoying.

“Who’s that?” Spitfire was startled, not realizing that Rainbow Dash had noticed the ponies as well.

“Oh, it’s Soarin. I can’t say who the other pony might be. Maybe he’s found himself a marefriend, too.”

“That’s cool, as long as he doesn’t steal you from me.” The cyan mare nuzzled her warmly. Spitfire returned the gesture.

“Don’t worry. He won’t.”

The silence that followed was beautiful in every way. The two mares looked longingly into each other’s eyes, losing themselves in the love they felt. It was utter bliss, until the darkness made it nearly impossible to see in front of their noses. Spitfire was the first to speak.

“Well, I guess we should go home, huh?”

Rainbow Dash looked up at an invisible moon, sighing. “I guess so. I need to feed Tank anyway.”

As she stood up, she turned around and was able to make out the shape of a sulking pegasus.

“Spit, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing,” said the yellow mare unconvincingly. “I guess I should start for home.”

There was something in the way she said that…it worried Rainbow.

“Exactly how far is your place?”

“I’d say about an hour-long flight from here. I live pretty close to Cloudsdale.”

“Oh, buck no! You are not flying that far at night! Come and stay at my place tonight.”

Spitfire jumped a bit at how forward her marefriend was being. Was the cyan pony seriously trying to get her into bed? Or was it just a caring gesture?

Ugh! Why have I never been good at judging people?

Then, she thought of how genuine and loyal Rainbow Dash seemed to be. There was no hidden motive; if she said something, it was how things were to her. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why did she have to be so addictive?

“Oh, I don’t know. I mean we haven’t even gone on a real date yet. Is it really appropriate for me to spend the night with you already? What if—” She shoved a hoof in my mouth.

“Stop. I don’t care what anypony else thinks. I only live five minutes from here, and I can’t let you fly all the way back to your place at this time. You’re staying in my house tonight. No excuses; I have a spare room.”

After another few seconds of thinking, Spitfire gave in, admitting that there was no resisting her marefriend’s adorable face.

I guess if I tried running, I think she might tie me to the bed and…you know what, I’d better not finish that thought.

A bit more than five minutes later, Spitfire and Rainbow Dash were walking through the front door of a large cloud home above Ponyville. The style of the architecture was clearly inspired by that of Cloudsdale. Outside, the structure was dominated by pillars and looping arches, capped by a beautiful rainbow.

The grandiose flare really fits her. Why should I expect any less from somepony as amazingly brash as her?

Inside was a picture of the exact opposite. There was hardly any furniture, and the main feature of the foyer was a couch facing…well, would you look at that! Is that the lake we were just at?

Just above the couch, Spitfire’s eyes fell on a poster advertising the Wonderbolts opening show 11 years earlier. Had the cyan mare really been a fan that long? Now, it dawned on the yellow pony exactly what the Wonderbolts represented to Rainbow Dash: freedom, life, the chance to spend her life doing what she loved the most.

Those were the same exact reasons the captain herself had joined six years ago. Truth be told, all the flying became just another hurdle to get over when the fans were there; they made it harder to focus, and the shows became cumbersome, even terrifying.

Should I tell her that?

“Tell me what?”

Spitfire looked up to see Rainbow eyeing her curiously. Oh crap! Did I just say that out loud?

“Uh, nothing. Just that you have a pitiful home. I mean beautiful!!!!” The mare grinned sheepishly, hoping her lover would buy the ruse.

Rainbow Dash doubled over laughing.

“Oh, man! You should see the look on your face, Spit! You’re a riot.”

As she finally regained her composure, and when Spitfire stopped looking like a radish, the cyan mare leaned over, kissing her marefriend.

“Relax. You know I’m just kidding, right?”

The Wonderbolt pulled her marefriend in for a hug.

“Of course I do. Now, where do I sleep again?”

“Oh right! Come on upstairs.”

After a quick tour of the home, Spitfire settled into her room for the night, thanking Rainbow Dash for the tenth time for her generosity. And for the tenth time, the host shrugged it off, saying she would do it for any of her friends, but making sure to say it was special for her do this on such short notice.

She must be saying that to make me feel better.

Spitfire accepted a goodnight kiss from her marefriend and rolled over, falling asleep almost immediately to the sound of a light rain outside.

Celestia’s sun rose quietly and beautifully over the horizon, softly nudging the roosters awake, gently pushing the early shift of pegasi out of bed for the job of removing the evidence of the previous night’s storm…

And assaulting Spitfire’s eyes as she enjoyed a wonderful dream.

Her eyes flew open and immediately closed as she rolled over to avoid going blind. The yellow mare didn’t sleep in an East-facing room at her place, so there was never a worry of this sort of thing happening.

Slowly, Spitfire meandered downstairs to find Rainbow Dash sitting at the table with a plate of eggs in front of her. When the mare saw the guest, a smile leapt onto her face.

“Hey sleepyhead. I woke up early, so I thought I’d make you some breakfast. GO ahead and eat.”

Spitfire sat down slowly, eyeing the food in front of her. It was then that she noticed something odd about it.

“Where’s yours?”

“Mine? Oh, I don’t usually eat breakfast. I tend to wake up a bit late for that. Anyway, it doesn’t matter; I’m not hungry.”

Hesitantly, the yellow pegasus began eating. Immediately, she resolved to come over more often; the eggs were delicious!

It was a quiet morning apart from some talking. Since Rainbow didn’t have a shift for three days and Spitfire had no practice for close to a week, they were both free all day. However, the latter decided to go home and at least make sure Rapid hadn’t destroyed the place in her absence.

I never realized exactly how long of a flight it really is to my place from Ponyville.

Spitfire had probably made the trip a hundred times, but never under any sort of timetable; Rainbow Dash had made her promise to back in time for a real date that evening, which left the mare almost all day to go home.

If only it wasn’t so far away.

After what seemed like an eternity, Spitfire finally made it home and walked inside; the door was unlocked, indicating that Rapidfire was home. If the past was anything to go by, he was probably making out with Fleetfoot somewhere in the house.

Sure enough, the sound of snuggling and hushed laughter could be heard from the living room. As the Wonderbolt drew nearer to the couch from which the noise was emanating, she noticed something. This particular something made her squeal and gag at the same time.

“Fleetfoot,” said a shocked Spitfire. “Why the hay are you making out with Soarin?!”