• Published 19th Nov 2012
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If Only They Knew - StormHoof32

Dash is crushing on spitfire, and spitfire is crushing on dash, but do either of them know it?

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Just a dream?

Dash rose upright and fell out of her bed. Getting back up, she looked around, noticing that no schedule was there, no pictures of Spitfire and herself were on the ceiling, and she wasn't a Wonderbolt.

Oh, man, it was all just a dream! she thought, as she had wished it could have been true.

She looked over at her clock.


She groaned as she got up and prepared to go do her weather duties. She trotted into her bathroom and kicked the rain cloud she used for a shower. She then kicked a little lightning into it, heating the water. She stepped in and sighed in content as the warm water ran over her coat. It felt nice. Once she finished her shower, she flew outside and flew around her home until she was air dried. Once that was finished, she flew up and met up with the rest of the weather team.

Spitfire sat there, obviously unable to sleep. I had been the same as all the other nights. She kept having a dream where Rainbow Dash would finally join the team, and would end up kissing her. Then when the kiss ended, she'd always wake up. It was somewhat unnerving.

She rolled out of her bed and trotted groggily to her bathroom. She looked up at herself in the mirror. she had bags under her eyes and her mane was quite disheveled. She grabbed her brush and began brushing her mane into its normal state, but it didn't want to comply, so she brushed it until it just hung low. She didn't normally wear her mane down, but she was tired and didn't feel like fighting her hair for a half an hour.

She left her room and headed down the stairs to her kitchen. Maybe she would be able to find a Pegasus who could remove the bags under eyes. She looked around in her fridge, which she always kept stocked, and made herself an Omelette for Breakfast. She enjoyed these moments when she wasn't training with the team. It allowed her to relax and take a break from the fast life.

Once she was finished eating she took a look around her home before heading out. Her home wasn't overly complicated. It consisted of two floors, three bedrooms, for guests, two bathrooms, a living room and her rec room, which had never really been used. When she had first created her home, she decided to model it after the designs of Cloudsdale. It made her feel closer to the city, and her birthplace.

After a few hours of cloud kicking, Rainbow was finished. She immediately found herself a nice little cloud to nap on. Lying down she thought about her dream, and the way it made her feel. She had never felt more alive and happy than she did in her dreams. Especially dreams involving Spitfire. Before she knew it, she was out like a light. She never really needed much to fall asleep.

Spifire continued flying, heading in the general direction of Soarin's home. She needed somepony to talk to about why she was having these dreams. She looked around, admiring the many ponies of Canterlot, Especially the unicorns, due largely to the fact that they all could do What anypony else could do.

When she got to Soarin's place, he was in the middle of leaving.

"Soarin!" Spitfire said smiling like she always did.

She could tell Soarin could see right through her smile.

"There's something wrong, isn't there?" he asked.

"Um, can we talk inside?"

"Sure, Fire." he said, holding the door open for her to enter.

She had been inside Soarin's home multiple times, and it always surprised her how simple it was.

It was a single story flat, two bedrooms, one bathroom, living room and kitchen. When she had first showed up at his house, she was surprised. She never knew he liked to live so simply, even though he was famous. When she had asked about it, he only replied with, "I like to be like everypony else, I'm not really into showing off."

Spitfire sat down on his couch, Soarin followed suit.

"So what did you want to talk about?" he asked.

"Well, you see, I've been having these dreams lately, and they are all the same. They start out with me, you and Fleetfoot having a big ceramony for Rainbow Dash, in these dreams, she joined us as a Wonderbolt," Spitfire explained. "Well, we were congradulating her and she rushes forward and kisses me more passionately than anypony ever has before, and then I wake up, Soarin, I need your help. Why am I having these dreams?"

Soarin sat there and thought about it.

"Well, I have multiple reasons for why your having these dreams, but one stands out more than the rest." he explained.

"And that would be?" Spitfire asked.

"Well I was getting to that. Spitfire, I don't know how you'll take this, but, I think you have a crush on Rainbow Dash." he said hoping she wouldn't fly off the handle. If she did, it wouldn't be the first time.

Spitfire's mouth hung open as she tried to take in what Soarin had just said. Her, having a crush? On Rainbow Dash!?!
She thought about every detail of the dreams, and the more she analyzed them, the more she realized, she liked feeling Dash' lips against her own. She liked the feeling of Dash being so close to her. It hit her in an instant.

I love Rainbow Dash!

Rainbow was sat next to Spitfire on a small cloud near Sweet Apple Acres. It had been a beautiful sunset and they both watched as Luna's moon came up, making them both smile. Then Spitfire leaned over and kissed her passionately. It was complete bliss.

Then Rainbow woke up. She sat there on the cloud she had fallen asleep on and rubbed her head. That was the first time she had ever dreamed of kissing Spitfire. She wasn't sure why she had that dream, but she did know that it made her feel complete.

Looking around, she noticed that it was mid-afternoon.

Crap! Pinkie's party!!! she thought as she dashed off to Sugarcube corner.

She remembered that the day before, Pinkie had sent her an invitation to her 'three weeks since the last party' party. Rainbow flew as fast as she could almost causing a Rainboom right before crashing into the door to the bakery.

As soon as she hit the door, it opened and there stood Pinkie Pie. Smiling, Rainbow stammered as she tried to tell her why she was late but she couldn't even get the first word out.

"Well hiya Dashie!" Pinkie said smiling. "Just so you know, your not late. Only Twilight has shown up so far. Everpony else is on their way."

Is it me, or is Pinkie a little less happy and a little more nervous?

Rainbow trotted inside and sat with Twilight, asking if any new Daring Do books had come into the library. Twilight nodded and pulled the newest copy out of her saddlebags.

"I figured you would want to read it as soon as possible." Twilight said, handing the book to Rainbow, who was smiling as if she had been kissed by-, She didn't even finish that thought.

After 15 minutes, everypony else started showing up, and the party was started. Rainbow danced most of the time, and she smiled even more when Pinkie brought out the cider, from what Rainbow guessed was a cellar. She almost never got cider when cider season came around.

So that's what she does when buys so much cider.

Rainbow took a drink of the cider and felt her entire body shiver as she realized, that the cider had been sitting for so long, it had become hard cider. It warmed her from the inside.

After a few glasses, she began to get quite tipsy. Finally after an hour of hard partying, Pinkie asked for everypony's attention.

"Ok everypony, Fluttershy and I have some great news!" she said happily bouncing with each word. She pulled Fluttershy forward, causing the shy pegasus to let out a little 'Eep'. Then right in front of everypony, she kissed her.

Everypony gasped.

"Fluttershy and I are together! Isn't that great!" she said smiling that signature Pinkie smile.

Immediately they all began congratulating them. Rainbow even thought she heard Rarity mutter something to AJ. What where they hiding? That train of thought was lost though as the partying began once more, and Rainbow became much more tipsy.

Rainbow moaned as she rolled over on the floor. She lifted a hoof to her head, trying to make the pounding headache go away.

Ugh, what happend last night? she wondered as she looked around, noticing that she wasn't the only one who had passed out.

She looked over at Twilight who was passed out with a book over her face. Egghead.

Then she noticed something that made her want to laugh. Rarity and AJ were snuggled up together on the couch. She trotted over to wake them.

"Ah love ya Rarity." AJ muttered in her sleep.

Rainbow stopped and realized, what she did remember was Rarity whispering something in AJ's ear.

Oh my gosh! They're together too! she thought as she tried to imagine how that would work, considering they were polar opposites.

She finally found Pinkie, she was passed out next to a half eaten cake with Hers and Fluttershy's faces on it. She nudged the Pink pony, but she wouldn't wake up.

Ok time for drastic measures. she thought mischievously as she went and got a bucket of water. She came back with it full and dumped the entire bucket on her friend.

"Ahhhh! What! Huh!" Pinkie said sitting up immediately. "Ugh, my head feels like I accidentally hit myself with my party cannon."

As soon as those words left her mouth, Rainbow started laughing. She didn't know why, but something about the thought of Pinkie shooting herself with her party cannon was hilarious.

Once they had everypony awake, and Twilight had alleviated their headaches, they cleaned up and everypony headed home. When Rainbow got home, she noticed a note on her door.

Dear Rainbow Dash,

Please meet me at the lake near Sweet Apple Acres at 10:30.

Rainbow flipped the note over trying to see if there was a name or signature from whoever had sent it. But it there wasn't. She looked at her clock.


Oh no! I'm gonna be late! she thought frantically as she closed her door and dashed to the lake.

When Rainbow got there, she looked around for whoever had left the note, that's when she looked up and noticed Spitfire sitting on a cloud staring at the sunset. Rainbow's heart skipped a few beats as she thought about flying up and lying next to her.

Come on Rainbow! You can do this, after all, your the one who perfected the Sonic Rainboom! she thought to herself, trying to get her hooves to move. Finally gathering the courage to go on with it, she flew up and lied down next to the orange mare.

"Hey Dash." Spitfire said smiling.

Rainbow tried to reply, but all that came out was, "uh." She was speechless. She had never seen Spitfire with her mane down the way it was. It was always up with a little flare to it. Now, it just made her look even more beautiful.

"Something wrong?" she asked, noticing Rainbow's silence.

"Oh...uh...nope, nothings wrong!" she quickly replied as she turned away and blushed, hoping that she hadn't seen her staring.

"Good." Spitfire replied. "There's something I wanted to tell you."

Rainbow's stopped breathing as she leaned forward, waiting to hear what the she had to say.

"Rainbow Dash, I-I uh..." was all she said before she leaned forward, planting her lips on Rainbow's. Rainbow was caught completely off guard as Spitfire kissed her. Her surprise didn't last as she leaned into the kiss, allowing her tongue to enter Spitfire's mouth. Spitfire eventually broke the kiss, leaving a strand of saliva dangling between them.

"I Love you Rainbow Dash."