• Published 19th Nov 2012
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If Only They Knew - StormHoof32

Dash is crushing on spitfire, and spitfire is crushing on dash, but do either of them know it?

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A New Wonderbolt

Today was the day. The day Rainbow would finally be able to tryout for the Wonderbolts. It was her dream. What most ponies didn't know was how this dream came about.

Rainbow trotted through the halls of the flight school keeping her head held high. She looked around as all the other ponies admired her. After all, she had just done the impossible, she had performed the legendary Sonic Rainboom! She smiled at the thought of so many admirers. Then she saw her, Spitfire. She and her friends were in new outfits. To Dash, they kind of looked pretty cool.

"Hey Spitfire! Nice outfits, what are they for?" Rainbow asked

"Hey Dash, well, Soarin and I are creating a Flying group, we're calling ourselves, the Wonderbolts!" Spitfire happily exclaimed.

Dash gave Spitfire her most sincere smile, but deep inside she knew she wanted to be part of this. She took one last look over Spitfire as she left. Ever since she had first met Spitfire, she knew she liked her. She didn't learn the word for it until her second year in flight school.


Rainbow also learned what it meant to love, and she knew, that what she felt for Spitfire, was much more than friendship.

The next day after, It happened. The two bullies (that had teased Fluttershy) had stolen her journal, and had read it out loud for all her friends to hear, that's when everyone had learned about her being a filly-fooler.
Rainbow remembered that day better than all others. it was not only the day she wanted to tell Spitfire how she felt, but it was the day she dropped out of flight school.

She thought about all this as she entered the Wonderbolts stadium for the tryouts, Dash couldn't believe it was even happening. She trotted inside and stood there in the middle the Cloudiseum as she looked up at her idol, and her teammates. Smiling she immediately took flight and began her routine.

Spitfire watched as Rainbow Dash performed her routine with perfection and ease and she finished it off with, not only her signature move, a Sonic Rainboom. But, with an added twist, a corkscrew making her rainbow trail form a funnel that followed her until she landed. Out of all of the 'bolts, Spitfire stomped her hoofs the loudest, it was a spectacular presentation.

Spitfire watched Rainbow as she left to wait for them to decide whom would make the cut for the open position on the Wonderbolts. She couldn't help but realize, seeing Dash and how happy she was to be in the air, and how happy she was just to be in that stadium. It made Spitfire feel warm and fuzzy inside, like somepony had filled her with wool.

Spitfire discussed with Soarin and Fleetfoot as to whether Rainbow would fit, It was a unanimous vote. She flew down and into the waiting area, along with her teammates and told Rainbow the news.

"Yeeeeeessss!" Rainbow yelled as she rushed forward and hugged Spitfire tightly. Spitfire immediately blushed at the reaction, as did Rainbow as she backed away quickly stammering an apology.

"S-Sorry! So sorry!" She immediately dashed out of the stadium waiting area and off to her cloud home, before Spitfire could finish her sentence.

"Dash wai-" Spitfire pleaded as she tried to reach out to Rainbow. Why she had hugged her, she didn't know. Not that she didn't mind, but it made her more confused about what she was thinking.

Does Rainbow have feelings for me?

Rainbow immediately hopped into bed, Ecstatic that that she had made it to the Wonderbolts, but embarrassed and scared that when she had hugged Spitfire, she had wanted more than anything, to kiss her. She looked up at her ceiling and smiled as she gazed at the pictures she had of Spitfire and the other 'bolts. The only difference in the pictures were the parts where Rainbow had pasted her face over another 'bolt. showing her with Spitfire instead.

She smiled as she fell asleep, dreaming of what she could only wish could be.

Spitfire entered her room in Canterlot and looked at the picture of Rainbow she had sitting on her dresser. She smiled a bit as she looked out her window.

Rainbow, I wish you knew how I felt.. She thought to herself before turning in.

The next morning, Rainbow awoke and headed to Sugarcube Corner so she could tell all her friends about her being accepted to the Wonderbolts. She dashed by each of her friends homes, stopping by AJ's first, leaving her flustered as Rainbow dashed off to Rarity's, letting each of them know to meet her at Pinkies.

She dashed inside Sugarcube corner and began helping set up a party, Because nopony needs to force Pinkie to party. Pinkie used her party cannon to prepare the party in record time, which the party pony was all too happy to do. A few mistakes with ammunition, and some time cleaning up cake batter from the walls, and everything was ready.

The two energetic ponies had nothing to do but wait for their friends to arrive. But, before their friends made it there Pinkie pulled Rainbow into her room quickly.

"Dashie, I have always wanted to tell you something." She said, catching Rainbow off guard.

"Uh-" Was all Dash could say before Pinkie kissed her fully on the lips.

Dash's heart stopped as she tried to grasp what was happening. Then Pinkie broke the kiss.

"Dashie, I love you, more than anything ever!" she said smiling.

"I-I uh, I-" was all Dash could say.

She didn't want to hurt her friend's feelings, but, this just felt wrong.

"Pinkie, I'm sorry, but I already love somepony else." Dash replied. The pain in her voice was unmistakable.

"Oh, ok then, I'm just glad I finally told you though." Pinkie said as she bounced out of the room. Rainbow just stood there looking confused.

Just Pinkie Pie, being Pinkie Pie.

After the party, Rainbow left on her way to her home, when she noticed something strange. A bright orange tail hanging over the edge of her window.

Oh no! Spitfire is in my house!!! Oh my gosh! This can't be happening! she squealed inside with happiness.
She flew up and slipped up to the window, sneaking up behind the mare. Dash immediately yelled "BOO!", scaring Spitfire into hysterics as she fell off the window sill and on to the floor.

"Hiya Spitfire, or should I call you captain?" Rainbow said smiling.

Best day ever!

Spitfire managed to get up off the floor before facing Rainbow. She had stopped by to tell her how she felt, but now, she didn't know if she could do it.

"Celestia Dash! You almost gave me a heart attack!" She panted still trying to calm her heart down.

"Heh heh, sorry about that." Dash laughed. "S-so, what are you doing here?"

"Well, I just thought I'd drop by and hand you a copy of the training schedule. You're gonna need it." Spitfire said quickly bolting out an open window before she did anything else to make herself look stupid.

Rainbow just watched her leave, until she noticed the booklet lying on her table.
Was it me? Or did Spitfire seem strange? She thought to herself as she began looking through the schedule.

Spitfire continued to fly as fast as she could. Why couldn't she tell her. She felt so confused, so...so flustered. Then she remembered the Yellow Pegasus that Rainbow liked to hang out with. She didn't know her personally but she felt that if anypony knew Rainbow well enough, it would be one of Dash's friends.

She flew down to ponyville and stopped a random stallion who was walking in the street.

"Excuse me, but do you know where I could find one of Rainbow Dash's friends?" she asked.

"Well, I only know where one of her friends lives, her name is Twilight Sparkle. She lives in the village library." the stallion replied, pointing a hoof toward a Tree a few blocks away.

"Thanks so much!" Spitfire said shaking his hoof before flying off to the library.

A/N: A big thanks to Nostromo_Crew for Proof-reading and editing this. Nostromo, u did an amazing job and i look forward to working with u in the future. And to all my readers, thanks for bearing with me. I'm still new to writing and its been a tough ride, but i believe im getting better at it. Again, thank you all!