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Trapped in a prison of black crystal, Twilight orders Spike to deliver the crystal heart to Princess Cadence so they can save The Crystal Empire from King Sombra's return.

In truth, Spike valiantly did this. But what if he didn't? What if everyone's favorite baby dragon decided to do something that was totally selfish and comically tragic?

All of the credit for this story idea goes to Garbo802: http://www.fimfiction.net/user/Garbo802. Thank you for letting me write this, I hope it isn't a let-down :)

Cover image is by yassui on DA: http://yassui.deviantart.com/

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Comments ( 47 )

In this reality, Spike gained a Pinkie Sense and knew that he wasn't even going to get so much as a simple "thank you" for risking his life and delivering the heart. :twilightsmile: You get a like.

Great story! I hope to see more like this! Also, FIRST COMMENT!

So....no mural for him in the Canterlot castle? :rainbowlaugh:


Most likely not :rainbowlaugh:


Thanks, happy you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

'Tis out.
I love what you did with the idea, by the way. It's a lot better than I would have done myself.


Still your idea, man. I'm sure you would've done something great with it too. Thanks again for all your help. :pinkiehappy:

This looks interesting. I shall read it the next break I take from writing.

The amount of :facehoof: adds up to a guy that likes this story.

Such a dark premise, but so very, very funny :rainbowlaugh: Well done!

they were acting like Sombra needed the heart too I thought.

I would have probably written something like

And with that, Spike ate the crystal.
Twilight fainted.
Everyone died.

A like and 10/10 mustaches!

This was awesome! Somepony should write a sequal. Mind if I do if I ever get any ideas?


Go ahead :twilightsmile:

Also, you might want to let Garbo802 know since this fic was his idea (he's in the comments above)

:facehoof: Goddamn it, Spike!

:moustache: no bucks given

1637710 I'm gonna write a sequel if you don't mind.

Oh gawd, this was so amazingly funny, damn awesome, hope for a sequel for some more Spike goodness!

That was...hilarious.

Way to be an Ass, Spike.

Lol, I caught the Simpsons reference when Twilight fantasized choking Spike. :rainbowwild:

Were the chains not made out of gems? he could just eat those too.

I like how I favorited this story before anybody else, and it took me this long to comment on it... :rainbowlaugh:

I always keep a look-out for your stories, and I hope I see more from you soon. Also, this was hilarious as hell, keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

:moustache:WWOOOAAAHH, Dat gem, I'm so hungry too.

:twilightoops:Spike, I know what you're thinking, but whatever you do, DON'T!

:moustache:What was that, Twilight? Our friends are going to be enslaved forever, I'm never going to see home again and I'll endanger a whole empire?

:twilightangry2:Now you understand!

:moustache:Whatev brah, Imma totally eat this baby. *gobbles it up*


Hilarious, I wish I could like this story ten times. Spike you troll.:twilightsmile:


Thanks :twilightsmile: Also give props to Garbo802 as well (the Patriots fan). The story was his idea.

1638663 I already followed him, as I just found out he's your proof-reader! :pinkiegasp:

All was not lost. ...They just needed to have the ponies power up Spike... since he ate the crystal heart, it would still work, right? :D

For once Spike gets to be the hero
And you went and crushed it.

You, sir, are cruel!
Have a thumbs up for an awesome read!

Horrible because I laughed.

... Still worth it.

Great story. I actually did wonder why Spike didn't eat the gem when I watched the premiere.

I'm sure Spike will get a mural anyway. Multiple even! One in King Sombra's castle glorifying him for destroying the very concept of hope, and another in Canterlot, blaming him for the enslavement of the Crystal Empire.

Dat Spike... what a bastard. :rainbowlaugh:

This could use a tragedy tag. It is a comedy, but tragedy is still a big part of this.


Solid point. I'll add one.

Wow! Twilight just does not understand...
FEED that purple fax machine BEFORE taking him in search of the dragon equivolant of a supersized double whopper with cheese!


Twilight: "Yeah, didn't think that through." :facehoof:

Oh, sorry I never saw this. Yeah, you can write a sequel. It would be cool if my name was on that somewhere.
Also, tell me if/when you make that. I want to read it!!

So did I. Thus, we have this.


Do I detect a Simpsons reference?

Loved it. Simple premise, awesome execution, and this lines right up with the side of Spike we see in "Just For Sidekicks". When you think about how old the Crystal Empire is, it makes you wonder why dragons didn't loot it in the first place before or during Sombra's reign. After all, it's an entire freakin' city-state made out of what dragons consider the tastiest things in the world. Plus, they even scream and run away when you rampage and terrorize their town! As a card-carrying Dragon, Spike totally should have nommed that Crystal Heart first chance he got. He'd have been considered the most epic dragon in the world by all the other scaly beasts.

Of course, the whole getting enslaved bit would put a damper on his fame. :facehoof: Again, great story, solid writing, and you explored the premise fully instead of just focusing on him eating the crystal heart. It's Twilight's pleading and the consequences of his actions that make this story superb!


Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

Spike is my kind of drake
You think Sombra will reward him? I would

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