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Equestria stands at a precipice. The entire empire is in preparation for Luna's birthday, but despite the empire's evident joy at the upcoming Celebration there are some voices of discontent. While they are mostly brushed off as a small but vocal minority they have been getting louder, and louder.

Equestria is about to reach breaking point. The Question is, where does everypony stand?

(A/N: This is the first bit of MLP fanfiction I have ever written and I honestly do not think it is particularly good, but I can't get better at writing without someone telling me off for horrible lack of skill)

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Well, first off: Holy crap, you posted this! Good, because I want to know what you plan to do with this.
Second, ...well, actually it's just 'what's happening here, guess we'll find out'. I don't understand why the Nightmare regained control. At least you gave hints that Luna's mental arguments with it wasn't a sudden thing happening only just now.
Third, I'm going to track this so I see what happens. :twilightsmile:

1624973 Cool, glad you like this, I hope to have chapter 2 up by the end of tomorrow. Hopefully.

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