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I made this account to keep tabs on my favorite stories. Then I decided to write one. What was I thinking?


After a devastating Third World War, a planet nearly identical to Earth was discovered hiding on the other side of the sun. Desperate to bring hope back to a war-torn world, all nations united to send a manned mission to investigate the new planet. But when the old war pilot sent to explore it arrives, he will learn that there is more to this new world than anyone could have imagined, and that it holds some secrets that will change both worlds forever.

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Well that is certainly new, a Counter-Earth fic... well let me suspend my knowledge that we know what's on the other side of the Sun.

Since this is not set in the far future with technology damn close to ours... asking us no to harp on the science is ill-advised. I'm not going to harp on you but I will keep an eye on this. There is potential for sure but Max gives me the worries; well liked by any one that meets him, near perfect performance as a pilot, ambassador, and so on... he worries me that he may be a Gary Stu.

2131618 I understand your skepticism, but my editor who's read everything I've written since July hasn't complained yet. And since this is my first serious story, I tried not to go too deep with original characters while writing the first few parts, for fear of creating exactly what you're afraid of. Reserve judgement until we see Max again, and tell me what you think.

This is new, having Equestria on a planet in our star system. I like it :twilightsmile:

A small error (flip-flop of words) near the end:

The was Birdie slightly smaller than old space shuttles, sleeker, and instead of being powered by rockets,

2131809 Yipes!!! I'll go fix that right now! Thanks for the heads up.

2131618 In all fairness, theoretically if the planet in question had a near exact orbit to earth but on the the other side of the sun, it would be possible we wouldn't know about it. The only things that would have been able to see a planet like that would be the Mars rovers and some of our long distance probes, like Voyager.

In other news I like this idea, will read.

*shakes head* A counter-earth would run afoul of Kepler's Laws without it being a different yet symmetrical orbit and we do have probes on that side of the Sun such as STEREO.

Don't worry, I'd prefer to forget quite a few things about Season 3 too, so please, carry on.

Also, favorited. :ajsmug:

2132128 2132098 Well, as much as I would like to think otherwise, this is all purely science-fiction. I got excited when I came up with the idea last year cause I thought it was plausible, but I read into it and now I know it really isn't. The idea will make for a cool story I hope, but Voyager already photographed the area, and we're pretty certain there's nothing there.

Now I have the sudden urge to get my space story out.

Not Voyagers but still. A movie came out in 2011 that had a Counter-Earth and Marvel comics has used it as well. Go with this, due to the nature of the magical field on Equestria and perhaps Discord as well the planet was hidden from view and could only be detected by gravitational means until the end of WWIII and I guess Discord's defeat.

:rainbowhuh: Woah... he posted it........ And to 2131618, I haven't felt that Max is at all a Gary Stu.... Nopony has been doing a good job with him.
2131809 DAMN IT! :facehoof: Now I must go scrutinize every other chapter.....

Also, 2132321, CHILL! Not your story, Nopony can write it how they want. If they choose that Earth simply didin't discover it, fine. You don't need to go trying to fit this in with reality. It has magical, flying ponies for Pete's sake! We've broken with 'reality' enough as it is, no need to try to force it back in.

Thus I mention magic hiding the world from our view. Did I at all say that this is a horrible story for not following discoveries and what not. I'm still going to read it, and what I wrote is simply a way that we didn't see it or detect it without looking very hard. It works and it has not been done before for HiE fics. I'll admit I am a sci-fi junkie and someone who loves to watch all the science programs on TV, I do get picky but in this case I can see how it will work.

2132385 Nah, it's cool. I found out that we know nothing's there after I came up with the idea, and I know all this falls safely into the realm of "Cool Idea, but it ain't happening," but I kept on writing despite all of that. That's the cool part about writing fiction. Even if it starts with reality, it doesn't have to stay with it. Someone says 'Reality' and I say, "Reality? What's that? This here story's about magical talking ponies. Reality's got nothing to do it. Just read the story, bro!"

I like this. It's greatly written, and I will track.

But here are just some things I got out of this chapter:

World war 3!

Yeah. OF COURSE he's American.

(Sorry, I just don't think the rest of the world gets any love when a story is written by an American.)

2132834 Guilty as charged. :rainbowdetermined2:
If it's any consolation, nobody tried to invade Canada. :twilightsmile: I'll give your nation a mention in a sequel should one come to pass, or even later in this story if you like.

2132834 Im going to take that last part as an insult. :twilightangry2:


I'm not necessarily asking for Canada to have any special royalties, I'm just saying that the USA gets too much praise. I can't tell you how to write your story, I'm merely voicing my opinion.

Questioning whether I'd like the story....goes into human pov, ship's name Enterprise...adds to read later, smiles and gets all hyper. It's the Enterprise! there needs no more explaining than that.

The Brits would have sacred the Powys

Several invasion attempts were made on American soil, and some came perilously close to succeeding.

thank you gun control, NOT!

six hybrid turbofan/scramjet engines

scramjets, NICE:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

like-faved and following to see how and where this goes


Are you seriously going to start arguing against gun control on a website dedicated to ponies? If the anti-goverernment anti-gun control propaganda emails I'm getting are any indication, American's against gun-control are either insane or have no idea what they're talking about, so...

Ranting aside, I think I'm going to toss this on the read later list for now and wait to see your update rate. My hearts been broken enough already by stories that never update after the first few chapters...

2132128 Huh, really? I'm the first to admit I don't have an excellent grasps on planetary motion but unless I'm misunderstanding Kepler's laws (which I did look up) an exact duplicate of Earth's orbit, just offset by time, would have such an affect.
EDIT: Oh wait, derp, elipses are longer on on side so it would be visible at those points.

Also, I'm slightly worried this will end up an 'all humans are evil' type fic due to the whole military mindset a lot of authors portray in there war time stories.

2133855 I know the feeling. I have a few stories that have settled to the bottom of my favorites list that I fear are dead. However, you've got nothing to fear with my story. I've been laboring over this since last July, and in an effort to not disappoint anyone, I avoided posting anything until I was certain I could finish the story. I've got about 8 more chapters of this written, edited, and ready to go, but I'll post them every one or two weeks to give myself time to get the ending right without having to rush myself.

Of course. America this, America that. :ajbemused:
Am I in hell or something? :ajsleepy:

(Nothing against the country. It's just getting really repetitive :applejackunsure:)

this looks like its going to be awesome very original

2133855 Oh okay you like to keep the politics out of fimfiction which I'm 1000% for but you had to interject you opinion on a group of people that you don't know or understand anyway which is fine can't fix ignorance ,well we can only try. Yes I own firearms I conceal carry everyday, yes I own semi-automatic rifles and shotguns ever sense I was 12(OH SHIT EVERYONE WE GOT A RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNER HERE LET'S ALIENATE HIM/HER JUST FOR EXERCISING THERE RIGHT TO DEFEND THEM SELFS AND THEN WE CAN STICK OR HEADS BACK IN THE SAND A PRETEND EVERY THING ALL RIGHT WITH THE WORLD YAY!!!) I'm not anti-government I just don't agree with some of the things they do. The media on the other hand.... Well I'm not to happy with how they label us and I'll leave it at that.

I like fimfiction it takes some of the stress out of me from the daily grind, but please keep the politics out. I don't like to rant about this kind of stuff I just want to stand up for my god given right as human being and I'm not in anyway sorry to admit that..

Looking forward to the next chapter..

Comment posted by 454CASULL23 deleted Feb 17th, 2013

very strong start:twilightsheepish:

God dam more now

I foresee an overthrow of pony civilization when they discover that the planet orbits the sun, not the other way around.

:pinkiegasp:This is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool nah nah nah you can't read me u can't read .... STOP IT PINKIE! Now let me Change the color
Hi when is the next 3 chapters comeing up?

YES! This first chapter was done so right it made me cry :fluttercry:. MOAR! :flutterrage:

2143679 2143442 It brings me great joy to see people enjoying my work. Chapter Two will be posted as soon as my editor and I are done with the chapter I'm currently working on, or Friday evening at the latest.

2147490 you do know you should have hilighted there is a sercet massage that you can only read when hilighted

2148292 I was wondering what you meant by that... Now I know!

2148430 You want to know how i did it hilight the comment

you pick any color delete color then replace with the word white and now your a spy cause you can make sercet massages

:rainbowkiss: i can't get enofh of ths

aww was hoping for him ta land....

"We can't point this telescope...directly at the sun"
Twilight should know that better than anypony else :rainbowlaugh:

You're spelling message wrong or do you actually mean A massage?

great chapter! will he land in the next chapter?

Try not to press the story, and, How is possible that Doctor Whooves and Twilight accepts that a planet revolves around a star and at the same time believe that Celestia rise it? perhaps Celestia lied to all the world, and only scientists know the truth and must keep their mouth shut?

god danm it celestia... you know about humans dont you?

Oh no. Tell me this not going to be one of those stories where celestia banished humanity because they were evil.
I'm so tired of that.
And it started out so well. Please don't ruin it now.

A further connection between the two worlds? But how?:rainbowhuh:

2157882 obviously. oh well, it looks like things are about to get VERY intersting and a lot more complicated once Lyra gets involved:pinkiecrazy:

I'm gonna go ahead and blame the Atlanteans for screwing with our link to Equestria.

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