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Fluttershy has always felt the most comfortable with her wall-eyed friend, Derpy. Every morning they secretly go for a fly around Equestria, and Fluttershy could relax, not be constantly judged by her friends on her fears or flaws. The two mare friends were inseparable. But lately Derpy has been distant, as if something has been bothering her. Now she is missing, somewhere in the skies of Equestria, and only Fluttershy cares enough to find her.

First Published
15th Nov 2012
Last Modified
6th Dec 2012
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Oh, this gonna be good!

#4 · 226w, 6d ago · · · Friends ·

Oohh...how interesting. :derpyderp2: I will watch this. Althought somewhat short it was just enough to keep me interested...good work!

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Hey guys, sorry I had to make this one so short :fluttercry:, but I expect to have the next chapter out by at least this weekend! :twilightblush:  

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ERROR, Derpy has been insulted.

Begin program terminate golden justice


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That's one hell of a professional police chief right there; using a Pony's mental capabilities to determine whether or not they deserve to be helped. Truly outstanding work. Celestia was right to trust him to care for the Elemental bearers. :raritywink:

In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic.:eeyup:

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Hey. I'm sorry for being stupid and not updating, and for making these so damn short, but my ADD keeps me from actually creating a good story. Any who, :twilightoops: :fluttershbad: :derpyderp1:    ENJOY the new chapter!

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Great chapter!

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D'awwwwwww :pinkiesad2:

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About the only help she can rely on is someone looking out for Number One. After all, does Pinkie want to get stuck with all of those muffins?

I mean, AJ sees Derpy as the yahoo who kept her away from her family, RD sees an annoyance and Rarity is probably freaked out by her eyes.

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I don't normally curse but Twilight... You... Are...a...s@&$...in...the...@$$

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