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Every story has a beginning, middle, and end. But mine, the story of my life, is far from interesting. My hobbies, my work, my cutie mark, all are dull. Flowers and poems ruled my life, until I fell in love.

My name is Roseluck, and this is the only story I have worth telling.

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Brilliant story, mate... huh, never got the first comment before... not sure what else to say... :rainbowderp:

Co-written with the brilliant The Descendant.

The art was provided by ALinaTF... Those eyes...

A collab from two of the best authors!!! My brain has exploded with awesomeness!!!!

Well, I have seen some very strange pairings on this site, the strangest being Blueblood x Twilight!!!

I have never, ever seen a Big Mac x Roseluck. To be honest, I think I've only read one fic where she is even
mentioned, and it's only the once!!!


Allong the remaining branches, the leaves that were crippled and warped unfolded, regaining a glint of bright green.

Do be a dear and fix that, won't you, Dag?:pinkiehappy:

No problem my dear Descy!

Is it just me, or is the plot a little too slow?

Lol:rainbowlaugh: so funny:rainbowkiss: me want more:eeyup:

Roseluck and Big Mac shipping? Sounds good. Co-written with The Descendant? Sounds great!

I do love me some earth pony magic.

It was the most hilariously over-exaggerated play on her sympathies he could imagine,

Might want to change that to a 'she'. Other than that, good story so far. Likeing the idea and happingly waiting to see where this ends up.


Me, or Descy? (He's the handsomer of the two)

You'd think that at least Granny Smith would know of the deeper ways of Earth Pony Magic....


I do believe that this is the first story I have ever read about Roseluck. Or at least the only one that seems legitimately good.
Background ponies need more attention, and you certainly delivered. She seems quite believable, the quiet sort who likes tending to plants.
I will keep an optic on this one.
And bonus points for a potential pairing that is straight, and completely new.

I wish I could correct image source links like I do on derpibooru :rainbowwild:

Hrmm, a RoseMac ship? Or would it be BigLuck? Needs ship name.

RoseMac sounds right.

BigLuck is too... vague.

I think I'm inclined to agree with RoseMac, as all the other names either sound off or are just plain weird. Regardless; disregard sleep, read RavensDagger story.

Not sure if I profit, but, profit!

Is this a reupload or something? I see it up in the "recently updated" section of the feature box, not the "new stories" section.

Tagged to be read later, once a few more chapters are out. I usually avoid any hint of romance, but seeing as this is a collab between two authors I generally really like, I'll give it a shot.

First time upload, I've no clue why it's there, but I don't mind one bit!

Sweet Celestia :twilightoops:
So... awesome. :pinkiegasp:

So these two gentlemen have come together to bless the world of pony fanfiction with yet another excellent piece of literature?

I say! Who is the mastermind behind this brilliant concept?:moustache:


Good start,I'm interested to see where this goes

Typically I'm not a fan of Big Mac ships (ironic given a thing I'm doing) but since the CMC are involved this should be good.

I hate shipping....but I like you....I'll read it! But later...

Since nopony else commented on this, I will, and I'll feel like an idiot too.
Several times in the fic, the "magic of the earth ponies" is brought up. I was under the impression that earth ponies had no magic. Am I wrong?
Sorry if I offended anypony.


I'm supposed to be studying for my Accounting test! How DARE you write a story good enough to distract me?! That's just mean, and rude, and.. And... OH PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF CELES AND LULU, MOAR! I'M SO BORED OUT OF MY BRAIN STUDYING FOR THIS DAMNED ACCOUNTING TEST! ; ;



Seems like Roseluck is gaining popularity. Nice :twilightsmile:

Big Mac...Roseluck...my 2nd favorite shipping that is finally being written about?:rainbowderp:




...:flutterrage:AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH-*Explodes from happiness*:heart:


...*Explodes again*

Co-write between two popular authors? No wonder this made featured so fast.

Well, great for you RD.

But yes, this story really deserved it. It's amazingly written. I'm sure EqD will take you without a second glance as well.

1579768 Newsworthy This story's actually a pretty good one that semi-features Roseluck

And I love the story so far. I'll be following it

1583569 Thanks mate, it's on my read later list now!

- Shup up, Rainnydrop!:rainbowhuh:
- Oooh, poor Roseluck. Just when it's going so good.:raritycry:

D'awwwww, Roseluck is SO cute!:rainbowkiss:

A roseluck story? caught my attention.

That's.... that's actually quite the compliment coming from a cynical person like you...:twilightoops:

You had me at the title. Brilliant title by the way.

1583824 Yeah, sorry for all the cynical comments, they just sort of happen.

But yes, I very much so like this story. I think it's the first think that has gotten the featured box that actually deserved the featured box in like a month.

This is brilliant! :pinkiehappy:

I have never read about Roseluck or Big Mac in that light before, and you get across Roseluck's feelings really well without it feeling forced.

The only thing that tripped me was "How couldn’t I know who you are?" - It just seems a little clumsy "How could I not know who you are?" instead perhaps?

[Yes it is a tiny, tiny thing, and I am always brought up on my prose but Hey]

A story about best background character? Yes please! I've never seen a Roseluck-centered fic before so this is definitely getting tracked for that alone. Will read the chapter later.

Rose Luck is great pony. And the cmc still got it:pinkiehappy:

Oh, that title...And dat story...

Quick!!! We need someone to make awesome fan art for this story!!!:twilightsmile:

this is interesting. I have to say I have not seen a pairing like this. All the luck to you friends and I hope this turns out great.

I like this. Is good. Very good. More!

They have magic in fanon. Not exactly canon... but, well, how else could they be so much stronger than other breeds/species?

This... is amazing, I can't wait for more!


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