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If the Blooperschnarden comes a-knockin', then your door you'd better be blockin'. Written for the [Everything] prompt on Ponychan for the week of 12/28 - 1/4.

This is a horror story that isn't scary, really.

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Its not that scary, but its creepy. That is the one word i could use to describe this: CREEPY :pinkiecrazy:

If the name wasn't "Blooperscnarden." Maybe it would've been creepier.

Maybe if the name was Booger Sardine, it would've been scarier.:rainbowkiss:

Oh man, I'm shaking in my skin. :twilightoops:

...the name is throwing me off, really.

Outside of that, not bad. Cliche, but...not bad.

Kind of reminds me of the story 'TailyPo'

Hmm, I didn't expect this to creep me out at all. I think you've done well for such a short story!

200249 That's what I was thinking!

Either way a solid fic. It's an old trope but you handled it well. I admit I don't think you did anything new with it but you didn't butcher it either. Sorry for giving such a neutral compliment :twilightsheepish:

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