• Published 7th Nov 2012
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Foal Necromancer - Kytranis

A designated villain finds himself in equestria and his paranoia runs rampent, scaring the locals.

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Bargain... What!?

"So now what's happening?" I ask myself as numerous scenes from my life flash around me. From what I can feel there are two more presences with me they don't seem hostile, which is weird. I'm also back in my human form again but I'm somehow in full health... I haven't been in full health for a very long time.

“I must admit this is nothing like what I expected.” I hear and I glance behind me at one of the presences. It's an Alicorn a little taller than me with pure white fur, a shifting rainbow mane and tail as well as royal finery emblazoned with the symbol of the sun. She's gazing at me and the scenes of my life benignly with a massive purple eye. The other is hidden by her mane.

“Tis the truth dear sister. However what are we to do with this one.” The other presence states and I turn to face that one as well and find a slightly smaller Alicorn with a dark blue coat and a mane of stars. She's in a dark counterpart to the other Alicorn's finery with the symbol of the moon instead and is apparently judging me. Her eyes are light blue. I face them both equally and cross my arms. I'm not sure what's happening but this is apparently the moment this new race tries to kill me for the first time. Or is this the second time?

"Relax we're not here to do you any harm. In fact the purpose of all this is to determine why you panicked so much at literally nothing." The larger one states and I almost growl at the insinuation that my caution isn't needed.

“Nothing? Nothing!? You're watching my life! I'm not paranoid, I'm cautious and it's the only reason I'm alive for you to make your attempt on my life! So make your attempt, fail miserably like the rest and let me move on!” I shout at them and they're both taken aback by this.

“... We hath only just begun to uncover what hast happened to thee have we not?” the smaller one asks and I simply nod at this.

“If you're really curious then let's see some of the better moments in my life.” I say before focusing on the scenes of my life and cause it to home in on the more traumatic ones.

The image of a man in a black cloak fighting me and sticking a souldrinker knife in my leg before cutting my throat out shocks them from what I can tell. Tearing out my own eyes with a rusted knife as they began glowing in increasing intensity before I hurl them away and the explosion that hurls me backwards brought a profound silence. The silence persisted when I showed the shattering of my name even as the naming magic was ripping my skin into shreds. The finding of my family butchered by the 'Holy Empire' is up next. There's a gagging noise at the image of my younger self picking through the dead bodies of my family desperate to find a survivor. I turn back to the smaller Alicorn and raise an eyebrow. She shakes her head and then nods to the larger one.

Hunh, it is the larger one that's gagging at these images. I'd figure someone younger would be more disgusted by things like this. I give her a wry look and she looks a little sheepish. “Alright my Sister and I get it! You are completely justified in being paranoid to the point of self-mutilation!”

“Thank you! Finally someone begins to understand. Or do you prefer the pronunciation somepony?” I ask genially. It's rare that someone agrees with me and actually means it. How do I know she means it... I'm not sure. I'll call it instinct. Hmm... suspicious...

"Sister if we may make a proposition?" the smaller one asks the larger one who nods. "Stranger, Equestria is a peaceful land and we are willing to allow you to remain. Under the circumstance that thou dost not take any... preemptive self-defence measures. Thou may defend thyself, however doing so at thee suspicion of danger rather than actual danger shall not be permitted. Dost thou agree to such stipulations?" she lays out and I go over the conditions in my mind before nodding.

“It certainly seems fair. However I also reserve the right to flee and break any and all connections and ties if I must.” I say calmly and the two sisters glance at each other before nodding. Well, now I'm suspicious.

"Relax there is no need for suspicion." the larger one says and I take a step back. I'm mostly certain I'm in my mindscape. So if I get even the smallest distance I might be able to escape these two and begin counterattacking.

“If you know of my suspicion then you've most likely used techniques to warrant it.” I advise taking another step back.

"Or you have very easy to read body language and we are both very experienced in reading it." she tells me and I pause and allow her the point. So instead of fleeing I try to visually relax which fools neither of them, but their attention is on me and not the slight flow reversal manifesting behind them allowing me to look into their minds as they look into mine.

“Fair enough. I assume there is more you wished to know or you would not be here. This is a rather intense and hands... pardon me, hooves on way of uncovering information.” I note and the two glance towards each other and thankfully miss the window behind them.

“First off before we go any further when did all this start?” the larger of the two asks and I sigh... there's no real point hiding it, my enemies all know their version of the story and no matter how many times I repeat my own no one believes it.

“It started foolishly.” I tell them before launching into the story. “When I was just beginning to come into my magic I got into a fight with a young squire. Edmund Leonidas was his name and he was an arrogant braggart. Unfortunately for me he was also fourth in succession for the throne by way of his mother.” I begin explaining the story long familiar to my lips coming easily. These two are powerful, very very powerful. Even at full strength I would have a very hard time doing any damage to either.

“We see where this is headed.” The smaller one states and I shake my head.

“The general direction maybe but not the details. A civil war was brewing in a neighbouring land that was allied to my home country. Edmund and the knight he was learning under were part of the force sent to help keep the peace. His commanding officer was killed in a riot and Edmund went on to distinguish himself as a strong leader and the upper class nobility began treating him like a hero. This was all well and good as I'd forgotten about the twit in the intervening years but he had a long memory and the grudge had festered.” I keep explaining and to my surprise they're paying rapt attention. Hunh.

“So he sent out an army to settle a grudge?” the larger one asks incredulously.

"No, a training exercise he was leading stumbled across me in the training area. I'd been there for two years at that point and they thought I was trespassing because they'd put up a barricade the week before. They brought me before him and he recognized me. He sent the soldiers out of earshot and began talking to me as if I were some old enemy that had plagued him his whole life. When I told him that this was just an accident and that I had no clue who he was he lost his temper and attacked me." I say continuing the story as the mindscape actually forms this life altering event behind me I glance back and grimace at that terrible moment

It's just me and Edmund he in white and gold armour and myself in a comfortable grey travelling robe. Then him charging me with a massive sword as I sweep a wave of darkness at the blade trying to counter the attack as the army that were just vague shapes in the background rush forwards screaming for my head.

“Allow us to guess what occurred next. Thou escaped with some effort perhaps a few casualties of thy foes and was burned into the memory of the entire army and this Edmund wretch.” the smaller one says and I nod. “To take a rather bold guess we would assume that this craven brute then somehow ascended to the throne and placed a bounty upon thy life.” she says as I close the window behind the two. The power they have is obstructing too much to get much more information aside from a distinct lack of ill will towards myself and a sense of honesty.

“That's right, and due to my rather stubborn refusal to die the bounty kept increasing. Attracting more dangerous hunters until I was forced to kill and maim in self-defence which again increased the bounty. The survivors returned with horror stories about my skill in magic so Edmund declared my type of magic illegal which again increased the bounty and made me seem to be more of a monster.” I continue and they both start looking resigned at this point and glance at each other as if sharing a secret... there's some history here.

“So what happened to Leonidas? Was he overthrown but you held too much of a legend to be forgotten?” the larger one asks and I shake my head with a sigh.

“No. In fact he was a shockingly good King. It's just that he never forgot an insult and to him I had grievously insulted him and it ate away at the man.” I correct her, finally admitting to the real tragedy of the story. I had by purest accident made a hero my mortal enemy.

“Really... that's... just... terrible.” the smaller one says looking conflicted now.

“I was somewhat vindicated later when his grandson turned out to be a total monster on the throne. It's not really here or there but he reintroduced slavery and upped the punishments for criminal acts so that theft was the loss of a hand. Even handling stolen items gets your palms burnt with a branding iron daily for a week.” I tell them and get more than a little satisfaction seeing their eyes widen in horror.

“Dost that be all to the tale?” the smaller one asks and I shrug.

“Unless you want more specific details then yes. Although it's still a work progress, I am still alive after all.” I say kindly hoping that neither noticed the window in any capacity. People tend to get a little touchy at looking into their minds.

“So I trust your little peek was enlightening?” the larger one asks and I start to back up again. “Relax, we let you look.” What?

“T'would be most crass of us to intrude upon thy mind without allowing thou to satisfy thy own curiosity.” the smaller one admits and I smile. Hunh... something actually benign... well that is a twist.

“Though we would like to know your plans from this moment forwards.” the larger one says and I nod and grin a little.

“Well I'm a mostly reactionary individual. I never really have ever had time to plan, just react. Furthermore every time I tried to plan I'd have to throw it out the window when something I hadn't considered would happen, which was practically every time as well.” I admit and there's a snort of amusement but from which one I can't tell.

“Fair enough but for argument's sake let's say you have let's say fifty years of absolute peace guaranteed. What do you do with it?” the larger one asks and I think for a moment.

“Well first get over the panic attack... then study into my natural magics... I can guide and direct not only spirits but control the forces of life and death too... I can't heal a wound but I can stop it from being fatal. Blood loss, hypothermia, dehydration, starvation, anything really so long as I can concentrate it won't kill, which is why it's no good in a fight, if I'm knocked out it stops. If I can study healing magic... then add that into the preservation abilities I have... I could probably heal anyone of anything. If I could make that easily accessed by many then there would be huge advances in healing and the only time a hospital or the like would have a casualty is by the patient's request.” I say my mind spinning in unfamiliar directions. Normally my plans boil down to find cave, make dangerous runes, make dangerous zombies, hide in back of deep cave, make phylactery and wait for all hell to break loose.

“Thou art likely to frighten many if ye choose to practice necromancy.” the smaller one tells me and I sigh.

“I know, but the problem with necromancy isn't necromancy itself. It's how it's seen.” I say and there's no answer but I get the feeling that they're telling me to go on. “Necromancy controls five main circles. Pain, Flesh, Bone, Spirit, and Death. When you hear those words you think causing pain, rending flesh, breaking bone, enslaving spirits and bringing death. That is only a small part of a bigger picture.” I begin wondering why the hell I'm explaining this. No one ever listens... no stop... I have to stop thinking like that, I'm on another world and I think... I guess... these two might actually like me... it's crazy but it might be true...

“There's more?” the larger one asks and I nod eagerly.

“I can prevent pain. I don't have much practice with it but I can sew flesh back together. I've been able to fix my broken bones time and again. I soothed the souls of my murdered family and I have long defied death itself. Now do any of those actions sound the slightest bit evil?” I ask trying desperately to sell the idea. If they get it into their heads that my magic is evil then everything goes right back into the cesspit.

“If you put it that way then you've already found a student!” she says and I'm stunned for a moment.

“Really? You mean... that!? I mean... what? I... I'm accepted... what?” I ask as that moment of being stunned decides to strike up camp in my mind as I cannot wrap my mind around that fact. But seriously what the hell!? I'm accepted!? Why?! How? What the hell?! I fall backwards onto my rear in the mindscape but barely notice the movement.

“Sister dear hast thou broken him already?” the smaller one asks impishly looking up at the larger one who looks like she's holding back laughter. “Perhaps t'would be prudent to give the foal time to rest? He dost appear poleaxed.”

“You're right. Rest well little one and welcome to your new home.” the taller one says leaning down and giving me a kiss on the forehead before they vanish from my mindscape.

“What?” I ask as the world around me darkens and fades away. I am asleep again... but I need answers so I do everything I can to force myself awake. I open my eyes, oh right reality no eyes. There's a gasp and I hear numerous hooves hit the floor in rapid succession then stop. So did a group just turn around? Probably. “Those two that were in my head are still here right?” I ask and there is a silence.

“We are.” the smaller one says after a moment.

“So you... were being honest.” I say closing my eye sockets so not to creep those present out any longer. I'm considerate like that.

“Yes we are little foal. You get to stay, there won't be any more attacks or persecution or violence or assassination and all that kind of trouble isn't building up for later. You'll be fed at least three times a day, given your own personal room. Healed of all your current injuries, granted schooling and no it's not bait for a trap.” the taller one explains and again I'm at a loss for words.

“What?!” except that one it seems. “Not a tr.. what?! Healed?! Schooling?! What!?” oh dear I appear to be in a mental loop of some kind. I hate it when this happens because I get to watch myself do something completely stupid. Great...

“The poor little dear.” a new voice says it's female and that's all I can make out. Luckily it shakes me out of the loop.

“Uh... uhm... how many are here?” I ask growing very self-aware of the fact that I'm stark naked, heavily injured and in a room full of unknowns with only the word of two very powerful strangers that I was safe.

“There are nine ponies not including yourself. Two nurses and a doctor, two guards, myself, my lovely wife Princess Cadence, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia.” Shining Armour explains and I can't help it. My eyelids open in a futile attempt to see what's happening as my head moves from right to left then back again in a slight panic. That's a lot of power in one place. I'm dead.

“Calm down foal. Remember, nopony is going to attack you.” The larger one which I guess is Celestia due to the familiar voice and the name Luna not fitting something with the sun symbol when the other had a moon one.

“R... right... safe... yea... right...” is what slips past my lips as I edge away from the breathing I can hear. Just too many people at once thank you very much. I start breathing a little more heavily. I'm positive the busted horn is messing with my magic and with the fact that I seem to be at most a third the size of an adult female I doubt I can physically defend myself against so many and outrunning them will be hard as at least two have wings and mine are in shreds and... calm down... they're supposed to be friendly... nothing is ever truly friendly... this is a new world no way my problems could chase me so far... like distance has ever stopped them before... CALM DOWN!!

I take a few deep breaths and steady myself forcing my heart to stop racing and I remember to close my empty eyes again. That was why I wore the bandage before is that I kept opening the eye sockets and it was the stuff of nightmares when a bee flew into one. Just remembering makes me shiver. Goodness that had been a bad week.

“Are you cold?” A new voice asks from nearby and I assume she's a nurse.

"No I just remembered when a bee got into my eye socket." I say with a mild shiver and there are some slight gagging noises. "Oh come now, I have fresh wounds from being skewered and you weren't prepared for something gruesome? Look at me! Do I look like I have pleasant stories to share?" I ask and I mean really I saw myself for a second. I look like I'd been used for practice by an amateur butcher for pity's sake!

I'm about to make another comment when my stomach growls loudly. I tilt my head down towards it in shock. That is the first time in weeks my stomach has complained. Granted the past day or so was the first time in weeks I have rested... or bathed... or sat down... or spoken to others... ... ... It suddenly dawns on me just how far out of my depth I am... the feeling of sheer vertigo is truly astounding.

"Perhaps a snack. I'll go fetch an apple." Another unfamiliar voice says this one male and there is the sound of hoofbeats before an incredibly awkward silence. Had I fingers I would be drumming them in nervousness.

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