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I have Asperger Syndrome, Erb's Palsey in my left arm, and am somewhat out of shape. I enjoy video games, watching television, roller coasters, and reading.

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This is fanfiction.net correct?

This was from my account on Fanfiction.net, yes. Is there something wrong?

Please continue. This intrigues me. :rainbowkiss:

I think most of the downvotes are from the subject material, not the actual writing. I browsed through it for a bit, and it looks pretty solid to me (even if I don't like the subject myself).

Well for those who read the comments, there won't be any Super transformations of any kind in this story. This takes place before the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament in Dragon Ball.

I would like to be the one to add this to the group Equestrian Saiyans if that's all right with you. if you would rather it not be there just reply or PM me. :twilightsmile:

Go ahead! Thank you for asking me.

1579443 I always want consent before doing anything i may regret. :raritywink:

I like the story, but...I don't see Goku getting any real screen time in this story.

Don't worry. He'll be getting screen time.

it''ll be a interesting development for the ponies to tap into "KI" as well.........

That's an interesting idea.

Interesting and different. I like it:pinkiehappy:

Thanks. I'm still working on Chapter 5. Trying to determine if I should go through the entire first Season with Goku in tow, or do different adventures.

Need to give more detail and dialoug. But good premise

Thank you for that advice. Those are my biggest faults, though.

Things are about to get 20% more interesting:rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

me gusta... moar please?

I'm still working on the next chapter.

The next chapter will be an interlude filler while I work out how to include him in the slice-of-life aspects of the series.

The chapter will have some minor adult moments, but nothing overly steamy or sexy.

Oh Rainbow, you have no idea what your up against should you actually fight Goku. :rainbowdetermined2: Just a question, can Goku fly in this without using the nimbus?

Totally unrelated question: Who do you vote for president Pinkie Pie or Derpy Hooves? :pinkiehappy: :derpytongue2:

Goku cannot fly unaided. And I'd vote for Pinkie Pie.

1677662 Pinkie Pie is now winning 6-2 :pinkiehappy: Thanks for the input. Anyway, I guess Goku wont be able to prove Gilda wrong when he flies up to her and beats her in a race. :rainbowdetermined2: He can still use Nimbus, but then Gilda will say it was all because of the cloud and not Goku

That could have worked, but Goku learned to fly from Kami and Popo, and he hadn't seen them yet in this story.

1678181 oh yea, i forgot about that detail :twilightblush: still if Goku could fly it would be epic

1576976 Nope I remember it from there I was one of your followers on there

Ah. Well I'm not sure if the latest chapter will be allowed on my fanfiction.net version of this story.

Is it still kid Goku? or teenager Goku?

Since this takes place immediately after the King Piccolo saga, it's Kid Goku.

Please have goku kick nightmare:flutterrage: moon ass

What you thought in a comment. KuKuKu...

But Goku isn't a human. He is a Sayian

He's human-like, and he's able to create fertile offspring with humans.

Comment posted by sniper alchemist deleted May 25th, 2013

I'm still working on it. Don't worry, you'll get it.

2316245 but Goku isn't aware of that.

I think you mean rain not wain

is goku going to turn into the mighty oozaru in a chapter

Yeah. That'll be a side chapter.

I was thinking maybe when the ursa miner attacks he turns into the mighty oozaru bits it up then attack the town

That could work, since we don't know what phase of the moon it was when the Ursa attacked.

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