• Published 6th Nov 2012
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To Test is Science! - Crimson Star

The sequel to "To Observe is Science!"

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"So that's what's going on, ma'am." A flustered Ace finished, speaking to the manager of the hotel. "I know you know who we are, but ultimately, we're just a couple on their honeymoon who likes to spend their time...roleplaying. I assure you, your security personnel got the incredibly wrong idea when they walked in on us." Ace chuckled nervously, his curly brown hair bouncing as his head moved.

The manager looked over the young newlyweds, regarding their attire. Pinkie had on an apron that had red paint stains all over it. There were various holsters on the apron for special knives, all of which were confiscated by the hotel at the moment. Ace had wrapped a fresh towel around him, as that's all he was able to grab in the rush. His body was splattered with fake blood, and a bandanna gag hung around his neck. Ace had one arm wrapped around an embarrassed Pinkie, who was looking down at the ground, and cuddling up to Ace as close as she could.

The manager's expression seemed passive, as if she dealt with something like this before. She sighed. "In that case, I apologize for the uproar, doctor." She explained. "Sometimes, I get a nosy client who likes to complain about all the other guests. So when I received a complaint that I might be housing a serial killer, well, what else was I gonna do?"

Ace's expression widened in surprise. "Something like this has happened before?" He asked, offering a comforting tug to Pinkie, who shared his expression.

The manager nodded. "Unfortunately, yes." She gave a small laugh. "I have to say, this is definitely one of the weirder activities we caught the guests doing." The mare reached into her a filing cabinet, and pulled out a few papers. "If you had told us that you were newlyweds when you got here, we would've been happy to give you a honeymoon suite. I'll upgrade you to a more private room, so that this won't happen again."

"Well, the thing is, uh..." Ace began, placing a hand behind his head.

"We don't have the money for such an expensive room." Pinkie admitted. "We set ourselves a budget, and couldn't afford a honeymoon suite."

The mare looked at the couple again. "I see." She then shrugged, and flashed them a smile. "Then consider it a gift, and the Cumulus Casino's way of apology for interrupting your...ahem...good times. You don't have to pay a single bit over what you're already paying."

"Really?" Ace asked, his surprised expression returning. "In that case, thank you."

Pinkie grinned wide. "Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!" She said,bouncing giddily in her seat.

"It's no trouble at all." The manager insisted, as everyone present stood. "I'll send some ponies to help move your things to your new room immediately."

Ace shook his hand with the manager's hoof, as Pinkie resisted the urge to hug the pegasus. "Of course you'll know to keep this information to yourself as much as possible, right?"

The manager laughed joyously, as she waved her hoof. "Don't worry. What happens in Pegas, stays in Pegas." They exchanged their goodbyes, and the couple went back to their room to get ready to move.


Midnight Glow led the five other ponies through Ghastly Gorge, on their way to a location only Midnight knew. Brazen Spite was quite annoyed with not being told anything, and her glare spoke as such. "Where are we going, Midnight?"

"We're going where the master wills us." Midnight said, strutting forward unerringly.

Spite still glowered at Midnight. "How do you know what the master wills, anyway?"

"Because, my simple winged lackey." Midnight replied, her snoot in the air. "Unicorns naturally have a better affinity towards magic. The master may not be able to contact you or the Earthies, but that's because Ignobility and I are simply worthy of the master's attention,whereas you are clearly not."

"Stuff the superior attitude, Midnight!" Spite demanded, as she looked around. "Why does the master want us to come here, anyway?"

"The master thinks that the Elements of Harmony stand more of a chance of ruining everything with their new human allies." Midnight replied, matter-of-factually. "As a result, we're going to fight fire with fire."

"There are more humans?" Gloomy Glob asked, glancing around. "Well, where are they?"

Suddenly, a group of humans dressed in black ops gear, complete with balaclavas and assault rifles, started popping out from the shadows, and rappelling down from the cliffs. They trained their weapons on the ponies, who suddenly got ready to fight. "Don't move!" One of the humans shouted.

The ponies looked ready to battle, except Midnight held out a hoof, signalling for them to stand down. Seeing that the ponies weren't going to attack, one of the other humans called back to the shadows. "Doutor, we have company!" He shouted, in a Portuguese accent.

Out from the shadows, a human of South American descent came. He had a well groomed black beard, matching slick backed hair, and wore a black suit. He adjusted his glasses, and smirked. There was something...menacing...about the way he looked. His brown eyes seemed to pierce through the ponies. "Ah, you must be the servants my associate told me about." He said, his accent Portuguese, though none of the ponies would know that.

Midnight looked at him with curiosity. "Your associate?" She asked, fairly certain it was who she thought.

"He calls himself the Lord of Ultimate Darkness." The man explained, eliciting a look of recognition on the faces of the ponies. The man smiled. "I can tell by your reactions that you recognize the title."

"So the master summoned you here to help us?" Midnight asked rhetorically, smirking deviously. "Are you familiar with the situation?"

The man nodded. "Indeed I am. In return for my services, your master promised me one thing. Tell me, are there any humans in this world, present company excluded?"


Ace and Pinkie investigated their new room with glee. Where the old room was relatively large, this room was huge! It had pure white walls, and a deep red carpet and roof. The large bed was shaped like a heart, and shared the same red hue as the red in the room. The bathroom had a hot tub in place of a regular tub, and the kitchen was decked out in all the necessities of the average rich snob. It was wonderful.

As soon as the ponies who were assisting the couple in transporting their luggage left, the newlyweds wasted no time setting up their 'fun place.' Pinkie pushed out her knife cart, which the hotel graciously returned fully stocked, and with an added apology letter. Ace had thrown off his towel, and began messing with some ropes.

Ace sighed, as he bent down, and began to tie the ropes on the floor to his ankles. "I'm sorry, Pinks." He said solemnly.

"Sorry for what?" Pinkie asked, as she put on her apron.

"Two things." Ace said, as he finished tying the ropes around his ankles, and held another length of rope behind his back. "I didn't take into account prices for Honeymoon suites when I set our budget. I went with the lowest possible price for the casino."

"Well it all worked out in the end, didn't it? I mean, look at this awesome room!" Pinkie giggled, as she trotted over behind Ace. "Oh, we're going to have so much fun, here!"

Pinkie tied the rope around Ace's wrists, as he continued. "We got this room because we were caught doing things related to MY interests. I know you felt ashamed when we were being led off. I'm sorry I'm such an embarrassment." Ace looked down, sadly.

The pink mare's eyes narrowed, as she suddenly tackled Ace to the ground. "Ohhh no. Don't you start that, mister!" Pinkie said sternly, pinning him by his shoulders. "I knew when I married you that things like this were gonna happen. I knew you had unique interests when the ring slid on my tail. But I love you, Acey! You're worth it, and I can deal with it! Y'know why? You want to make me happy, and that makes me happy! You are who you are, and I love who you are! You don't have to apologize for anything, got it?"

Ace nodded, smiling up at her."Thanks, Pinks. I love you, too."

"I'm glad we got that sorted out, snookums." Pinkie got Ace in a deep kiss, then gazed into his eyes. "Remember. The safeword is 'Vanilla frosting.'"

Ace smiled coyly. "Isn't that two words, hun?"

Pinkie giggled, gagging Ace with the bandanna around his neck. "Oh, you!" She trotted over to a rope and pulled on it, causing Ace to hang upside down by the ankles. "Now then, let's have some fun!"

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