• Published 6th Nov 2012
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To Test is Science! - Crimson Star

The sequel to "To Observe is Science!"

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Ace stood in front of the altar, adjusting his goggles, as he shifted from one foot to another. The goggles were the only thing that he wore from his lab; the rest of his outfit was his Equestrian military uniform. Blue slacks, white gloves, black boots, and a red military jacket with blue trim, and gold buttons. His goggles rested on his forehead, revealing the distress in his crystal blue eyes, and a ceremonial sword was strapped to his belt. He cleared his throat, trying to take his mind off his worries by completing mathematical formulas in his head.

Geo almost chuckled, standing next to Ace. He was wearing the same tux that he wore for his wedding with Twilight. He glanced in Ace's direction. "You know who you remind me of, Doc?" Geo asked, silently. "Me, at my wedding."

"I look that nervous, huh?" Ace asked, keeping his head foward. "Man, I must be shaking more than my macerator on a heavy load."

"Well, you shouldn't be." Geo said.

"I'm getting married, Geo." Ace said. "The groom's supposed to be nervous, isn't he?"

Geo shoook his head, silently chuckling. "Deja vu all over again." He muttered, finding the role reversal humorous. "I'll tell you what John told me. You're getting married to the girl of your dreams. She loves you, you love her, so get a hold of yourself."

Ace sighed. "You're right. I guess I'm just venturing into unknown territory, and shaking up my anticipation of the future." He took a moment to gaze and admire the decor. Pinkie decided on a candy theme for her wedding. Streamers and banners were all the color of sweets, and there were pieces of candy and chocolate hanging from threads. Ace had heard that she told Twilight she wanted to have 'the sweetest day ever.'

"Whatever comes your way, mate, I'm sure you'll handle it." Geo said, giving Ace a pat on the shoulder.

The wedding march started, and everyone turned to see the chapel doors swing open. Ace gawked at the beauty that came out behind the Cutie Mark Crusaders Flower Girls. Shewas dressed in a glamorous pink and brown dress, and small, blue and yellow hair clips dotted her mane, making her look like a beautiful sundae.

As Pinkie trotted up to the altar, a smile formed on Ace's face. "You look absolutely stunning." Ace complemented, making Pinkie grin.

"We'll have plenty time to chat after the wedding, Acey." Pinkie said, showing great restraint. She faced foward, paying attention to Princess Celestia, as she began the wedding vows.

"Men, fillies and gentlecolts." Celestia's voice echoed. "We are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Pinkamena Diane Pie and Ace Sorou." Geo stepped foward, presenting the rings on a pillow. "Many have witnessed the commitment that you both display for each other through fair times and foul." The rings levitated over to Ace and Pinkie. "Your love for each other is clear, and your bond is strong." Ace balled his fists, barely able to contain himself. Pinkie's grin was wide, almost literally going from ear to ear. Celestia looked at the Pink mare. "Pinkie Pie, do you take this human, Ace Sorou, to be your husband?"

"OH YOU BETCHA!" Pinkie jumped up high, before putting her hooves over her muzzle. "Oops." She muttered, bashfully. "I mean, yes. I do."

Celestia smiled contentedly, and turned to Ace. "And do you, Doctor Sorou, take this Earth Pony, Pinkie Pie, to be your wife?"

"Oh, Yes I indeedy do!" Ace said with a snicker, the liveliness of his head adding emphasis to his words as a grin formed on his face.

"Then the vows exchanged, I now pronounce you mare, and man." Ace's ring slipped over his ring finger, and Pinkie's ring slid down her tail, stopping at the center. "May you both find everlasting love together."

As soon as Celestia finished speaking, Pinkie tackled Ace to the ground, and planted a big, long kiss on his lips. From the pews, the faces were hidden, but Ace's limbs shook vigorously throughout the kiss, and only went limp once the kiss was broken. One could easily envision the hearts floating up from out of sight, and popping above the couple. Geo shook his head. "Jeez, is that what me and Twilight look like?" He wondered aloud.


The reception party was alive with music and dancing, all centered around Ace and Pinkie. When he was worn out, she would take him to the snack table, cuddling him for a reprieve lasting for an entire song, before pulling him back out onto the dance floor. John caught the pair in between dance sessions. "You okay, mate?" he asked Ace, who was out of breath.

"I'm fine." Ace responded, his arm wrapped around Pinkie, who had her arms around him. He grabbed a cup of punch from the table, and downed it in one gulp. "We'rejust making up for lost time. I haven't seen Pinkie all week."

"Tell me about it. You would not BeLIEVE how hard it was for me to not go find him!" Pinkie chimed, resting her jaw on Ace's shoulder. "I wanted to see him so bad before the wedding, I was running around in circles, going crazy!" Somehow, John could see that happening in a literal sense.

"Well, don't wear him out TOO badly." John warned. "You want him to have energy for you honeymoon, right?"

Pinkie gasped excitedly, and gave a little squee as she trotted in place on her chair. "That's right! We have a WHOLE honeymoon to look foward to, Acey!" She giggled, clapping her forehooves together, before wrapping her arms around Ace's shoulders. "Oh, we're gonna have so much fun in Los Pegasus!"

John blinked. "I thought Los Pegasus was for Pegasi only." He stated, scratching his head. "I mean, the entire city is built out of clouds, right?"

"The cloud section is." Ace replied, now breathing almost normally. "But Los Pegasus has a ground-based area for those who aren't Pegasi. Pinkie and I are going there."

Pinkie bounced in her seat with glee. "There's gonna be lotsa fun, and games, and shows, and-Ooh! I got asked to personally host a big party in one of the casinos! Since me and Acey are both national heroes, Los Pegasus is gonna give us a big, friendly welcome!"

"Well that's awful nice, Pinkie. Ah hope ya'll have a good time." Applejack said, having wandered up beside John during the conversation. "Beg yer pardon, but ah'm gonna hafta take John from ya'll. He owes me a 'might good hoedown."

"Sorry, guys." John groaned teasingly, as he rested a hand on Applejack. "I have a meeting with my boss. And she'll be quite upset if I don't show up for it." He gave a small chuckle, causing Applejack's eyes to roll.

"Well, there's one good thing about your boss being your marefriend." Ace smiled at John. "There's no question as to who's on top." The four of them laughed hard, and when Ace saw the red faces on Applejack and John, he brought a palm to his face. "And believe it or not, that sounded more innocent in my head." At that, the four of them went through another bout of laughter, before Applejack turned to John.

"You an' me on the dance floor, now." She ordered, her eyes giving him a stern look, but her smile betraying her good nature.

John said his goodbyes, groaning in jest. "Work, work, work. That's all I'm ever good for." He joked, following Applejack onto the dance floor, her tail tugging him by the wrist.


The chapel bells rang, as Ace carried Pinkie out to the Sorou-mobile, which had been attached to a special fitting made for making long trips. Pinkie waved to the various wedding guests as Ace walked her to the Sorou-mobile, holding her wedding bouquet in one of her arms. Pinkie's eyes settled on her family. Clyde Pie smiled, nodding his head, as he comforted his wife, Bonnie, who was blowing her nose on a handkerchief shedding tears of joy. Inkie and Blinkie stood together, waving bye to their newlywed sibling, and their new brother-in-law. Ace had both hands on Pinkie, so as not to let her fall, but he nodded towards the Pies, who all seemed to approve of Pinkie's choice in a husband.

As Ace got into the Sorou-mobile, he turned to the Doc-bot, who had been guarding it. "Deebee-forty-seven, you have command of the forces while I'm away." He said. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do, and make sure Commander Graybeak has nothing to complain about in our unit."

DB-47 nodded. "Assuring Statement: Don't worry, Master. The base and all of it's staff are in good hands."

Ace smiled, giving a thumbs up, before he started getting ready to go. Suddenly, Pinkie let out a small gasp. "Oh, I almost forgot!" She said, before sitting on Ace's lap, and tossing the bouquet behind her. The newlyweds watched it go through the air, and towards a cascade of mares who fumbled to catch it. It bounced off several hooves, before coming to a rest on Applejack's back, who had decided not to participate, and was standing next to John. She looked back at it, then up at John. They shared a blush, and Applejack adjusted her hat.

Ace laughed. "The fates have spoken!" He announced, as the Sorou-mobile began hovering. "See you all later!" He shouted, as Pinkie waved down at the crowd.

"Byeeee~!" She squealed, as the cockpit on the Sorou-mobile's configuration closed. And in an instant, the machine sped off towards Los Pegasus, taking with it a very happy couple.

It seemed that nothing in the world could go wrong...

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