• Published 7th Nov 2012
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Apple Blossoms - JimmyP424

Applejack has kept her secret for too long, but how will the others take the news?

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"It's Rainbow Dash" Applejack said quietly, she'd done it, she thought to herself, she'd come out to one, and Big Mac was the biggest one to confront. She looked at him, waiting for a response.
He sat silently beside his sister, then in response to what she'd said, gave a simple "Eeyup" and stood up. Big Mac wasn't one for a lot of words, but he knew what she'd told him already, and he didn't really mind at all, as long as she was happy.
Applejack shot upright, something wasn't quite right, she told herself. These kinds of things were meant to be a lot more emotional, or at least, that's what Dashie had told her.
"Whaddaya mean 'Eeyup'?" Her head was spinning, something wasn't clicking.
Big Mac looked over, it was clear he'd have to tell her outright and that frustrated him a bit, he was supposed to be the slow one, and he'd always thought his little sister was a little quicker than this.
"You can't keep secrets too well A.J, especially not from me. When somepony's feelin' good about another pony, it shows all over 'em. Ah think the only reason the others don't know is 'cause I look out for you more than they do. Seems fairly simple to me" He finished with a hoof resting on Applejack's shoulder. It was clear she wasn't ready for this kind of response.
"So you... You already knew?" She said, flabbergasted. She had thought she had kept the secret fairly well, and didn't think anypony knew about it but her and Rainbow Dash.
"Eeyup" Big Mac replied calmly.

Rainbow Dash soared through the sky, she'd been gone for a while now, and returning to Ponyville filled her heart with joy because she knew that everypony would be waiting for her, and besides, today was a very, very special day indeed. She burst from a cloud and flew up high into the sky, rolling around and letting the sun warm her as she made her way across the green, blooming landscape. The wind blew her mane into a stream behind her as she dived through the clouds and over her home of Ponyville. She landed in the middle of town, just outside of Pinkie's shop, she had to get some stuff, and besides, she owed Pinkie the first visit, being her best friend and all. It was still pretty early, so there weren't many ponies gathered around, but the streets were still bustling with ponies who couldn't wait another minute to see their special somepony. Rainbow Dash placed a hoof on the doorknob, only to find to her suprise the doorknob wasn't there any more, "What th--" the entire door had swung open in the blink of an eye, and before she could even give a start at this fact she was tackled backward by an amorphous pink blob that pinned her to the ground. As her sight stopped blurring, so did the blob take a distinct Pinkie Pie shape, the grin on her face spreading wider as Rainbow's mouth cracked a smile.
"RAINBOW DASH!" Pinkie squealed with joy, helping her friend up and hopping around her. "Where have you been? Did you like your trip? How much did you miss me? And what about my baking? Do you want something to eat? Where's--MMPH" a hoof was pressed to her mouth, silencing the onslaught of questions flying from the inquisitive pony's mouth.
"Yes! Pinkie! It's me." Rainbow said, brushing the dirt off her flank where she'd fallen on the ground. "Look, can we go inside? I need to talk to you about something, you're not open yet, are you?" She looked around at the ponies milling about, many were standing near the entrance to the shop, probably waiting to buy something sweet for somepony.
"Sure thing, I'll put off opening for a little bit just for you!" She bounced back inside and sat down. Rainbow Dash followed her, closing the door and taking a seat across from Pinkie at a small table, which conveniently enough, was covered with an assortment of sugar-filled goods, as was only befitting on such a day. Pinkie would no doubt throw a party afterwards to celebrate both the day, and the fact that she sold every single thing in her shop.
"So watcha wanna talk about? It's so great to have you back in town!" Pinkie told her, grinning so wide that Rainbow could swear there was more smile than face. She snickered a little at the thought, but then got serious again.
"Well, actually... I kinda sorta really need a..." she trailed off, obviously uncomfortable with it and her face went a little red.
"What is it Dashie? Anything you need, just ask away!" Pinkie giggled, clearly enjoying the embarrassed look on her friend's face.
"A Present! I need a present for somepony special, okay?" she said quickly, the words gushing like a waterfall.
Pinkie's eyes lit up, suddenly speechless. However, it was Pinkie, so the speechlessness didn't last long, being replaced by a loud and extensive squeal of delight.
"OHMYGOSH! Who is it, Do I know them?!" Pinkie exclaimed, a huge smile on her face. Rainbow Dash on the other hand had gone very, very red.
"Well, I guess you could say that... But it doesn't matter!" She was getting frustrated, why did she have to know who it was anyway?!
"Anyway! I just need a present, can you help me" She said, standing and looking at all of the treats arranged about the shop. Pinkie looked a bit dejected at having her question left unanswered, but she brightened up again just as quickly, jumping up and bouncing over to the counter.
"We~ell, what kind of pony is he? Is he like, a chocolate or a cupcake or something else?" said Pinkie, ignoring the wince from her friend as she spoke.
"Well, actually..." Rainbow started, but shook her head, she didn't have the guts to admit to Pinkie that she was actually buying Hearts and Hooves day sweets for Applejack, she just couldn't do it.
"I'm not sure" she cleared up quickly "What do you think would be best Pinkie?"
She stopped hopping about the store for a moment and scrunched her face up, thinking.
"Well, how about this then?" She slid over to the counter and held up a small box. It was fairly plain, and by the looks of it, it wasn't anything really too special, but hey, what did she know about giving people chocolate? She trotted over, but as she got closer something else caught her eye. Off to the back, in the corner, it looked like it had been put there as a last minute thing.
"Hey Pinkie?" She said, after walking over and picking it up "Can I get this one?". Pinkie Pie looked quizzically at her best friend, a little confused. She had much nicer looking gifts in here, why that one?
"Are you sure Dashie? I mean, I have tastier treats in here, or ones with a prank in them, or..." she trailed off as the blue pegasus pony simply shook her head, carrying her choice over to the counter.
"No, this one, it definitely has to be this one" she said quietly, a smile forming across her face.

I apologise for the delay in uploading and/or writing, life has suddenly turned quite hectic indeed. New chapter will be coming ASAP :)

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Comments ( 9 )

Thanks for noticing that Appledashforever, Fixed it up :)

I enjoyed this a good deal. Keep it up.

You might want to spread your lines out a bit. Just reading a block of text doesn't look appealing.

Start a new paragraph when the dialogue switches.

"Hey AJ"

"Yeah Dash?"

overall, it looks decent. Update you

I'm liking. I'm liking.

But space out your paragraphs :)

Other than that, you have a very nice wall of text here :)

I'm going to be a horrible, horrible person and make a complaint about formatting. Either have empty single lines between paragraphs or indent them. The current format, while far from illegible, still hinders readability.

And now that I've gotten over my horrible formatting Stalinism, this does appear to be turning out to be a promising story. You've got an interesting premise going and you do a good job of depicting the characters. For me it will depend on where you go with this since I've read one too many AppleDash fics that bring up the dangers of coming out only to resolve them in such an unsatisfyingly easy way that it feels like cheap button-pushing. Still you seem to be putting some thought into how to do this so you've got my interest.

I need to know what happens next!

It not bad. you just have to format it better. Put spaces between dialogue? you know? Check any of the featured stories and you'll know what I mean.

Darn.... UPDATE! :pinkiegasp:

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