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not a moment too soon. In before feature!

That means you're still sane.

Go! Flee this place before you become like me!

Listen to him. Listen.

I really don't see the point of these kind of stories. Clop is stupid without a real lead up, and even then I still don't like it. Only when it's buried within a story (Like My Second Life) is it acceptable. To me at least. But these kind of stories... don't flatter our reputation to the world, which is already pretty low.
I suppose it's not specifically your story, but just clop stories in general. And then FiMFiction seems to generally really like them... it makes a bit sad on the inside these stories are overlooked oppose to these.
Excuse my rant.

You may enjoy my other work, then. Specifically Melody's Tale. This story is really only for fun. To challenge myself.

There are many other way to challenge yourself. You don't have to "give in" to be challenged. I actually saw an interesting thing a while back; a game that you play before writing a story.
You could always go do a collab with someone. That's fun, but challenging.
Just some ideas.

Pinkie, Twilight and Zecora. In Zecora's hut, they get a human, female gangbang 2nd person. Very demanding but I'd clop to it.

The only reason I'm writing this is because I've done it before. (See A Different Kind of Love: The Lost Chapters) and I enjoyed it very much. This is not my only work, nor is it serious. I could care less about the rating on this story. I just want to see fans and readers make requests, and have fun writing them.

It's comments like these...

Gonna finish that sentence?
Want me to do it for you?
"It's comments like these..."
That make me horny
That make me angry
That make me wish Lauren Faust would win the election

Nailed it?

Sorry, I only just now saw your request. I'll move it up the list accordingly :3

Ghostrider, disengage, you are not cleared to drop your payload.

Pinkie kidnaps Trixie, Bigmac, and Fluttershy. The colors made in the sex dungeon are green, orange, purple. Then it turns into a rainbow. Then cyanide.

Not sure if troll comment is troll, or you're being serious.

A man's boundaries are only the ones that he puts up for himself. But I agree, most foalcon is bad. I will admit that The Scootaloo diaries was an exception, but other than that, DON'T TOUCH KID'S NO-NO PARTS!!! Or you'll make Fluttershy cry :fluttercry: and that is a sin.

As for incest... In literature it is fine, in real life it's FUCKED UP

And after that, everything else is pretty much fair game! A fantastic start to something beautiful! I'm sure of it, good luck with this one, hope ya get some more fans!

Right. You want me to write a request where Pinkie Pie kidnaps Big Mac, Fluttershy, and Trixie... In a multi-colored sex dungeon... Then they all die from horrific poison.

Safe to say denied.

Alright, time to dumpster dive!

i have 2 requests, i hope its not bad form 2 make more then one.....

1. mrs. cake with applejack or rarity. i dont care about the details much but nothing too out there, no futa or watersports or anything like that

2. a 1st person human story, with the human having sex with celestia, luna, or crysalis....but the human is female for once. im so tired of us pegasisters not getting any good clop stories!

It certainly isn't bad form, I just need to put five requests inbetween each one of yours. Reference the blog.
I like both of these ideas, and I shall put them on the list.

thanx! if its okay, coudl u put the 1st person human one before the mrs cake one? i love mrs cake and think she needs much more sexytimes with ponies besides pinkie and mr cake, but i been waiting 4 a good 1st person human story made for a pegasister FOREVERRRRRR

oh and like the other one, nothing too out there on that one either if its okay with you

Consider it done.
Though with it's current position on the list, I doubt I'll get to it for a while now. So many requests!

Just so ya know Loyal, I just saw this in the Popular Stories list. Kinda says something when i've never seen Melody's Tale or even Lost Chapters there, but this is x.x bleh.

haha great start Loyal, keep'em cumming!

1575726 My bad. I didn't mean for it to be that blunt and as bad as it was. But, still I'd like to see it happen

Hmm alright, how about no mass poisoning, but instead how about one where Chrysalis kidnaps ponies to use as her personal love conquests, and then one day it just happens to be Trixie wandering about.

Seriously though. What the hell is that avatar?

Why are you using someone else for your picture?

1580208 I love that guy. That guy is awesome :moustache:

>has My Little Dashie as Top 5

Especially you. Look at yourself, man. What are you doing here? You're better than this.

1580338 I am here for the sole purpose of procreation :moustache:

>pretends to be making baby
>actually fapping away

I can do that. That I can do.

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