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I love how that ended with rarity just saying i'm jewish perfect

I don't know why but i was exspecting something bashing on religion...but i'm happy to see i'm wrong :pinkiehappy: this fic pwned man keep up the good work and is it wrong that when pinkie sayed the faust i pictured the god father?

#3 · Jan 5th, 2012 · · ·

Nice short little fic with an interesting idea and the punch line...
:pinkiehappy: Golden!

When I read the fics title my first thought was: "Oh dear, here we go." But like Darklordcomp I was pleasently surprised that neither agnosticism nor religion got bashed (Scientology doesn't count).

Rarity WIN!!!! I'm still laughing at that! :rainbowlaugh: Great story mate :pinkiehappy:

When I saw this, my first thought was : Oh God, not another Religion and Pony mixup. ( No pun intended )

But meh, It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was pretty lulzy. Not bad, :pinkiehappy:

Dat last line.

The rating vs the content offered just does not add up, this was rich:pinkiehappy:! I wish here were more comedy bits like this one

Jewish? oooooofff course you are dear :raritydespair:
I like your reference to the more orient beliefs...

Probably people going "Ponies and religion!? NO!" and clicking on 0.5 stars.

Be careful, the church of magictology might come into existence and sue you :derpytongue2:

I was expecting a short fic about which religion they all fit into. But i'm glad too see that it was all played for comedy, and you kept from bashing it, which is what I like.

And of course, after so many expy's of religions and vague descriptions without using the actual name, Rarity just flat out saying "i'm jewish" was hilarious. :pinkiehappy:

Lol, Rarity, watchu Jewin'? :trollestia:

(Yeah, I'm going to hell for that.) :facehoof:

Anyway, I liked the story and how it handled itself, and didn't bash on religions. As a Christian, I can proudly say, "This was f*cking amazing." :raritywink:

An interesting look on religious diversity in Equestria, but how can one of their religions be called 'Jewish'? That's an Earth faith. I can get to grips with something sounding like an Earth faith but with an Equestrian twist but going for the exact same name and no real expansion to highlight the difference between their version and ours.:facehoof:

why would they worship fake gods when there are two perfectly good goddesses around who occasionally show up for a light supper and entertainment, only pausing momentarily during the aperatif to move the very heavens

Inquiring minds want to know :trixieshiftright:

110348 Yeah, I mean I suppose you would end up with cults in almost any culture. But when there are two divine (or at least apparently godlike) beings right in your capital, why would the majority have any kind of religion beyond "Celestia-ism" or whatever? Any kind of schism would boil down to political parties rather than competing religions.

I really enjoyed this. It was amusing and kept my attention. Please right more!

Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! :pinkiehappy:

109973 Wait, there's another story with this concept? :rainbowderp:

110295 Well, yeah, that's kinda the joke. :twilightblush:

110348 This story was just played for laughs, so yeah I'm not taking the princesses into account. To be fair though, the existence of Celestia and Luna doesn't really answer questions of how the universe was created or what happens to ponies after they die. But again, seriousness isn't something this story is trying to accomplish, I'm just playing with the idea here. :scootangel:

I honestly expected bashing, but I'm glad you didn't.

:duck: Oy!

Jewish FTW! XD I just love the delivery. Oddly, I've heard Bronies arguing this to me at meet ups and Cons, but I don't buy it. Sweetie Belle I could see as being Jewish but Rarity? Meh.

Anyway, really cute and funny!

If you pay careful attention it is clear to me how pony universe came into being

first, gilda and twilight made out

then poof

ponies, ponies everywhere

there was a whole episode about it

Funny story and even funnier comments.

:raritywink: Mahvelous!

Difficult subject matter to be humorous about, too. Nice balance.

110452 Okayyy. My original reaction to it was certainly comical; I paraphrased Sid James.:raritywink:

112466 *headdesk* Oh...yeah...um, I knew that. :twilightblush:

alright i might be a bit slow :derpyderp1: but i o not get the i'm jewish thing i o not pay attention to religion so could someone please explain

136783 It doesn't really make any sense, I only picked Rarity as Jewish because she was portrayed as such in a few of the holiday Equestria Daily banners.

Fluttershy is a Buddhist. I frikkin' called it.

I'd have to agree and say that the mirror religion matched the personality. I am not prejudiced or anything but what really made me laugh when Rarity said she was Jewish I thought, but isn't she the Element of Generosity? :pinkiehappy: Seriously though no offense. :pinkiesad2:

Generosity is espoused in the Torah as well, you just don't see too many "real" Jewish folk on account of the "Everyone in Hollywood is" messing with perception. Much like most other religions, you can't tell unless they make it obvious.

Anyway, this was excellently done. Nice job with all ponies involved. Totally didn't see Pinky being Catholic coming. Good job on the Catholic/Prodestant thing with AJ too. And, of course, funny as hell (Pun intended).

I would kind of expect more celestia-worship, because unlike us they have actual visual evidence of a (maybe) immortal deity that has almost deity-like powers. Or maybe Celestia is an overgrown unicorn with a wing transplant and immaculate timing to fly in a way that coincides with the rising of the sun? Dayum. a story idea just hit me.

Faustic... oh my god, that makes so much sense. :pinkiehappy:

:raritywink: Love it! Well done without bashing anyone's belief system. Have my faves

Happy Pontycost everyone!

Just like everybody else in the comments stated, I thought you were going to assign each pony a religion and have them bash on one another. I'm glad you made up religions and the ending was friggin' hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

110452 Well, there's The Gospel of Twilight Sparkle for one.

And this

Sorry for necro, but great story. :twilightsmile:

What is Zacharie or Bonnie being the creator a reference to?

2053833 That'd be a reference to Bonnie Zacherle.

Oh my god that was good. The end end absolutely killed me. Awesome job :twilightsmile:

Pinkie Pie: Catholic
Applejack: Methodist
Fluttershy: Buddhist
Rainbow Dash: Agnostic
Rarity: Jewish
Twilight: N/A

Author Interviewer


I don't even


According to the Hearths-warming play, raising and lowering the sun and moon used to be a duty carried out by multiple unicorns from the Unicorn tribe. Ergo, Celestia and Luna were not always around. Ergo, Celestia and Luna were created.

If Celestia and Luna were created, then they could not be the Creators.

The other trait used as evidence or implication of their divinity is their longevity, e.g. the fact that both are over a thousand years old. In our world, such a lengthy life would certainly be considered evidence of divinity; however, remember that in the MLP universe, there are dragons that live so long, one of their naps lasts about a hundred years, Phoenixes which, for all we know, are both unaging and unkillable, and even ponies can live to extreme ages (if you believe Granny's claim that she was there at the founding of Ponyville, which their is no evidence against other than the improbability in our world of such a long life.) In short, in the world of MLP, beings with extremely long lifespans, while rare, are by no means unheard of, and consequently would not necessarily be considered divine.

3228036 You know, I'm starting to think you only read things that are up to ~3,000 words long. :rainbowlaugh:

Author Interviewer

When I have 5 minutes left on the treadmill or I'm almost done eating lunch or I have to poop, 2-3k is perfect.

What's this?! A fanfic where many different faiths are mentioned in a humorous yet mature manner with no stereotypes or bashing?!

Well done!

This made me laugh. :pinkiesmile: I kind of find it funny how if someone mentions any religion in a group of other people who don't share those views, an argument will spring up. Maybe that's what I liked about this.

Comment posted by Spirit Guide deleted Oct 6th, 2014

Gonna chuckle over this one for a while /) :heart: (\
I think my OC shows everypony exactly what I am

110295 Leah couldn't think of a horse-related pun when she named her fourth colt.

110348 My guess is that the two took steps to squish any belief in them as being divine. Also, I haven't read the diary of the two sisters, but from what I've gathered about it, the two were born and raised as beings of flesh and blood; powerful and immortal, but not divine.

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