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Rainbow Dash, the fastest flier in all of Equestria has had a few moments of her life that would break most ponies. But she has held true. Eventually being graced by the privilege that is parenthood. Link to cover art and inspiration for this fic. http://selinmarsou.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d5gnipq

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Well done.

1563754 I take it you liked it? Btw, for some ungodly reason, my cover image isn't showing up. Any clue what the hell's going on?

Well, if it wasn't too large to put in, then I really don't know. You could double check formatting, and see if you can find any problems there. Also, yes, I relly did enjoy it. Good job.

1563769 Sweeet haha, now I await my spot in the feature box... I'll keep checking my dealy-o, if all else fails I'll go raise hell with the mods.

I look forward to seeing you there.

1563808 Yup, I'm pissed. Still isn't working. I doubt I'll get featured, but one can always hope lol

A problem that I kept having was that it said the file was too big to be submitted. Can you check to see if that is happening to you?

1563828 It doesn't even say that, whenever I go to edit it says 'Story has been successfully updated. Click here to view the story'.

Welp shit. I have no idea. Go raise hell.

1563851 Alrighty, are you trying to use the URL to enter the image?

A rather nice story. Thumbs up! :twilightsmile: :moustache:

1563880 I did try using the url, and I also tried the upload form.

1565012 Ah, it works now, good job!

Wow. I'm surprised...

This is a pretty good story and it only has 10 likes and 2 dislikes?

Hey, if you want more attention. I recommend you join The Writer's Group here on fimfiction.net and post your story in one of the following categories, submit in another category and the front page of the group.

Fave and like from me.

Also, read my story Dark Skies!

1570856 Can do mate, any chance you got a link to this page you speak of? Also, brohoof for Navy status, as soon as I get my college credits out of the way I'll be signing my contract and shipping off. Gonna try to sign on as SWCC but if I can't I'll be looking at Aviation Mechanics of some sort.

Apparently she didn't want a cutie mark that involved helping mares give birth, go figure.
What if Apple Bloom's cutie mark is being a midwife? :rainbowlaugh: Good story, btw. Funny thing is, I've imagined Rainbow having a filly sometimes myself. Guess what? Her name is Autumn Leaf.

1590687 Really :rainbowhuh: wow, that's pretty nifty.

IKR? But I'm starting to reconsider that seeing as Autumn doesn't really have many of Rainbow's traits.:derpytongue2:

Welp. She looks absolutely NOTHING like Dash AT ALL. Unless you count a brown pegasus with green, red, yellow, orange hair as looking like her, that is. She also has green eyes, and I imagine Thunderlane as the father. So yeah.

1591197 Ah I splee lol well who knows, maybe RD just has some kinda birth defect lol

1608637 Thanks mate, be sure to let selinmarsou on DA know what you think of it.

When is the next chapter? It's been like two months!

1804735 There won't be. Tis a one-shotter mate.

1917162 My work here is complete... lawl

Erh meh gurd the feels!:fluttercry:

Man, dude! Dah feels, like the last comment. Not sad, but... Reassuring? Haven't felt that in a while.:rainbowderp:

Awww. That was sad. Short, sweet, to the point, and sad. Great, now you got me thinking about how if I ever have kids, they'll never meet my mom. Aaaaaand then holding back tears.

Usually, I'm a very hard core Appledash shipper, so it says alot to your writing style that I continued reading. Good job, annnnd...yeah ^_^ Love the cover art. Have a good day!

2076798 lol thanks mate, glad you liked it. Blame the cover at for this though since it was my inspiration for it.

i came from the picture i will stay for your writing, such a lovely story, such powerful emotions, i will be sure to check all of your stories :D
can we has sequels? :twilightblush:

2181694 If selinmarsou makes another picture that inspires me just as much, then yes, I suppose there will be sequels in a sense. :rainbowwild: But thank you mate. I appreciate it.

This was an adorable little story. :twilightsmile:I had feels.

2278379 Thus, my mission is complete. lel :rainbowwild:

Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

That was very sweet. These are always my favorite kind of stories.

That was sweet, well done my friend ^^

Bravo. No other words needed.

6739478 Thanks bud. I appreciate it. :)

7402198 negative. At least not from me. This was purely a oneshot. But by all means, expand if you wish.

Very touching story. :heart:

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