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Full Tome

I'm a small time writer. Actually, more of an occational writer, but I intend to write decently when I actually do.


I'm not sure how, but I just woke up, and I'm Twilight Sparkle. How did this happen? Really.

To be honest, I can't even use magic. I don't know how, but I'm a unicorn who lacks magical ability. Heck, I'm probably the most powerful unicorn ever, and I'm unable to do so much as open my bedroom door with magic.

((This is set in the PonyEathverse. Cover is used with permission from the artist. Go give Hip-Indeed the love they deserve.

Jumped rating to teen due to language.))

Chapters (20)
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Comments ( 153 )

I'm guessing that this is a rip off of 'Why am i pinkie pie'


No, actually. I'm familiar with the story though.


I know, but there's been some plot twist, and I was asked if I could write this.

I'm far from done though.

to be honest i like the idea but the way its written seems off... thoughts seem to be scattered and i dont gain any empathy for the character :unsuresweetie:


It's still in the early stages of the story, and my thoughts are always scattered.

I'm not expecting to be liked, but I do like your honesty.

Well, one thing: this Twilight seems to be VERY calm for just becoming a pony. :twilightangry2: And that makes me angreh (Sic)! Seriously, I know that it seems hard to do this, but the thing is, I am VERY intolerant of improper spelling and grammar, and worst of all, Plot. Holes. Also, you need to feel empathy for the character, just as TwilightSkeenSparkle said.


I get over things fast on one hand, and not so fast on the other one. Just give me time, you'll see what I'm talking about.

1563631 Well, buck. There goes my story.
Who dunnit?

1563825 Well, one hand sounds very... sueish. :trixieshiftright: Also, I'M the one who put on the like, by the way.


More like "distant." The side that gets over things fast is the side of me that was laughing within minutes of me almost drowning in a lake.

1563868 ...Really? No, really? That means you probably have some sort of mental disorder or something.
Not that I'm insulting you or anything. After all, I am an Aspie. For proof? I never cried at My Little Dashie.


Yeah. I actually have a few mental disorders, to be honest. I'll explore those more in the story though, so that I'm not giving everything away right up front.

1563888 I know the feeling. Actually, I don't know how it doesn't feel. :twilightblush:

1563868 1563879
Girls, you're both pretty. Can I get to the next chapter of either of your stories, now?

Full Tome: remember that Twilight doesn't take things in stride too well. If you're her mind (Element of Friendship as opposed to Magic) then your character is gonna flip out when she starts to fuse.


I will see where this goes hopefully as you develope it i will find more to like about it and then rate accordingly :twilightsmile:

Description is good, but this dude sure seems to be taking the fact he's Twilight. If he recognized the voice, he should've panicked a bit more.

Still, it's your story (But isn't someone already doing this?)


Some kind of plot twist that I don't even know all the details to.

Also, stage one of grief: Denial... Or do I have that out of order?

1564673 Well, the stages of grief can't exactly be applied if something is OBVIOUS, can they? Besides, tell me how many times the stages of grief actually work in real life.


Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. It's more of a subconscious cycle anyways. I've looked back a few times and noticed I went through the five stages of grief long after I'd already gotten to stage five.

Sometimes I've even noticed it while I was in them, and tried to not go through them. But like I said, subconscious, you never really notice you did it until it's too late.

FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!:pinkiehappy: and not bad story man keep it up:twilightsmile:

I'm trying to keep writing, I've just hit a small bump. I'll see this to the end, that much I know for certain.

:rainbowlaugh: I can't stop laughing!

You do good work incorporating your split personalities as a plot device. This is one of the most intriguing dreamscape scenes yet.

...and now to wait for the pillow...

Once my Twilight wakes up, having become more like the show's Twilight and meets this one...

...Well. Crap'll hit the fan.

Sheesh, that's a lot of dislikes. (I'm not rating this, by the way.)
Also, I have a random quote regarding the end of this chapter:
"The dream is collapsing!" :pinkiegasp:

Come sail away, come sail away...

You, sir, are no longer aloud to talk.

In all honesty though, I like that song.

Mmm mmm mmmm mmm mmm!

I didn't actually mean you're no longer allowed to talk! :rainbowlaugh:


To be honest though, I'm sure you're talking about Twilight there... wait... FRICK THAT IS ME! FRICK!

1897749 You cant help but be adorable.

Happy new year, and watch out for any randomly appearing icebergs

I would... if I was actually on deck.

Happy New Year though.

So, the New York was shooting at Baba Yaga cottage. Silly mortals. :twilightsmile:

Then call me silly, because I was scared out of my wits.

And that's before being dumped on the ship and having sub-machine guns trained on me.

Not being silly and in character, yeah, it's powerful magic vs. big guns...

Honestly, I have no idea which would win in the long run.

ADHD is a bitch, ain't it? I feel for you there, man.

Shipping yourself while on a ship? :twilightsheepish: Entertaining.

It's not shipping until someone acts like a complete idiot.

It really doesn't help when you have memory issues stemming from having two personalities. Things can go unnoticed for days, or in some cases, a month or so.

2077521 I see that we can expect that in the chapters to come. :rainbowlaugh:

As I am Tome, one should never expect anything.

That just leads to being surprised.

Reeally appealing fic but you really need to figure out a cohesive way to know who is talking at any given time. The constant switching perspective is fine but the fact you don't give them names other than I means it's almost impossible to follow the narrative. fix that and it'll be a great story.

My plan was to try and make it so that it you're trying to think like me to try and figure out who you are at any given moment. It's a little bit of an experiment I'm trying with immersion storytelling.

Given I can't tell you if I'm this side of me or that side of me, I figured I should try to leave only hints as to which side of me is present, to leave you, the reader, guessing which side of me is talking.

Although I did consider what you purposed here, I felt it took away from the constructive, not to mention personal, values of the story.

2103113 *Nods* Fair enough. As you can tell from my comment though, It really ruined my immersion. I don't entirely understand what you mean that you can't tell which side is talking. That feels inaccurate since If you can't tell which side is which then how can they sit internally an have a coherent conversation? How can they be having individual personalities if they have no sense on self?

I can understand how you feel identifying the characters would reduce the personal value but to say is takes away from the construction doesn't feel accurate. I feel if the story were clearer surely that would add to the construction?

Well, to answer all those questions, I would need to give a few spoilers. If you would like, I can P.M. you the answers, to avoid spoiling it for others.

2111415 It's okay, I don't mind waiting for it.

Ok I'm slightly confuzzled now.

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