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I tried to do my own attempt at a Walking Dead VG crossover with Applejack as Lee and Dinky as Clem. it didn't end very well. I wish you luck in your endeavour good sir. :twilightsmile:

Love it keep up the work. Hey want me to spread thw word of this fic?

1568152 I will certainly do my best, friend, and thank you. :pinkiesmile:

1568287 That would be much appreciated! The more feedback, the better! :yay:


Hmm a crossover with the walking dead game and ponies?:rainbowderp:
This piqued my interest

1568403 Ok I will get right on it.....and you mind trying to help me spread the word about one of my fics "Helping A Beat Up Showmare"? If not that's ok I will still spread the word about this fic.:twilightsmile:

1568961 I'd be happy to help your fic get some attention. I just need to know how you would go about spreading the word.

1569166 Well you could put it in a blog OR just give a shoutout in an AN (Authors notes) at the end of one of your chapters. That would be nice and if you want help with your fic i'll be more than happy to help you with it.

1569175 Alright, I can definitely do that. Thanks to you and everyone for the feedback, and don't worry, I'm working on the next chapter as we speak!

1569184 K great....and sorry for the sudden new request. You mind checking out "The Nurse and The Medic"? It's a fic i'm working on and feedback would be nice.:twilightsmile:

1569213 Oh and I just got another friend to help. His name is "Clearshot01" and he just put up a blog advertising (spelled wrong) your fic!:pinkiehappy: and do u have steam or xbox live?

1569225 No steam, but my LIVE gamertag is Killer K25

1569257 Okay, I'm going to be busy with reading your fic, working on mine, and doing my shift tonight, so I'll probably get to it tomorrow.

fuck you kelly!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

1569622 It's okay, Daniel. you've still got Equestria's Peril...

You need to put a pony related thing in the first paragraph of the description (preferably at the start) or suffer hordes of people saying that it isn't pony related.
It's just kind of hard to tell if this is pony related, and we have been getting loads of barely pony related stuff (see Minecraft: The Curse of Herobrine) :pinkiesick:.
Good story though!

1569760 I see your point. Thanks for the heads up!

Sweet jesus. This can't turn out well for them.

Well this is going to be awsome... cant wait to see their reaction to 'Episode 2'

Wow, I see a mixture of development. :moustache:
I am so happy for you to make a TWD crossover with 3 ponies. But you somehow manage it to 'multi-task' your way through the plot with a few changes along the TWD canon story line, awesome job:rainbowdetermined2:!
Keep it up like this:twilightsmile:, and don't let the dislikes get you down. This is going great!:pinkiehappy:.
Oh, I bet you are gonna start with the introductions in the next chapter, if I'm wrong or not.:trixieshiftright:
And after that, shit's gonna go to hell.:twilightoops:

LOOL, Zombie land.
Thats all I'm going to say

As much as I love ponies and Walking Dead, I just don't want to read this. I'll add to my read later list anyways, and maybe in one of my drug induced states I'll give this a look... But it literally looks like The VG but ponies, and that seems meaningless when I could play it myself. If this is that, then I'd be disappointed. Actually, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.
That and I'm bored as all hell. Commence read...

Nice....Nice...Yes! Awkwardness to the max!
Not bad so far, keep it up.

"Well, I must say I'm impressed. I can't imagine how useful that would be." Rainbow just seemed to shrug it off.

"I guess that's cool, but why couldn't you make something that would make pagasi fly faster...um not that I need you to or anything." Twilight was ecstatic either way.

Few things here:
Pegasi, not pagasi, space after the ... , capitalize the Um, add a comma, that doesn't seem at all like a Rainbow Dash thing to say (seems like a Fluttershy character thing to say.) And the sentence structure is odd. The first bit makes it out to be Rainbow talking, despite it being Applejack. And if it were Rainbow speaking, it doesn't seem to make sense considering she "shrugged it off".

Rainbow just seemed to shrug it off "Well, I guess that's pretty cool. Still, why couldn't you make something that makes pegasi fly faster? Not that I need you to, just seems more useful."

That's how I would have put it, but it's just me. Again with the strange sentence structure, it appears to be Twilight talking despite knowing it is Rainbow Dash.
Also, my fears about this fic were validated in the first few paragraphs, sadly enough. Sorry, I can't read past this because I'm already terribly bored of the story. You could do well with a prereader, or at least look over your story a bit harder and maybe a second time next time. You have a lot of potential, but this isn't the best story to start with. Congrats on the feature box I suppose, farther than my stories have ever gotten.
I'm not trying to insult you if it seems that way, I honestly want to see you improve.

Congrats on the feature!

Sorry this isn't my kind of story. It seems very interesting, but I'm not really a fan of pony insertion into a storyline. :derpytongue2:

This story is very good, though.


A very creative and entertaining Crossover. Really enjoyed every bit of it and hope to see more of your work in the future. :twilightsmile:


I'd like to take the time to thank each and every one of you! :yay:
This was an idea that I've had ever since episode three came out, and wanted to incorperate every amazing choice, and story element, with the ponies there to witness and/or influence it! Thanks also for all of the feedback. Looking back at it, brightwarriorz, the sentence structure WAS pretty flimsy. I was trying to brainstorm about how I was going to get the ponies on Earth in the first place, and didn't really pay attention at the time. With that being shown, I will do my best to keep from making that mistake again. Thank you. And yet another big thanks for all of those behind me on this. I got home from work, and read that my story had been featured. (Imagine my face...) Know that I still have another story to focus on, but I will try to utilize my time as best as I can when working on this one. :rainbowdetermined2:

You guys ROCK! :pinkiehappy: Let's do this...

It's, uh, adequate, but the dialogue structure is pretty confusing... sometimes I don't even know who's talking. :unsuresweetie:
You better take care of that.

Looking forward to the updates.
Keep on going.

I LOVED it!!!! Cant wait to read more! :heart::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

Eh, it was good. The idea has been done before though

1571207 Well if you want me to look it over and point out mistakes, I could help you take a few steps closer to awesome.

I like this very much........ i wonder what will happen when a zombie shows up ........

Well mix Zombies, Ponies, and people you get this. AWESOME SAUCE!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: Anyway will fav for updates. Intrest is PEAKED TO THE MAX!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

Welp imma guess (comments before reading chp. 2 ) that twilight teleports to georgia and gets wrapped up in all of this.:derpytongue2: Just a guess.

1572231 Really? I had wondered if someone beat me to it or not...but who?

1572315 That would be great! Thank you so much!

1572778 Well...kinda...yeah...but it won't be just her, and I wanted to incorperate a way they could end up there with no way back for the time being. :scootangel:

I can't wait to see how the ponies influence the story, perhaps with the addition of magic and flight, some people may not die, or perhaps new character's will be introduced. Guess I'll have to wait to find out. :moustache:


This was an idea that I've had ever since episode three came out, and wanted to incorperate every amazing choice, and story element, with the ponies there to witness and/or influence it!

Oh. So basically, they are gonna have a seat, have popcorn, while they watch all the drama that's going to happen when they'll have a chance to lighten up their spirits a little. If you know what I mean, metaphorically speaking, of course. Just saying :scootangel:.

1574155 Not necessarily. They will be there to see these events unfold, but they'll also be a part of the struggle. (hint: what's about to happen in chapter 3) Also how the ponies act as well as the choices they make will affect the way everyone around them views them, much like Lee, and all of the survivors involved.

1575138 Thank you kindly. I took about an hour and a half this morning to read over the chapters to fix any problems I found, but if you find any others, please do tell :pinkiesmile:

Already mentioned this, but figured I would point it out.

"We got what looks like a...10-91..." The officer talked over it.

"I followed your case a bit, you bein' a Macon boy an' all." Now Lee was intrigued.

"You're from Macon then?"

"Alright. Oh! By the way, I figured out what I want to be for Nightmare Night this year!" Twilight stopped at the door leading downstairs.

"And what's that?"

"Instead of a dragon, this year I'm gonna be...a ZOMBIE dragon!" Twilight gave a wry smile.

"That sounds fun, but Nightmare Night is only a few months away, you might want to get started on that costume." Spike gave a goofy grin.

Oh, and not necessarily an error, but I'd recommend ditching Luna's olden speech. It popped up randomly in the chapter, and it doesn't fit. Her speech can be a pain in the ass and it's easy to mess up, I'd recommend just saying "she adapted" rather than try.
Again, not necessarily an error but it doesn't make sense as I don't think he started addressing them as Walkers until later on. "The Monster" and "The Creature" works just fine.

On a side note, I noticed the changes you made and I approve. You improved. Your spelling seems fine, but I did skim through.

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